[DAO:589123a] An Education Platform to Link Real-life Value to Metaverse Experiences

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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


Budget Breakdown - https://bit.ly/3Xyyiwf

By now, the word metaverse has become a household name. This concept is one of a new, alternative reality complete with almost all the amenities of real life.
To be able to truly compete with real life experiences, the metaverse has to step up its offerings and start including features that transcend the virtual/real barrier and provide its users with value they can benefit from in their day-to-day life. This is the premise of our platform.
MetaTrekkers, using its reputation and connections, is set to bring the most ambitious and comprehensive educational proposal, which will actively work towards increasing the number of highly-engaged users in Decentraland, interested in learning and development.

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address


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The belief that positive development and evolution of the metaverse can only be achieved through educating the users, has been at the core of our value proposition from the very beginning.

In preparation for development of this education platform, MetaTrekkers has already begun securing collaborations with various keynote speakers and personalities who are considered leading professionals in their fields.

Our aim is to onboard their massive follower audience and those interested in the topics promoted by these guests, and introduce them to the perks of education through the metaverse:
Global accessibility
First-hand, personal experiences
Unlimited networking opportunities
Like-minded community

As part of this platform, MetaTrekkers will develop a dedicated center in Decentraland, with a total surface of 9 parcels, which will provide multiple settings and environments designed to cater to the specific educational requirements of any topic presented by our guest speakers.

We strongly believe that the long-term success of the metaverse depends on proving it’s a stable environment that provides its users with valuable tools and means to expand their knowledge, and a long list of opportunities for self and professional development.

What makes our proposal unique in the web3 educational space is an innovative concept which we like to call the Institute for Decentralized Education Opportunities (IDEO) – a fully decentralized organization where the users can take on an active role in the educational process by voting on topics, speakers and activities, and engaging in interactive learning experiences.

Being a long-term project, the education platform will also include a program that rewards attendance, activity and involvement with education-related NFT giveaways, job opportunities and exclusive experiences. This rewards program will employ the support and collaboration of many other venues, projects and organizations, from both Decentraland and outside the metaverse. In addition, MetaTrekkers is currently in the process of securing partnerships with organizations like the Texas Blockchain Council, which would translate into access to real-world summits, seminars and sessions where platform users would benefit from exclusive networking opportunities and access.

Establishing Decentraland as an environment that not only supports its community’s development but provides the actual educational resources to achieve such growth, is a technique that can reach a large audience and help onboard and transform them into highly active Decentraland users.

Given the nature of this initiative, MetaTrekkers is currently seeking to obtain TEDx certification as an official partner for the metaverse, thus adding considerable value and credibility to this space, and paving the road for the launch of the educational platform.

With the funds from the grant, MetaTrekkers will develop and market the platform, and will compensate the speakers.


In order to put the plan in motion, MetaTrekkers has already started taking action towards the development of the education platform.

First of all, while we’re waiting for an official response on our TEDx application, MetaTrekkers has begun the process of applying to other academic talks platforms in the effort to guarantee an exclusive educational experience to Decentraland users.

To ensure a successful result for this initiative, MetaTrekkers will develop its own program, within the IDEO platform, which will feature metaverse streaming services for a host of seminars, courses, and other academic sessions.

In addition to the value we’re bringing to the existing Decentraland community, we’ll also be taking care of injecting new visitors and users into the Decentraland world. This will happen by constantly engaging with new audiences through our favorite tool – The MetaTrekkers Onboarding Program, composed of four steps:

  • Onboarding speakers

  • Onboarding speakers’ fanbase

  • Exclusive Decentraland tours for speakers and fan base

  • Speakers will lead an extra talk/session on the confirmed onboarding date

The first step towards developing this education platform is hosting the “Dia de los Muertos” event at the MetaTrekkers Club venue, where Decentraland users and visitors will be able to discover and learn about the customs and traditions of one of Mexico’s most important holidays of the year. The event, led by none other than VJ Deliria, is set to educate guests through NFT art, music and direct engagement, about the rich culture surrounding this day of celebration.

Another successful step we’ve taken is to secure a strategic partnership with DCENTRAL CON, through which we’ve gained exclusive rights to stream the November 28-30 Miami event at the MetaTrekkers Club in Decentraland. This will already translate into an influx of new visitors and users, composed of an audience unable to attend the event in person. If we take a look at last year’s numbers, the NFT convention reached an in-person attendance of more than 5,000 individuals, with many more seeking a means to participate virtually. Just to get an idea of the importance of this conference, here are a few speakers who will be engaging the audience: Baron Davis (NBA), Michael Blank (Polygon), Anastasia Drinevskaya (Cointelegraph).

One of MetaTrekkers community’s advantages is that its founder, Chris Oniya, is also Texas Blockchain Council’s (TBC) ambassador for Houston. For the Decentraland community, this means that Lee Bratcher, Founder and President of TBC, will be one of the first speakers to engage with the IDEO users.

Another key speaker that will headline one of the main events of the educational platform will be Lennox Matsinde, co-founder of Satoshi’s Index and Product Manager at Starbucks Corporate – one of the latest additions on the list of big brands actively exploring the opportunities of metaverse representation.

Yu-Kai Chou, a crowd favorite, is the creator of the Octalysis framework, a keynote speaker on our education platform, and regarded as #1 Gamification Gurus. His work in the field of gamification is linked to substantial improvements in the experience of over 1 billion users.


Directory: MetaTrekkers Directory - Google Docs

The team of professionals responsible for the development, launching and marketing of the educational platform:

Chris Oniya, MetaTrekkers Founder

Jim Flint, Local Search Group Digital Marketing, Founder and President

Julia, Web3 Educational Advisor

Chris West, Digital Marketing Specialist

Swivel Meta, Metaverse Development

Melanie Girald, Strategic Planning Consultant

Julio Balbueno, Strategic Planning Consultant

Synthia Nominae, Metaverse Onboard Lead

Jay Vee - Project Manager

Julie Anne - Administrative Assistant

Psyche - Social Media Coordinator

Neo - Video Editor Assistant

Roadmap and milestones

The initial stage of the project implies the development, marketing and launching of the platform, including hosting a minimum 15 educational events featuring at least 15 keynote speakers.

Starting at the beginning of the year 2023 we’ll deploy the development tasks to our team of professionals, while the month of February will kick off the first series of seminars, sessions and talks.


  • Exclusive streaming of the TBC Summit

  • Women of Web3 Summit

  • DCentral Con Miami

  • Maxing Out Your Meta-Con Experience Conference

January 2023

  • Development of the educational platform begins

  • Pre-launch, marketing campaign


  • Development of the platform ends

  • First educational sessions hosted in Decentraland, complete with 4-step onboarding program

  • Bloomberg/Forbes news article about the launch of the platform. Decentraland and keynote speakers are promoted throughout the article.


  • Platform update, following community feedback

  • Educational seminars complete with 4-step onboarding program


  • Deployment of the first interactive educational activities and beginning of the “loyalty” program

  • Educational seminars complete with 4-step onboarding program


  • Educational seminars complete with 4-step onboarding program

  • Bloomberg/Forbes news article about activity of the platform


  • Educational seminars complete with 4-step onboarding program

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Thank you for reading our proposal.

Because of the character limit here is the continuation.

Specification 3.5k (continuation)

Yu-Kai Chou, a crowd favorite, is the creator of the Octalysis framework, a keynote speaker on our education platform, and regarded as #1 Gamification Gurus. His work in the field of gamification is linked to substantial improvements in the experience of over 1 billion users.

Besides partnering with some of the most influential personalities from different industries, the IDEO platform comes with a few solutions towards self-sustainability:

  • Revenue generated by user interaction with metaverse advertising (already implemented and used)
  • Memberships and subscriptions to the Decentraland IDEO platform
  • Individual training and mentorship sessions for interested users

Roadmap (continuation


  • Educational seminars complete with 4-step onboarding program


  • Educational seminars complete with 4-step onboarding program
  • Preparation for the exclusive streaming of the same summits and conference from 2022

August – December

  • Educational seminars complete with 4-step onboarding program
  • Bloomberg/Forbes news article about activity of the platform.
  • Exclusive streaming of the TBC Summit, Women of Web3 Summit, DCentral Con
  • Maxing Out Your Meta-Con Experience Conference

At the end of the first year, we will mint exclusive certificates for the most active participants/members of the platform

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Here are some of the lecturers who are now confirmed to be part of IDEO.
For the complete list of speakers, please check the following list: 30 Speaker Bio.pdf - Google Drive

This is where will be the center of IDEO. We are expecting this venue to be filled with education enthusiasts.

This is definitely a great opportunity to educate and onboard new members to the world of web3 as well as making DCL part of their starting point. I’ve had the opportunity to virtually attend past events hosted in the Metatrekkers HQ including the 2 latest conferences in Miami for Dcentral Miami and Women of Web3. If it was not for the hard work this team put in to secure those streaming rights, I would have missed these 2 events.
The idea of the IDEO is extremely interesting and can’t wait to take part of this journey.


With our continuous efforts collaborating with different organizations and companies, we were given a wider reach by Cointelegraph after including MetaTrekkers in their promotions.

Cointelegraph has over 1.8 Million followers on Twitter.

The Texas Blockchain Council Summit

Thanks to our close relationship with this organization, the MetaTrekkers community has secured exclusive metaverse streaming rights for the entirety of the summit. The event is one of the most important blockchain gatherings of the year, due to the big names it has gathered on its list of speakers, amongst which, the most notable are Andrew Yang, Sen. Ted Cruz, (Former Sen.) Cory Gardiner, Amanda Cavaleri and many more Speakers — Texas Blockchain Summit

Maxing Out Your Meta-Con Experience

This is an event dedicated to teaching visitors and metaverse users how to properly navigate blockchain, web3, metaverse, NFT and crypto conferences and conventions. The MetaTrekkers community has been closely working with the Texas Blockchain Council to organize this event, and holds the exclusive right for streaming in the metaverse.

The guest speakers we’ve secured for this event are personalities from the web3, blockchain and gamification fields, with a large social media following which, thanks to our onboarding program, can become active Decentraland users. The panelists who will be leading the discussion and interacting with the community are:

Yes def a Yes from me!

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DCentral Con Miami

The DCentral Convention held in Miami every year, is one of the most important gatherings of DAO, blockchain, crypto, NFT and web3 professionals and enthusiasts. Many of the top platforms and initiatives have used this event to engage with their communities, while innovative blockchain projects have taken advantage of the large number of attendees to present their ideas and establish their presence in the decentralized environment.

To get an idea of the magnitude of DCentral Con, here are a few of this year’s keynote speakers:

Women Web3 Summit

This is an organization dedicated to women in the web3 space, but also community building, networking and all things crypto, NFT, metaverse and blockchain. Not only will the MetaTrekkers founder, Chris Oniya, be a speaker at the summit, but we’ll be official partners of Web3Summit (the organizer of the conference) with exclusive rights to stream the entire duration of the event in Decentraland and Twitter.

Some of the major names who will be speaking at this event are:

  • Swan Sit, Global Head of Digital Marketing at Nike
  • Nikki Haskell, Creator Port of Call
  • Yu-kai Chou, Godfather of Gamification
  • Ben Armstrong, Founder of BitBoy Crypto

MetaTrekkers x Decentral Games Exclusive “Educational Emote”
In order to provide a valuable memento for the speakers and an extra incentive for their follower base, MetaTrekkers wants to partner with Decentral Games to design and deploy an exclusive education-themed emote. Following the onboarding process, each of the speakers and their fans will be airdropped the emote, as a token of our appreciation and also as proof of completing the Decentraland Onboarding Program.

Metatrekkers have been doing so much for the community and bringing so many people from web 2 to Decentraland. they are one of the hardest working group right now and have done so much in less than a year. whether its parties, summits, DJ battles, it have all been successful with a crowd of audiences. we believe this proposal will bring great values to decentraland. Education through experienced and big speakers on this field will be an important process of showing the world the future we are building here, and will be motivational for many people. this new platform will be the TEDx in the metaverse! a Yes from us.


Yahoo! Article

The latest communication asset to promote our thriving community and Decentraland has already been featured in Yahoo’s financial content category. It is a comprehensive read that details the close relationship between Decentraland and user engagement & interaction.

Easy Yes from me, the MetaTrekkers team has continuously accomplished huge milestones and brings tremendous value to Decentraland. The grant will bolster opportunities to educate entry, mid, and senior level professionals of the Web3 realm. In doing so, I believe it will increase retention, attract high quality users, and eliminate any misinformation that surrounds the web3 realm. The MetaTrekkers team continuously delivers excellence in this space with their genuine passion, ambition, and energy. It certainly doesnt go unnoticed, job well done!


The Metatrekkers team has shown constant progress and will to evolve their project, so it’s an easy yes from me!


Really? Requesting another grant when your 120k grant is not even close to finish?

In the Yahoo! article there is no mention of Decentraland in the title, nor in the introduction. It seems like it is promotion for MetaTrekkers and Chris Oniya not Decentraland.

In the poster you have posted for IDEO with confirmed lecturers there is no mention of Decentraland. So lets be realistic, the purpose of this grant is not bring value to Decentraland but to grab money from DAO as much as possible.


First of all the reason for the request of the first grant was to pay the venues, the talent, the hosts and others involved with Beattrekkers. With the final last night, I think that Metatrekkers has shown their commitment to DCL and their desire to grow the community. Several DJ’s were new to the metaverse and brought fans of their own into Decentraland. Anyone that says this has not been good for the community has yet to prove such things without attacking someone on a personal level. Several participants have themselves to blame for any doubt cast. If not for the demand to be paid to be in a contest that offers a reward then perhaps the first grant would not have been requested. How many contests do the contestants actually get paid? Ask yourself that. Every attempt was made to make it a free event but when people pull out at the last minute because they want money, that’s in their interest not the interest of the community. Roustan is the only one I know for certain never wanted any compensation and saw this as good for the community and just wanted people to have fun on his land. That’s how this experience should have went. Now as far as this grant. I am in agreement that it should be cut in half based on what Mattimus had stated in a discussion. If that were done, then I would definitely vote yes as this can only bring more people in and education is very important especially on safety in the metaverse. The speakers of this caliber would of course require a payment just as Ozzy, Bjork etc. would require a payment to perform not in a contest but a concert like in IRL. Really read the proposal and reallly think about how this could help or what needs improved or modified to make this a reality in the Decentraland. Let’s build a better world, together.

Several DJ’s were new to the Metaverse? Name me 3 NEW DJs and the numbers of fans they brought into DCL please. He just used all current DJs from DCL for leverage this Project.

"A Multi-disciplinary Platform to Onboard the Biggest Arts & Entertainment Names "

We are still waiting for the “Biggest Arts & Entertainment Names” onboarding on Decentraland…

$24K - 36 Venue Partner Support

“Token of appreciation” - What does this mean? Send them a MT NFT for this?

$20K - Entertainment Digital Marketing Onboarding Ads - How did he spent this for, would like to see some examples for this.

$12K Dj Artists - Did every DJ Artist get paid in Crypto / Fiat or is the payment in MT NFTs (1 MT NFT = $200)

$10K Competition Prizes - How is the current paid out situation looks like?

$10K SDK Development - Who are the SDK Developers. What did they made so far and can they all confirm that they have received the money?

Thank you in advance for clarification


Hi MetaTrekkers Team,

I am voting NO on this proposal as I think this proposal can be done with way less than $240k, due to current market conditions, the current DCL DAU level, and the DAO Treasury.

I am a huge advocate for education, onboarding and seminars in Decentraland. After attending a few regional web3 events, I’ve learned that many web3 people have not yet entered “the metaverse side” , as I had anticipated. I do not think the mass public is currently fond of crypto and metaverse right now, given Meta’s recent reputation and FTX. So I am nervous for the amount of users we will truly gain.

As mentioned in the pre-proposal forum, I think there can be many costs that can be reduced. I do agree that your team is entitled to compensation, event costs/SDK work, djs, etc. I’m just trying to justify a $68k on Speakers alone, as I am not familiar with how much these speakers are charging. What is the expected # of users to come from the communities? Personally, I’ve spoken to many web3/non-web3 companies in the recent months who would want to have education events in DCL without a penny. I think we need to focus on those collabs first, with some marketing spend allocated for “high-profile speakers.” Take a look at the recent Music Festival, the foundation had high profile people like Soulja Boy, Dillon Francis and Bjork, and we have yet to see any additional active DCL community members enter into the ecocystem from their 50M+ followings.

I also reviewed the analytics from your recent events, the DecentralCon Miami stream had 54 users that day, however, 33 of them were logged in for less than 5 minutes. The Texas Blockchain Summit had 41 on 11/17, but 25 were on parcel for less than 5 minutes. As seen, the DAUs from these events are super low, given the cost that is being asked. (Courtesy of Atlas Analytics)

Its without a doubt you are all doing great things with your events, recent streams of Conferences and Beattrekkers event. Best of luck and look forward to your team onboarding and bring up DAUs. I would just suggest doing it with a smaller, reasonable budget.