[DAO:3e07e00] Sugar Club operation costs 2023

by 0x474543b99438a978b39d39d8983723eb5ff9196b (SugarClub)

Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Sugar Club is asking for your vote and support to help fund its current and future operation for 2023.

Sugar Club is one of the very first clubs deployed in Decentraland (since beta in 2019) that started exploring the possibilities of live entertainment, art, and fashion.

In 3 year of operations we greatly contributed to the growth of DCL , worked with International artist from the NFT community as well as musicians/DJs . Notably acclaimed artists Coldie3D, RobnessV2, Bootsy Collins, GraffitiKings , Panther Modern, Connie Digital and more.

With this grant Sugar Club will be able to operate more efficiently while making sure that the quality of our events and designs remain high and engaging as well as having room for expansion.

Grant size

59,840 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Here is our total budget requirements for 2023

2023 operation costs
Audio / video servers 3000
Software 2860
Hardware 3980
Event management 24000
SDK game dev 12000
Artist onboarding budget 12000
Miscellaneous 2000
TOTAL 2023 59840 USD

summary of the operation costs followed by more info:

Audio broadcasting (Icecast) and video streaming hosting + servers

Software subscriptions and paid digital creation tools

Hardware (DJ controller / mixer for live events, 2nd laptop during events separate from main desktop )

Event creation and management ( designing Art posters, POAP delivery, promotion , hosting artists, live music mixing)

Wearable and emote production (mocap suit , paid software)

Upgrading and maintaining Sugar Club models and SDK code

Budget for paid gigs with DJs

Online broadcasting music licensing fee

Event creation and management:

I am the sole creator and manager of events at SugarClub at the moment.

That includes creating the theme, designing the posters, updating the club to the relevant theme with animations and art, hosting the event, promoting on social, organizing the airdrops and giveaways on twitter.

I plan on creating 2 branded events per month with paid dj gigs / and NFT artists featured at our gallery ( included renown artists from the early NFT scene )

With a bigger budget I can start looking for a community manager that could take a load off my shoulders while I focus on the main content creation.

Metaverse Electronic Music Event aka MEME

I have a plan to create and organize an inclusive Metaverse Electronic Music Event (MEME) with some popular venues in Decentraland, fostering exchange and collaboration for the clubbing scene in Decentraland.

Part of the Event creation budget would go towards leading the initiative and organizing the first event in 2023…

Artist / DJs onboarding

I would like to have a budget going forward that allows me to pay artists a fair price in exchange for great DJ sets. Sugar Club is welcoming existing DJs from our web3 network ( Bufalo , Greencross, Gucci Toe, Alien DJ , Panther Modern, Mighty33, Superflat , AmbieNFT , Mumbai Science , GraffitKings, EzzyLand , Eclectic Method , DJ Laroc, DJ LethalSkillz, Bootsy Collins etc.) .

I also want to explore onboarding other DJs and electronic producers by leveraging some of my existing contacts internationally. I have contacts in Europe, notably France, Belgium, Austria, the UK , Mexico/ South America, as well as South Korea.

Game dev

Last year updates have included a new video screen projection code from the SDK repository, upgrading the main stage, optimizing textures, colliders, creating a new UI system to interact with, cleaning up all the modules of the code so they are better organized for debugging, and finally overhauling the VIP gate code to include Polygon as well as Ethereum contracts (an essential part of using NFT ticket access on Polygon)

I would love to have a proper budget for game development, to maintain and debug code when necessary but also to be able to hire on demand for specific features such as a gamified experience at the club .

Retroactive costs

I would like to use this grant to fund early hardware such as my mocap suit for emote creation and the 2nd laptop i use to log into DCL


Budget specification

Servers and streaming

Servers and streaming operation costs
Audio / video servers 3000


Software operation costs
Photoshop (graphic tool) 180
Substance Painter texturing (3d model texturing) 212
Blender 3D add-ons (3d modeling tool) 300
Marvelous Designer (digital garment creation) 280
Zrbush sculpting (3d modeling tool) 390
DJ software 99
VJ software 99
Audio library (paid tracks and samples) During Dj sets 1000
Graphic AI generation tools for visuals (graphic tool) 300

more info on software costs

Making 3d content via blender is free, however professional paid tools are essential to help with workflow and quality of delivery.

One example is wearable production. The professional workflow of designing a wearable with very detailed realistic textures is as follow:

Create High Poly model > retopology to low poly model > bake high level details onto low poly > finish texturing on low poly > dcl builder testing

This workflow requires multiple paid software such as:

Zbrush and Marvelous Designer for high resolution garments creation

Retopology add-ons for creating the low poly model

Substance Painter for texturing the garments and baking the details

These Tools are industry standards in 3d creation and are essential for digital fashion creation of high-quality garments.

Other essential paid add-ons for blender include Motion capture retargeting tools for emote creation, Hard surface modeling tools, UV mapping tools etc…

All those subscriptions combined become a workflow that helps content creation tremendously and are essential to operate on a professional level as a digital artist.


Hardware operation costs
Separate Laptop for DCL events (retroactive) 1000
Mocap suit for emote creation (retroactive) 2000
Pro DJ mixer / controller / audio interface 900
Headset 80
TOTAL 3980 USD yearly

We use a main desktop station for our broadcasting, and a smaller laptop to tune into Decentraland during events.

We also need to upgrade to a DJ controller/mixer for live DJ sets and live streaming. Up until now we have only been using a digital DJ interface for our shows.

Event management

Event management operation costs
Event creation +management + marketing 1500 per month 18000
Community management (to hire) 500 per month 6000
TOTAL 24000 USD yearly

Game dev/ SDK

game dev operation costs
SDK game dev (part time to hire) 1000 per month 12000
TOTAL 12000 USD yearly


Artist onboarding operation costs
Artists/DJ budget 1000 per month 12000
TOTAL 12000 USD yearly


Miscellaneous operation costs
Adviser / legal fees 1700
Music license for radio broadcasting 300
TOTAL 2000 USD yearly

GRAND TOTAL 59840 USD year 2023


Sugar Club founder (Kay)



discord: @sugarclub.eth#9693

Creative director of sugar club and NFT artist. In charge of content creation, event management , curation, marketing , Dj.

Hprivakos : developer

discord: @HPrivakos#4268

In charge of server upgrade, code base, technical advisor. Well known coder of Decentraland projects. Active since the early DCL beta. Hprivakos has been helping SugarClub since the early days.

JessieJess : assistant- advisor

discord: @Jess | NonFungible.com#0165

Jess Ford is has been participating in blockchain projects since 2013 and NFTs since 2017. During the past five years she has been deep in some of the most notable NFT projects namely Decentraland, the first blockchain metaverse owned by its users and NonFungible.com the worlds biggest and oldest NFT data resource. Meebits DAO Founder and Palm DAO Committee Member - PUNK#6079

Staff to hire part time: Community manager, Game dev.

Roadmap and milestones

Bi-monthly event schedule for the duration of 2023 (or an output of 24 branded events annually +smaller meet up events throughout the year )

Organizing 1 annual community led Electronic music festival in conjunction with other popular venues of DCL (separate from the MVMF event called MEME )

Onboarding new DJs into the metaverse and Decentraland, alongside continuing support for the existing DCL DJs community

Increase the traffic to Sugar Club and create a buzz around the electronic music and clubbing scene in Decentraland in general.

periodic report on the grant status and delivery of the project

For those that don’t know us, i invite you to come to our rave event next week 9th November right before the MVMF festival to discover who we are.

Vote on this proposal on the Decentraland DAO

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I accidently edited this post from my phone rather than replying, so I did my best to restore it to the original. Below is originally what was said:

Haven’t seen Sugar Club around much this past year. All of a sudden, the last few months you are back around. Can you share the list of events, as well as the dates for all of the events you had this year?

Can you share your plan in detail on how you plan to become sustainable? Will this be a 1-time grant proposal?

Can you share your plan in detail on how you plan to become sustainable? Will this be a 1-time grant proposal?

Will you provide the receipts for these?

In this periodic report, Will you commit to sharing all invoices and receipts?

Voting yes, Sugar Club is an important element of the community!


Thanks @Eibriel appreciated :heart:


Agree! I am more familiar with Sugar Club for their awesome OG ETH wearables vs. club events. Must preserve the provenance!


easy YES from me. Sugar club has been throwing epic events for a very long time and look forward to all the rest they do!

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Appreciated @AaronLeupp :heart:

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Come next Wednesday if you can to our rave party :heart: @deidre

Just voted Yes. Good luck

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Thanks @gtrfrost appreciated :+1:

@Tudamoon this is the last answer you will get from me. I have answered all of your questions last week in my pre proposal for any one who want to see it:


Furthermore i have blocked you on all my socials for these reasons:

Your defamatory claims that i am a scam

Your attempt at ridiculing me in your Dao troll post by referencing directly original key aspects of my original proposal (Internet costs, Hardware and education ) https://forum.decentraland.org/t/dao-d979d15-education-high-speed-internet-hardware-for-marketing-campaign/16344/18*

And finally your threats of legal action against some of my long time collaborators Metazone.

But for the sake of transparency here is my 2022 activities for everyone to see:

Activities 2022


EDM night w/ Bokanowski (Belgium producer)

Bufalo 1st Metaverse Tour

Bufalo / SugarClub Live from NFT Paris


PANSDJ live at Sugar Club

WildfiresPrkt live at Sugar Club

AlienDJ live at Sugar Club

AmbieNFT live at Sugar Club

GraffitiKings exclusive party event


Fashion Week event Sugar Club

Live Techno w/ Greencross at Sugar Club


Bufalo Metaverse tout live at Sugar Club

Acid House Party live at Sugar Club


BoonKBots project release + Bitwax + S Kennedy project live at Sugar Club


SugarClub Platform design for Gay Parade ( requested design by DCL team)


Launch Party Metakey community event at Sugar Club in collaboration w/ PeanutButta


Cheetah skull release party at Sugar Club

MoonWalker Party live at Sugar Club

NFT art features

FomaMag artist feature
SugarClub logo in the Official Decentraland release video
NFT art featured at L avant Gallery Vossen in Paris
WaifuMon Sugar Club partnership drop
NFT drop for Charity Ukraine


interview with Candy3D collective Checkyoupulse podcast

Feature w/ Bufalo Journal DuCoin (France)
Concert métavers de Bufalo : rejoignez le JDC sur la piste de l'événement danse et house ! - Journal du Coin

Feature w/ Bokanowski 7sur7 media (Belgium)
DPG Media Privacy Gate

Feature Serenaelis Blog

Wearable / emote collections 2022:

Graffiti Kings

Cheetah skull

Mythic Based Jersey

Consensys CyberJacket design drop

Moonwalker emote

Sugar raver emote

Brand collaboration

Consensus (cyberpunk jaket)
MetaSharksNFT (shark jacket)
GraffitiKings collection

Revamp design of Sugar Club design and SDK code ( June-Aug)
Online 3d courses Udemy academy (June-Aug)


You didn’t answer these questions above. Instead you decided to add attacks against me, a community member of this DAO. Will you please answer these:

Hey fellow community members,

First off, this is not about me, this is about this grant. I am all about supporting those in the community who bring positive value. Contrary what others will say or believe, I am a person who cares about this community and I have been here since February 2021. I am newer to the DAO, however the last months have been discouraging to see these money grabs without any transparency to them.

I actually was a paid supporter of Sugar Club so I do believe my story should be heard and I do believe the lash outs at me for asking simple questions is uncalled for. Before I go into further details of the story, please review these:

So are you refusing to answer more questions from a community member?

First off, can any members of the community share why this should be flagged and censored? I provided hard evidence in that discord discussion proving otherwise. So this was more to silence the evidence, because like 8 of my posted happened to get flagged and hidden. Kind of convenient, right?

If you go check this out, there was a ton of narcissistic style claims made that the grant was about them. You will find no proof of that in the proposal.

No threats were made. They will not provide a Registered Agent Address. They claim no wrongdoing, however, then why as a business are they afraid to give their Registered Agent Address information out?

Back to the story above. I have around 10k VP in both of my wallets. I am just a small community member asking questions of transparency to improve our system. To me when someone overlooks a community member’s questions, it shows a lack of transparency. I am just someone who enjoys the communities of Decentraland and being a user of it.

I understand where I stand. I cant force any grant proposer to answer my questions, nor can I force any member of the community to vote any way. However, all I do ask from my fellow community members is that they consider my questions as valuable, just as I do theirs, whether I agree with their opinions or not.

Here is the story of why I no longer support sugarclub, due to the feeling of being rugged by them:
As for @SugarClub and my previous support of them. In April or May of 2021, I purchased a floating billboard from Sugarclub for 500 MANA (probably around $325) with the promise that the “Sugar Ad Network” would provide Advertising on my land parcels automatically based on the amount of foot-traffic I provide. However, when I confronted Sugar Club, they mentioned that it was up to me to find advertisers. That is NOT what was advertised.


Sugar Club claims that I bought a Billboard Meta for 500 MANA that I have to find my own advertisers for, however, I have no ability to control the billboards or what goes on them because they are in a centralized deployment agency called Metazone. They get authorized to deploy it on your land and you do NOT have a way to manipulate it or choose what ads go on it. You only have the ability to change the placement of it on your land parcel.

Anyways, while I have been rugged in the past, I took this as a rug and considered it a loss. The problem now arises that these people are now asking for money from the grant after basically rugging me. I asked for a refund to see if Sugarclub would do me right and was told I need to talk to Metazone. I contacted Metazone and asked for a refund and they pointed back to Sugarclub. Meanwhile, I noticed that Metazone did not have a Terms and Conditions listed on their site or a means of contacting them besides Discord and such. But no legal way to contact them. So I asked them for their Registered Agent address, since they claim to have done nothing wrong, but they won’t provide it. So to me, that shows guilt. If they were an honest business, they would provide that even after asking 3-4 times to them directly, while they ignored the question.

Look like I said, this is NOT about me getting my money back or making a bad decision, this is about Sugarclub not being transparent and their ability to show the lack of responsibilty for a misleading or scam product in their past. I am just a small fish in Decentraland, I hope you as a community member considers this in your decision.

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Actually i did, multiple times over the course of the last 4 days. If you propose a governance vote for all Grantees to provide receipts and Bills i will be more than happy to do so. But i see no reason to provide them to you specifically just because you are asking for them.

You are actually taking a lot of space here with your comments as well as in my pre-proposal. I would love for you to take a step back and let the other members of the community ask me questions , which i am very happy to provide :wink:

Yes , not because you are a community member, but because i spent way too much time answering you specifically last 4 days and i have other things to do. Like you know Creating events for coming weeks in Decentraland…

You have a history of proposing troll grants for " Fun " . However you are indirectly damaging the credibility of other serious grants by doing so. I am not the first person to tell you to stop doing that.

This is not related to this grant so please stop spamming this thread with it. You clearly bought a product (NFT) with utility which you have no understand about. Just because you didn’t do your research and inquire about the specifics of this product doesn’t mean you have the right to call us scams, and make defamatory claims. Your lack of due diligence is the only thing that seems relevant in this matter.

Im out cheers. have fun posting more replies here , but i will not respond to you anymore.

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If you did, why can’t you share your answer?

You are asking for grant money. I am allowed to be here.

For fun? I am simply showcasing poor uses of grant requests. I guess it was pretty successful since you took out unnecessary parts in yours. And who told me to stop @HPrivakos who you mention here? This is web3. I know you believe in censorship as you have done with my previous truthful comments.

This is clearly related, you have sold misleading products in the past. Your reputation is absolutely part of this.

:rotating_light: I am not sure why you cant answer these 2 simple questions with a simple answer of “Yes” or “No.” Instead you avoid a clear answer twice now. :rotating_light: If you are transparent answer them.

Please read instead of just knee jerk reacting this is getting ridiculous :roll_eyes:
If you propose a governance vote for all Grantees to provide receipts and Bills i will be more than happy to do so. But i see no reason to provide them to you specifically just because you are asking for them.

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I am voting yes. Thats all

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Thanks @kingmizomadeit appreciated :+1:

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