[DAO:a9f86ca] Update #2 for proposal "Decentraland Community Summit - Main Sponsor"

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The project is well underway and the event is scheduled for May 2024 in Argentina.


The Decentraland Community Summit Committee is meeting weekly to continually advance the planning of the Summit in May.

At this point, we have a great group of attendees confirmed with final paperwork coming through for all. These were determined through the application process.

For the scholarships, to date 7 of the scholarship recipient flights have been booked. The remainder are still being finalized but will be booked in the near future.

The high level agenda for the 3 day event is:

:mega: DAY 1: Keynotes & Product Updates

:rocket: DAY 2: Community Workshops

:brain: DAY 3: Buildathon

The Foundation is currently in talks with a few other potential partners for the event, the Decentraland DAO will continue to be the main sponsor.


Currently, there are no blockers for this project.

Next steps

Our next steps are to:

Finalize the flights for outstanding scholarship recipients
Finalize partner agreements for other sponsors to properly allocate sponsor funds in planning

Additional notes and links

Note on the financial document, the new rules on the financial reporting was passed after our grant was approved.

Uploaded as it is a requirement for this update but it is empty as of now. As originally stated in the proposal, the final report of financial breakdown will be shared in May (or sooner as it is ready). However the budget released so far has been/will be used for the scholarship flight bookings.)

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We had the monthly meeting with the Foundation.
The project is progressing well. You can check the Public Roadmap.
As explained in the update notes, they haven’t broken down the expenses since in the original proposal they explained that they would do it at the end of the grant process, and at that time, the monthly financial report was not a requirement for the grants.