[DAO: QmZ14KM] SugarClub video server upgrade proposal

by 0x474543b99438a978b39d39d8983723eb5ff9196b (SugarClub)

Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Sugar Club needs to upgrade to new servers !

Sugar club is the first decentralized club launched in Decentraland in late 2019 during beta, and one of the first venues that started hosting events on the platform before the official DCL launch.

Since then, we have been been hosting an eclectic network of DJs , musicians and artists from the NFT and crypto scene with acclaimed international artists such as Coldie, Connie Digital, Eclectic Method, Bootsy Collins and much more.

With the growing player base that comes to our events, our video and audio servers need upgrading to satisfy a bigger audience.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address



With this grant we will use the funds to upgrade to a bigger streaming tier service to accommodate a larger user base, as well as to pay our dev costs associated with it.

Hosting virtual parties , promoting content creators and creating exclusive design wearables is our proud achievement. Sugar Club is now a popular hub for fun , aesthetic and curated parties in the metaverse with a growing brand across the metaverse.

At the moment we use a small dedicated server for video streaming that doesn’t scale properly during peak times at events . Players have reported the video screens freezing or not playing at all at peak times.

While this set up has served us well up until now , it is becoming clear that Decentraland is growing and that in order to accommodate this growth we need funding for upgrading our dedicated servers.


Our plan is to scale the servers to a monthly Vimeo subscription as well as creating a dedicated server as back up . This set up could potentially scale up to 1000 users or more during peak times. we believe that for now this should be enough to currently scale.

Therefore we request a grant tier 2 (one time payment of 3000 usd) to fulfill our technical requirements.

The budget break down:

Vimeo premium : 100 usd /month

Dedicated back up server: 250 usd /month

Dev costs: 50 usd /month

Total : 400 usd /month or 4800 usd / year

Requested funds for 1 year (tier 2 ) : 250 usd/month or 3000 usd / year


Sugar Club founder (Kay)

discord: @sugarclub.eth#9693

In charge of content creation , curation, marketing and party host. The face and heart of Sugar Club.

Hprivakos : developer

discord: @HPrivakos#4268

In charge of server upgrade, code base, technical advisor. Well known coder of Decentraland projects. Active since the early DCL beta. Hprivakos has been helping SugarClub since the early days.

JessieJess : community manager - assistant- advisor

discord: @Jess | NonFungible.com#0165

Jessie is an active member of the decentraland community since the beta. She has created content for DCL for numerous projects including Vegas district. She is also working at nonfungible.com as advisor and community manager. Jessie is an advisor for SugarClub for content creation and wearable designs and discord community manager.

Roadmap and milestones

Our plan is to start a bimonthly event schedule in 2022 on Sundays evening UTC around 9pm UTC time, hosting a growing number of artists from the music and NFT scene.

We plan on making a quarterly report on the forum and our discord , updating the community on the events and the technical review.

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SugarClub video server upgrade proposal

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

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  • No 1% 10 VP (1 votes)

SugarClub video server upgrade proposal

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