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Should the following $30,000 grant in the Sponsorship category be approved?


The Decentraland Foundation will be hosting and primarily funding the first Decentraland Community Summit in Argentina over 3 days, May 22-24, 2024. The purpose of this Summit is to facilitate discussion and collaboration, gather insight and feedback, celebrate community achievements, and lay foundations for the future of Decentraland.

The goal of this grant would be for the DAO to secure the main sponsor spot of the Decentraland Community Summit, which will otherwise be primarily funded by the Foundation and other partners.

Grant size

30,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



The majority of the main sponsor funds will be allocated to covering travel costs for a limited number of Decentraland Community Summit attendees most in need, ensuring more equal representation of the community at the event. Remaining funds will help to cover the operational costs of the Summit.

The Decentraland Community Summit will be an application-based, invite-only event with attendees selected by a committee made up of Foundation leadership and community members Gino Cingolani & Pablo Lewin. Anyone is welcome to apply.

Application selection will be focused on community members that actively contribute to the DCL ecosystem, be it through their creative work or by building relationships and hosting events, as well as technical builders and partners that are interested in being a part of DCL’s future.

The Foundation, together with sponsors, will cover:

  • Transportation to and from the Argentinian airport to the Summit location
  • Hotel accommodations (double occupancy)
  • Food and Beverages during the Summit
  • Planned social activities

Selected attendees would be responsible for covering all travel expenses to Argentina and any additional expenses throughout the 3-day event outside of the planned programming. However, we understand that this may create a financial barrier to attending the conference and the hope is to bring together a diverse group of attendees.

This proposal aims to help a few attendees most in need with their travel expenses with the intention of allowing more members of the community to participate in the Summit having as broad representation at the event as possible. If you are interested in attending the Summit (whether you may request a scholarship or not), the application is in the official announcement.

Travel Scholarship Details

If this proposal is approved, those who receive financial aid will be selected through an application process on a needs basis by a committee made up of Foundation leadership and community members Gino Cingolani & Pablo Lewin. The scholarship application link will be added to the Summit announcement linked above.

The number of sponsorships granted will be determined based on the qualifications of the applicants, but the aim is to cover the travel expenses of at least 10 attendees in need, as funds allow depending on flight costs.

Important to Note:

  • Money will not be disbursed directly to scholarship recipients. Travel arrangements will be made for the selected attendees by the Foundation who will purchase flights on their behalf.
  • Scholarship recipients will be held accountable for their attendance at the Decentraland Community Summit once flight tickets are purchased for them. Failure to attend, except in cases of extreme illness, close family death, natural disasters, or other extenuating circumstances, will result in the scholarship recipient needing to pay back the funds spent on flight tickets.
  • Flights may have up to 2 connections per trip, although the intention is to make them direct flights.
  • No part of this grant would cover payment for work or travel for Foundation members, Gino or Pablo.

The grant would secure the main sponsorship spot of the Decentraland Community Summit for the DAO. The sponsorship funds would mainly go to covering the community travel scholarships with the remaining budget being applied to Summit operational costs (as noted in the budget-breakdown).

Roadmap and milestones

  • Upon approval of this proposal, launch a scholarship application
  • Three payouts to the Foundation, the main organizer of the Decentraland Summit ($10k at the end of December, January, and February).
  • All DCL Community Summit Applications will be reviewed and selected applicants will be notified by Mid-January at the latest
  • These notifications will include whether or not their Scholarship request was also approved.
  • All scholarship applicants will share their information for travel bookings upon notification of selection.
  • Foundation will handle booking and share specifics with the selected individuals, once confirmed.
  • Final report of financial breakdown will be shared in May.

*The occurrence of the Decentraland Community Summit is not dependent on this proposal. However, if not passed, the opportunity to provide travel scholarships will not be available.

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wait so were paying 30k to fly 10 people to argentina for this event? who chooses those people? is there any qualifications to be selected? this seems extremely silly if people are just getting a free trip to argentina from this grant

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That’s a hell no for me! It’s pretty funny I take a few months off and still come back to the same stupid grant requests… :face_with_peeking_eye:

you flying me out or…?

What will be the outcomes of this 3-day event that justifies all this spending?
Will attendees work hard on new projects during this time that will bring back more value to DCL than the grant being asked?
Or it is just a big party during bear market to celebrate… celebrate exactly what? Success?

I am not just against this grant, but the whole event. What if more people apply than there are spots? You are going to tell them that the selected people are more valuable to DCL than them?


30K ??? Is this included cocaine and hookers?


In most cases, face-to-face conversations tend to be more fruitful than virtual ones. I think it can be a great opportunity to exchange points of view about the future of Decentraland. In my case, I would love to talk to many of you about various points that could improve. the community, but it is deficient to do it through Discord or online means.

I understand the controversy of spending these funds on an IRL event that will not produce a direct benefit, but frankly I believe that the brainstorming that arises from there can significantly determine the future of the platform.


What kind of value is being added? Is it $30k worth of value?

Doesn’t the foundation already have its own development funds? Why the need to apply from the DAO? Is the DAO being treated as a cash machine? If you spend the grant on development, it’s understandable. Using it for smaller initiatives like events can be a collaborative effort, allowing capable individuals to handle it. These questions are worth raising suspicions.

These comments make me wonder…

If we are this critical of the idea of the Decentraland DAO sponsoring an official Decentraland event…then how high is the bar for sponsorship?

From what I can see, the total sum of all sponsorship grants to ever receive funding is a little over a quarter of the quarterly budget. Why is the budget for this category so disproportionate to what people are willing to spend money sponsoring?

How can we complain so much about VP inequity while being so critical of the idea of making a community event more equitable to people without much discretionary income?

It seems like if this grant gets rejected, the event will still occur, but most of the attendees will be wealthy or local. Seems like the Foundation is trying to open up the event to a more diverse set of contributors.

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Some side-event idea for the summit: Soccer match Argentina VS Rest of the World


Decentraland Community Summit - Main Sponsor

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 54% 6,733,212 VP (109 votes)
  • No 45% 5,663,883 VP (17 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 14,640 VP (11 votes)

Decentraland Community Summit - Main Sponsor

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DAO getting drained…day by day…

Community has to invest more filling the COW