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Update #12

We are happy to say our Decentraland Music Festival Pre-party was a success.
DCLMF23 SugarClub

We have also made a ChatGPT custom bot called Blender Buddy
Blender Buddy

Check our highlights for further info on our progress


Here is a small recap of the activities at SugarClub for Oct/ November

  • Organizing our EVOLVE Techno series for the rest of this season until December.
  • Created a custom ChatGPT assistant for Blender 3D development for the community to use.
  • We have also ported our SDK7 SugarClub code to our Github :
  • Succesfully shipped our mini Techno Fest DCLMF23 preparty with 3 world class DJs : C.Varela, FunkDvoid, Greencross for a non stop 3 hours streaming event.
  • All our events are cross marketed with Hyperfy and DCL
  • Continued education for 3D creation content ( Blender , Zbrush , Unreal Engine, Substance Painter).

Overall we are pleased with our music program and the reception of our music event for DCLMF23.

Our grant is coming to its home stretch. We are very pleased with what we have shipped and are happy to get positive feedback on our exclusive Techno events. Our Github also features the working code for SDK7 which will be used for future iterations of our project for the future.


No blockers

Next steps

Finalizing the Techno program for this year 3 more events planned ( Nov/Dec ) with an end of the year Party. Compiling our last report for December on our grant experience.

Additional notes and links

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