[DAO:dde707e] Update #11 for proposal "Sugar Club operation costs 2023"

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Update #11

The refactoring of SugarClub code to SDK7 is done . But it remains limited compared to our SDK6 build. Some functionality is lost such as modules for wearable shop, server viewer and POAP distributor . so for now we are still using SDK6.

Here is the current repo for it still being updated : https://github.com/dogmandcl/sugarClub

I am still hoping to develop a IP ban module build by Hprivakos before the end of this grant.


Here is a small recap of the activities at SugarClub for September/ October

  • Organizing our EVOLVE Techno series for the rest of this season until December.
  • Continued effort to refactor SugarClub to SDK7 + extra modules that might be of interest for DCL community ( Drinking game / Realm player count viewer / IP Ban code )
  • We talked with MVMF2023 organizer Bay Backner to have a pre party Techno event on the 11th of November to start the festivities for the music festival.
  • For this unique event we will have a 3 hours stream of exclusive techno form Greencross, Cristian Varela and FunkDvoid.
  • All our events are cross marketed with Hyperfy and DCL
  • Continued education for 3D creation content ( Blender , Zbrush , Unreal Engine, Substance Painter).

Overall we are pleased with our music program and are looking forward to feature out techno event a few days before the main stages of MVMF .

In addition it has come to our attention that SugarClub is one of the most cost effective music venue grantee in the DAO ( cost per user / grant received) which is a very nice data point to have.


Low attendance at our events is definitely having an impact. We do have a handfull of supporters that come and we are grateful for that. We are starting to develop a new strategy for next year that will involve a Youtube channel to reach a bigger audience.

Next steps

Focusing on finishing the season of EVOLVE techno and refactoring for SDK 7 as well as prepare our exclusive Techno pre-party for the MVMF festivities

Additional notes and links

Follow us at Twitter for updates and events.

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