[DAO:dbcd9ba] Decentraland Ambassador's Program

by 0x511a22cdd2c4ee8357bb02df2578037ffe8a4d8d (ginoct)

Should the following $29,000 grant in the Sponsorship category be approved?


The goal of this request is to fund alongside the Decentraland Foundation an initial version of a Decentraland’s Community Ambassadors Program as outlined in this community sentiment poll with the goal of empowering community members to organize global meetups and raise awareness about Decentraland.

Note: Even though I’m (ginoct.eth) publishing the proposal to push this forward, the end goal is for a Program Manager and the Ambassadors to run the program. There is no budget allocated either for me or for anyone on the Foundation side as part of this Grant.

Grant size

29,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

6 months

Beneficiary address


Email address



The Decentraland Community Ambassadors Program is an initiative designed to empower passionate and dedicated members of the Decentraland community to play a fundamental role in driving community engagement, fostering real-world connections, and promoting the Decentraland project globally. These ambassadors will be entrusted with organizing and leading IRL meetups, hackathons, talks, and other events, with the official support of the Decentraland Foundation and the Decentraland DAO.

Program Objectives:

Community Empowerment: The primary aim of the program is to empower community members, giving them a platform and a framework to actively contribute to the growth and development of the Decentraland ecosystem.

Global Outreach: Through diverse and geographically distributed ambassadors, the program seeks to expand the reach of Decentraland, creating a vibrant and inclusive global community.

Real-World Connections: By facilitating in-person events and meetups, the program aims to strengthen real-world connections among community members, fostering collaboration and shared experiences.

Enhanced Communication: Ambassadors will act as effective communicators, disseminating important information, updates, and announcements to their local communities and beyond.

The funding for this project is estimated at USD 60k. It is important to mention that this is a pilot version that could grow in the future based on the outcomes of the program

As a signal of commitment, the Decentraland Foundation will provide 50% of the budget, and the DAO via their Grants program will provide the other 50%.

Roadmap and milestones

Set up: Outline program goals, focusing on community empowerment, global outreach, and fostering real-world connections

Ambassador Selection: Establish criteria for selecting 10 diverse community members from different regions as ambassadors. Publish an open call. Held interviews that are going to be recorded and shared with the community. Then, preselected candidates will be moved to a public voting stage

Program Development: Create guidelines, benefits, and responsibilities for ambassadors to ensure a cohesive structure

Onboarding: Introduce selected ambassadors to their roles and provide necessary resources and support

Event Planning: Assist ambassadors in organizing IRL meetups, hackathons, talks, and events with official Decentraland support

Community Engagement: Encourage ambassadors to engage with the Decentraland community and promote events actively

Feedback & Reporting: Gather regular feedback from ambassadors and the community to improve the program’s effectiveness


Launch & Selection: Announce the program, select ambassadors, and hire PM within the first two months

Program Development & Onboarding: Finalize program guidelines and resources and onboard and set up ambassadors for success in the next month

Community Events: Organize IRL meetups and events throughout the program

Final Evaluation: Evaluate program progress and make improvements

Program Expansion: Consider expanding the program, incorporating new ambassadors and global outreach

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This is exciting. I’ve been wanting to have micro meetups across the globe for awhile now. It’s been talked about in the CBD discord as well with a potential DCL event IRL someday too. The foundation contributing to this as well is awesome and appreciated. Thank you.

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voting yes based on community sentiment. would like to see the irl events targeted toward developers.

Aren’t we ambassadors already? :blush:

Ofc, good idea to fund for having more impact

Damn this could be really fun.

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I might consider 100 ETH :grinning:

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I think that is enough to buy @Tobiks car off of him; " tacky yellow Lamborghini " he tweeted we all made him rich, and he wanted to thank all of us; he is such a nice guy!

I don’t own a car and I have never owned one. Also, stop being disrespectful with me, mostly on places that have nothing to do and are for discussing real ideas.

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Wow, @Tobik, for someone who’s made a name for himself by joking and teasing, you seem to miss the mark on humor and don’t seem to listen well. I shouldn’t have to spell out the obvious, but I am curious about what drives you here in Decentraland. As you know, we as a community are struggling to get our messages across. Why not return to YouTube and help bring more people into the fold?

Really like this idea. I’m surprised there wasn’t already such a program running. This is definitely a good way to expand Decentraland’s reach to a much wider audience, increasing the platform’s footprint and awareness to other countries globally. I am keen to apply for this when the opportunity arises.

Ambassador Program dates back to 2020. It was on the Trello 2020 & Beyond Roadmap. For some reason it got archived & 3 years later re-surfaced again. Better late than never. :grinning:

Decentraland Ambassador’s Program

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfb1afa4dc069ffb47b19dbee196045d508fcd5a2)

Vesting Contract Addresses: 0x3b0b7B149560D3f9eebFeB2767D9971521e723f4

There can only be one Ambassador :grinning:

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whats the updates , what challeneges are you guys facing, is there a way i can help out? i have some experiences

Hi olis, @Canessa has been hired as the program manager and she’s selecting the ambassadors that applied on the open call :slight_smile:

Hi @olis! Thank you for your interest in the Ambassador’s Program! The open call is now closed for this first round of applicants, but we are excited to see this program grow, and anticipate multiple rounds of open calls in the future. If there are ways for people to get involved in the meantime, I will definitely be reaching out to those who show a passion for our platform!
Kindly, Canessa

Can we see that transaction?

When the DAO voted a grant to join the Blender Fund, the Foundation said they joined the effort by matching the DAO donation then once it was time to pay, they backtracked and say they would not do it anymore.
(In the end, the Foundation paid a year of Blender Corporate Gold membership, 4 times cheaper than the Corporate Patron membership the DAO funded, not complaining, that’s still amazing.)

It’d be really good to see the share of the Foundation in this project secured in a dedicated wallet/vesting contract.

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Hello DAO Committee @HPrivakos @rizk @Tobik , I just wanted to mention the request for this grant in its update #3. Following the discussion in the last meeting with the GSS, there is a request to temporarily pause the funding for this grant. Thanks!

Hello DAO Committee (@HPrivakos @Tobik @rizk), as you can see in the update #6, the team explains the reasons for the delay and confirms new project completion dates. This information has already been updated in the public roadmap.

Consequently, after 2 months of this contract being paused, we ask you the following:

  1. Revoke the existing contract

  2. Create a new contract lasting 3 months, starting on February 17th. This way, the team will have funds available on mid March, mid April and mid May, the date by which they commit to completing the project execution.

cc: @KimboNFT @ginoct @Canessa


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Decentraland Ambassador’s Program

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0x88013d7ed946dd8292268a6ff69165a97a89a639)

Vesting Contract Addresses: 0x77ee79546B63D1ff7F17131bBea3c6Ed27f41d2e