[DAO:f63bc5b] Update #6 for proposal "Decentraland Ambassador's Program"

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Hello from the Ambassadors Program, Kim, Gino, and Canessa.


We have had many Ambassadors making great steps in planning their next events! While this month was slow (no events hosted since last update), we anticipate the next month of events being filled with many meet-ups! Some Ambassadors who are targeting colleges have been looking at ways to create more lasting, dynamic connections, such as starting a blockchain club. We have also heard from students and instructors that there is a strong desire for educational resources that could be used at any college or university. Canessa has begun a prototype of such a resource, and will work with Foundation to make a streamlined framework that could be used at any college classroom.


None noted. The grant was unpaused and is on track to conclude on the 17th of May.

Next steps

Each Ambassador will work towards concluding their two events by May 1st, giving two weeks after that time to reconcile data and report back to the community.

Additional notes and links

All expenses will be broken down by Ambassador event at the end of the program in May.

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Last friday we had the monthly meeting with the grantees. The project already has its new contract created and will conclude in mid-May.
Many events were scheduled this month, and we will see the report and learnings in the next update.
Any other comments can be added here, regards!