Pre-Proposal: Decentraland Ambassador Program


The Decentraland Ambassador Program is an opportunity for engaged users to act as liaisons between Decentraland and other communities. The program’s main goal is to attract developers to Decentraland to build for the community and potentially fill some of the DAO’s open positions, and apply to positions from a future DAO’s job board.

This is a pre proposal to create a pilot where up to 10 ambassadors will be recruited as part of a 6 month program to test its efficacy.


We need to bring more talent to the Decentraland ecosystem and we want to help build that channel. There are currently the following sources of talent requests:

  1. Open positions at the DAO
  2. Companies who want to hire talent to build in DCL
  3. People building content who need specific technical talent

The Decentraland Ambassador program is a decentralized way to tap into different communities of potential talent that will help spread the word about Decentraland’s unique ecosystem and its opportunities, build Decentraland’s brand within the industry and increase the number of applicants to open positions.


The Decentraland Ambassador pilot Program will consist of the following process:

  1. Call for ambassadors

  2. Selection of Ambassadors

  3. Ambassadors run the events

  4. Measuring success and reporting back to the community

  5. Call for Ambassadors.

The opportunity will be shared with Decentraland’s community via Discord and will be open to active users only. Candidates should be passionate about Decentraland’s virtual social world and actively involved in a community aligned with Decentraland’s values. Time commitment will be for six months for approx. ten hours per month. Ambassadors should commit to organize at least two events or engagements throughout the semester.

Decentraland Ambassadors will receive regular updates about Decentraland new developments / features and announcements, enhance their leadership and communication skills, be eligible to participate in special Decentraland events, be considered for job opportunities in Decentraland’s DAO, exchange best practices with Ambassadors from other communities, get their own Decentraland swag.

  1. Selection of Ambassadors

Ideal candidates for the Decentraland Ambassador Program have a proactive personality with a strong sense of ownership and initiative. They should feel excited about Decentraland’s world and the possibility of interacting with other members of the community to help create Decentraland’s future by reaching the right talent.

To be selected to participate in the Ambassador Program, candidates will write a motivation letter on why they want to be an Ambassador and state which other community they are part of and would like to act as ambassador for. They will also include a proposal of the type of engagements they’d like to organize, including timeline and expected impact.

For this pilot project, the DAO will designate someone to evaluate and curate the profiles and select the Ambassadors.

  1. Ambassadors run the events

Ambassadors will plan activities to engage with relevant communities, host and organize events to bring awareness about Dencentraland’s world, spread the word about events and job opportunities, introduce Decentraland’s ecosystem, promote job opportunities, and act as a community contact for Decentraland.

The program will be run in a decentralized way, as ambassadors will be nominating which communities to engage with and what kind of activities to organize, and will be autonomously planning, running and evaluating the engagements. Decentraland will offer support and resources to ambassadors such as: physical and virtual swag, logistical support, and speakers.

  1. Measuring success and reporting back to community

Effectiveness of the program will be evaluated with the following KPIs:

  • Number of applicants
  • Number of events organized
  • Overall satisfaction from ambassadors and participants
  • Number of job applicants

By the end of the six month pilot program, a report will be presented to the Decentraland community on the impact of the program and, if successful, a proposal to continue it.