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Hello from the Ambassador’s program!

We’re excited to give some updates as we know the community has been looking forward to seeing this program continue to gain momentum.


There were so many great applicants to the Ambassador program! We are honored
to have so many dedicated community members willing to help spread their love for
Decentraland! This will be the first group of Ambassadors chosen, and we expect many
more opportunities to participate as the program continues and expands to include additional focus areas as well.

We are excited to move all applicants to the next phase of the process, the recorded interviews and then the community vote. Reminder that the goal is to have a global representation (ideally one person from each area) for this first group of Ambassadors.



Next steps

Recorded Interviews, starting next week!

Public Voting and Selection

Meet the Ambassadors! And Onboarding. During this onboarding stage, we will
be walking them through the expectations and assets for the program, looking at what additional information they will need to get started, and providing them the tools they will need to succeed.

We are hosting a Marketing 101 training on the 30th of November for all users and the Ambassador applicants are encouraged to attend so they will all have some basic training going into the program.

All Ambassadors will be given access to a dedicated Slack channel and we will begin regular discussions with the Ambassadors to help remove any blockers they may encounter as they begin the planning stage of their events.

All Ambassadors will be given a Media 101 Training so they can best represent Decentraland.

We are in the process of reviewing SWAG Partners. We would like that to be completed as soon as possible so Ambassadors have their swag well before hosting these events.

Additional notes and links

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