[DAO:00108df] Update #7 for proposal "Meta GamiMall Expansion & Empowerment (2nd Submission)"

Author: 0x9b3ae2dd9eaad174cf5700420d4861a5a73a2d2a
Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


Key Metrics: 1,563 Monthly Active Users, 206 average Daily Active Users. This project has been through a lot in the past month, yet fortunately, all the progress is on track!


Key Metrics: 1,563 Monthly Active Users, 206 average Daily Active Users. We have welcomed more than 5000 players during the past 6 months (we measured the unique accounts through PlayFab)

Original Roadmap:

  • Deploy more of the unified scene and create some customization for some projects.

We deployed more unified scenes (-102,39; 107,48) with customization, and we will organize some extra events with it in the future.

  • Migrate to SDK 7:

Mission Complete! We have migrated both the main scene and the unified scene to SDK7! By the way, we have seen a significant improvement regarding FPS (Laggy issue)!

  • User experience improvements and bug fixing

Refurbished the Mall stage with new design, and will organize more events there.

Players will be teleported to the pad and start collecting coins if they stay IDLE longer than 5 minutes.

We have adjusted the shape of the rails on the pad, this will be helpful in solving the “players stuck here” issue


When the foundation introduced the new update (we suspected it was related to the new main realm thing), our scene in the SDK6 version stopped functioning for 3 days, it was a great hit to our project. Then we took immediate action to upgrade our scene step by step, to make sure that players could start playing ASAP even though they could not enjoy the full functions. Meanwhile, we organized some events to heat up the mall during this transition period, and gradually, we migrated everything back with more modifications!

Next steps

This will be the last month of our grant project, however, we will keep operating it afterwards and will prepare to apply for the next month but with a smaller budget, and try to become more and more self-sustainable.

Additional notes and links

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