[DAO: QmRcEoa] Non Profit Organisation likes to create a Music & Art Place in Decentraland

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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


To learn more about Sophisticated Culture Foundation please visit our Website and watch our Video on the first page or read the description below. This gives you an understanding of our Mission & Vision.

The Sophisticated Culture Foundation is a Non Profit Organization that aims to promote excellence in artistic and creative development with an extraordinary vision. we push our work with our own academy, as a music publisher, record label, recording studio, practice stage, artist hotel and as a training center for artists who cannot afford professional development themselves.

We like to join Decentraland and create an extraordinary place to support Music Artists and Artists creating digital Art.

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address



As a non-profit organization, we push our work with our own academy, as a music publisher, record label, recording studio, practice stage, artist hotel and as a training center for artists who cannot afford professional development themselves.

Our work is free for selected artists who meet our selection criteria, but we also expect a high level of progression, skill and love for your own art.

We are financed by donations, endowments, endorsements, memberships and, shortly, by issuing our own crypto token and by issuing our projects as NFTs and digital and physical releases.

Furthermore, we generate income as a music publisher, music label and artist management and donation-based free services such as online mixing & mastering, offering our teaching content with our online academy as well as our on-site and online master classes.

Our main goal is to support outstanding bands, musicians, artists and composers who cannot afford the professional recording of their music and who cannot yet earn a living with the music. But their art is that good that it absolutely has to be heard. We want to find these artists and make our offer. In addition we also support music and sound design for film, documentary and series.

With a “charitable social DeFi token” and Artist Project NFT´s it is possible for us to finance our NPO´s Projects and ensure a solid Mission.

In addition to regular releases such as physical CD´s and digital Releases as Download and Streaming, we believe in creating NFT´s for each funded Artist Projects and each released Artist on our own Labels we just established. With our Music Publishing Department we are able to sync music to film, documentary and even commercial use. All to get our Artists a good revenue und to finance future projects on the long run.

We consider ourselves as a modern and open minded Organization useing all available optins to fullfill our Mission & Vision. Therefore it is mandatory that we also have a solid appearance in the metaverse and web 3.0.

If we get the grant we are going to invest it to purchase a huge piece of land or even an entire own Server to connect it to the Grid.

We want to use this appearance to explore new Artists for our Funding, network and connecting with our Followers and Supporters we might reach in Decentraland.

The Funds will also be used to finance the Projects of Artists we discover and find in Decentraland.

We have founded and taken over 4 Labels. We support all Genres of Music and consider ourselves as an up and coming Indie Major Label & Publisher just with an charitable Background and the Vision to ensure Artistic Freedom.

Our Objectives are not just music support. We work with successful award winning Film Producers with productions on the Big Screen & the respective Streaming Platforms. We want to support Composers for Film & Documentary Music & give them the option to use our studios to record their score as a contribution to film funding.
We established an Online & Offline Academy to teach several fields of artistic knowledge such as Self Marketing for Artists, Artist Development, Music Business Administration for Artists but also technical Courses for Audio Engineering, Mastering, Film Making, Media Design. All Tutors offering courses are Industry Professionals, They all contribute some of their time voluntarily. We will offer all Classes for free.The Academy will be open to everybody.

Learn more about all our Vision here : www.sophisticatedculture.com


We will use the Grant to buy a large piece of land or a own exclusive server that offers loads of space for our Foundations work to support creativity.

Creative Hang Out

Our Land will contain several cozy places to hang out and communicate with other Artists and Music Enthusiasts, as well as with Music Lovers.

Artist Spaces

On our Land we like to give Decentraland Artists a chance to present themself without investing in own land and the need to pay for it. So we create several Plots that Artists can use for presenting and selling Music and all kinds of other digital Art as NFT´s. It will be a place like a Gallery.

As we can´t serve all Artists, we will have limited Spots. Artists can apply with examples and our A&R Team will decide about the Artists that are getting a Plot. Every Plot will be given to the Artist for about 3-4 weeks.

All Artists playing on our Center or Club Stage will automatically be eligible for a Plot to sell their Art and to promote the concerts upfront. Like a typical Concert Merchandise Shop

The Foundations Virtual Office

We will create an Office with regular Opening Hours. Here we make sure that anybody can get in touch with us. That means while we are woking in real life we also have an eye on any possible Vistors inside Decentraland.

The Academy

With our Online Academy we want to break new ground. All content is offered for free & our Live Courses and Masterclasses can be accessed also in Decentraland Talking to the Tutors is possible.

The Event Stages

We plan several stages with plenty of space for visitors, and also going to stream the shows there to the real world on relevant Video Platforms with the goal to get them for the next show into Decentraland.
In General; The Performers need to be able to play 100% of the playtime with their own Songs either presented as a Band, Solo Performer, DJ Set or as a Live Act. All Performers need to be present with an Avatar on Stage and are required to Stream the Show from their Home, Bandroom or Studio via Videostream.We also will publish the schedule on our Website.

the planned Stages are…

a Club Stage for electronic music Artists! Not just DJ´s!

a Center Stage for Band Music.

a Open Stage. We offer a stage for Artists with an open schedule 24/7/365. Any Artist can book Playtime & promote the Show. The Open Stage is closed during official Events.

One of our Partners is Microsoft Azure Platform to video streaming.

The Foundation Store

With 4 Labels a Publishing Department and around 24 upcoming funded projects per year we also like to use Decentraland as a place, where interested Visitors can obtain our Label Releases and Project Releases as an NFT. The Difference to a regular sold item in a Download Store is that NFT´s provide Studio Master Files, exclusive NFT-only Content. NFTs will be available 6-8 weeks BEFORE the Public release.

The Store will be Open to any other Artist with digital Art so we offer a wide range of music and digital Art to Decentraland.

Creative Sandbox for In-World Builders

We will offer a Sandbox for Decentraland Builders who like to create any sort of Art inside of Decentraland. Same as with the Artist Plots, we offer Plots of different sizes free of charge to Builders. They can create their Project and keep it there for around 4 weeks and place also a Donation Box to get some tips for their creation.The Building Artists decide also on the Donation Split to the Foundation.


Our Founders and Team consist of Artists, Audio Engineers, Radio Hosts, Film- and Theatre Actors, DJ´s. Live Performers, Film Directors, Film Producers and Music Industry Professionals. Our Artist & Repertoire Team consists of respective Professionals with an background for major labels like EMI or Sony Music. We also have an extraordinary knowledge in Business Development and Marketing. We all made a living in music or film or relevant areas. We come from the USA and from Europe, and some of us are known independent Artists with music releases and shows around the globe, or are seen in Films, Movies our Series. Others create Art focused on music and sound design and some others run their own labels or promote events. Some of our Audio Engineers are not just in music they produce audio content for Global Players in the Company World, some others are Studio and Front of House Engineers . Some have worked for global music industry players and their Publishing Divisions as Songwriters, Producers or Engineers. Some of us released and created our own projects with well-known and recognized Independent Major Labels. But we all have the same passion, and this is the Art & Culture of creating and supporting Music for the Clubs, for Events, for the listeners or for Film, Media, Corporate Music and Documentary.

The Development & Building Team for Decentraland we are just hiring & we will use this opportunity to give talented In-World Artists the chance to build our Space.

Roadmap and milestones

We focusing our Roadmap here for the Development of the Decentraland Space. The Roadmap for our Organization can be found here: https://sophisticatedculture.com/token/

Our Roadmap start immediately after we received the desired Grant.

Month 1-2
Setting up a server and connecting it to the Grid or purchasing a suitable piece of land on the Marketplace
Hiring Creative Builders inside and outside of Decentraland
Start building our Foundations place.
Opening our virtual Foundations Office to offer a spot to get in touch with us for Artists
Scheduling the Event Program for the next few month
Start a Advertising & Marketing Campaign in Decentraland
Soft Launch with Beta Test for Event Stages | Shop | Artist Shops

Month 3-4
The Launch with a Festival
and from them at 3-5 Events per Week
Daily Open Stage
Artist Auditions to discover new talent if possible on a daily basis
Opening the Creative Sandbox
various Daily Activities on our Space
regular Advertisement across Decentraland and in Social Media
regular Release Parties with Label Releases & Artist Funded Projects

from Month 5
normal daily operations and activity on the Foundations space
2 Events per Week on the Center Stage
2 Events on the Club Stage
Daily Scheduling on the Open Stage
Non Day Events and out of Event Times will be covered with regular DJ´s and Party on the Club Stage
regular Release Parties with Label Releases & Artist Funded Projects
Regular Courses and Masterclasses on our Academy (3-4 Days a week)

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I would recommend applying for lower tier grant for significantly less $$$, and potentially familiarizing yourself and integrating into the DCL platform and community before applying for such a large scale grant.

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Thank you for your information. To be honest, we might be new in DCL this is true! But we have chosen the Amount that works best for the project. Let me tell you why!

First off all we will look and hire professional Designers, Developers directly within the DCL Community and we properly pay for the work, because they are Artists in our consideration and should be paid a fair salary for creating our Space. I am sure some will be very glad about this offer when they start working for us.

Second, we going to cast and find extraordinary Artists out of DCL and inviting them to record Music in professional State of the Art Recording Studios with Top Engineers. The costs for such a production is high and with the requested amount of 240k we just could cover a few Artists including all the Marketing etc. so we invest just more then only this Grant. For the Artists, that means they get a chance to make a living from the own Music and will have access to our Artist development with Industry Pros. This is also something we focus with the Academy. We teach professional development in our future DCL Academy with interesting Guest Tutors. This might be a great benefit.

We even going to paying the Bands and Musicians, playing on our Land, they don´t have to play for some Tips only, this Tips from the concert visitors are extra income for the Artists.

Once we got this grant we even search for, hire and pay employees from inside of DCL to represent our Organisation in DCL. Also we activate somebody from our Team spending 8 hours o up to 5 days week to take care on the Place. This costs FIAT money. But it will give 3 persons a paid Job.

As an extra benefit, we are endorsed and sponsored by Google. That means we have a dedicated Advertisement Budget. Once our land is ready we start Advertising on Google for this new project to attract more potential new Members to join DCL. The DCL Community can benefit form our project. This Amount does not lower the Grant, we all ready have this Budget and reaching around 5-6k new vistors on our website. In other words, once we are open in DCL, we include advertisement specialized on our DCL Project. This is some extra marketing for free for the DCL Community.

In terms of learning more about DCL or your imagine that we might have not enough knowledge - you are right, the Management Team is new to DCL but it is in our nature to learn fast if we want to engage.

I, personally have some more understanding for it. As an Artist i was playing around 700 Shows during the week, owned Land and sold my music over many years within another very popular virtual World that is operated by a company from the USA. I am sure you know about the virtual world i am writing. For me this was perfectly useing the days between the Weekend for the Second Life Shows, it was Marketing. Similar to that what Artists doing in DCL, trying to sell stuff and make some money. Our Organisation will give those Artists a stage and a place for free to get new fans and sell art but do not have to invest in a plot or any vendors to get the job done.

Finally, Fundraising, exploring new projects and using opportunities in the digital world belongs to our objectives, and where we engage, we bring value and benefits.

The Artist World of DCL, and even those we bring into DCL will be very grateful about our interest in DCL. As an Organisation we bring a great opportunity to DCL, so everybody especially the Artists should consider this grant to us.

You supporting an Organisation that supports Artists and the Music Culture with all of its income, not a commercial Business or anybody who just is interested in making profit in DCL. SCF does not have any beneficial owners and we are a legal entity in the US in Ireland and in Germany. We who are working for SCF are either employees or volunteers. We partially work 8-12 hours a day but we all have the passion and love beeing a part of the SCF. And we all have something in common. WE LOVE MUSIC and we know that most of the Artists with great music struggle either to make a living or even do not earn enough to pay cover the invested production costs. Thats a Problem we solve at least for a few Artists worldwide. It depends always on the Donations, Endorsements and Sales of our projects. All Income from Music Sales ( our part of the cake) does NOT finance our lifestyle it finances the work and objectives of the SCF → Finding, developing and supporting extraordinary Artists.

Others like to earn profit - we like to solve a Problem that many artists know. We cant help and support all Artists, but at least a few of them.

So let me close this answer with a quote from Sir John Templeton

“The best investment with the highest return and the lowest risk is a donation !”

Non Profit Organisation likes to create a Music & Art Place in Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • No 5% 441,316 VP (12 votes)