[DAO:98e96c6] Update #5 for proposal "Open Source SammichGame SDK7 +Community tools"

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Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


On previous and last month update we had a delay and we solved the issues.

The project evolved from a prototype to an util resource for the community:

  • A new innovative and easy multiplayer SDK with more secured server validation.
  • A component that can be integrated in editors, builders and other games.
  • Several products owned by the DAO, with utils for community engagement.


In summary, some of the points this proposal contributed are:

  • Rewritten from prototype, gameplay now is validated in server, previous prototype was easier to cheat.
  • Kind of multiplayer SDK, now it’s easier and faster to create minigames to add to the collection, we can organize a hackathon for the community any time soon.
  • This special SDK is dcl-sdk-7 agnostic, to port the minigame collection to another platform we won’t need to rewrite each minigame code, just the connector, for example if the DAO in the future builds a chat mobile app with mini-games.
  • A minimalistic component that can be easily integrated like a plane or screen in other games or editors / sdk scenes, for example, obvious candidates are: in-world-editor, virtual-land-manage or meta-residence-tower
  • A tournament web-app where anyone is able to create tournaments which will be resolved automatically as people play.
  • A backoffice or admin tool to check and manage gameplays, etc.
  • An API utility for fair and transparent raffles, it uses a seedrandom and takes the hash of the ETH block before a given date and given list of tickets and prizes.

Some metrics:

  • Game deployed on 9 different places over Decentraland.
  • Deliver invitation to integrate the component into other games or editors:
    • MetaResidenceTower: Integration completed
    • VirtualLandManager: Invitation sent, integration is pendent.
    • In world builder: Invitation sent, integration is pendent.
  • 133 gameplays in 4 days of “Friends and sammiches” event.

Pendent points from previous update were accomplished:

  • Create an event for the community.
  • Polish and solve some issues in tournaments web-app.
  • Wrap server services into docker setup.


Nothing as blocker

Next steps

As any platform or util, the product can be improved and extended.
This contribution open wide possibilities for the community in the future:

  • Possibility of a HACKATON using the new Multiplayer SDK
  • A product the community can still contribute and improve through bid and tendering proposals
  • Community engagement through tournaments and allowing play to earn mechanics.
  • Start thinking on a mobile web3-app with chat and minigames.

Additional notes and links

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