[DAO:47e4bf3] Update #9 for proposal "Sugar Club operation costs 2023"

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Update #9

I am actively engaged in the process of refactoring SC to SDK7 with the help of Dogman.
Some modules cannot be refactored at this point, so we are looking at what can be adapted and what needs to be let go for SDK7.

This also includes the 2 previous SDK modules we made ( realm viewer count and drinking game ). If everything goes well i am hoping to have a working scene in September.


Here is a small recap of the activities at SugarClub forJuly/August

Devlog :

  • Working on refactoring SugarClub to SDK7 with the help of Dogman.
  • Ongoing collaboration with Coldie3D for fashion designs and NFT art
  • Continued Video production unreal engine (marketing)
  • event afterparty for Arrival X and Future of Blockchain conference sponsorship
  • event party EVOLVE series for August
  • Cheddar Queso leaving her role of community manager / helper from the team.
  • continued education on professional tools for 3D creations ( Zbrush , Substance Painter, Blender, Unreal engine ) Notably for wearable and fashion creation.

events :

  • 16th August Arrival X after party
  • 26August EVOLVE techno summer event

updates on our github : toosad (SugarClub) · GitHub


I am deeply disturbed at the level of toxicity in various channels of the community both on discord and forum. While i acknowledge that positive discourse is taking place, the negativity and vulgar language i witnessed is very concerning.

This definitely has an impact on my overall participation in the community because i do not feel comfortable.

We have at present less than 400 DAU in DCL which is ridiculously low . The community and Decentraland in general cannot afford losing more users that it already has due to a toxic environment.

Next steps

Continuing working on refactoring the code to SDK 7.

Additional notes and links

Follow us at Twitter for updates and events.


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