[DAO:5384fa8] Update #6 for proposal "Meta GamiMall Expansion & Empowerment (2nd Submission)"

Author: 0x9b3ae2dd9eaad174cf5700420d4861a5a73a2d2a
Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :green_circle: On Track


In the past 4 weeks, we welcomed 1,680 players (222 DAU) into our scene, and we not only followed our roadmap to deploy more unified scenes & improve our game experience but also did more things from event hosting to launching a smart wearable.


Key Metrics: 1,680 Monthly Active Users, 222 average Daily Active Users

Original Roadmap:

  • Deploy the unified scene with coins to more than 5 parcels in at least 5 different locations.

We deployed the unified scenes in 2 more locations than what we promised, and the locations of these 7 unified scenes (Mini Malls) are 145,76 / 87,-130 / 123,-97 / -146,116 / -61,-12 / -26,-112 / -64,-128

  • User experience improvements and bug fixing

Added a raffling claiming feature, players need to participate in a raffle as part of the process to claim a Coins Bag V2 (a smart wearable that will be introduced below). We use this system to give players a sense of fun, and more importantly, it is an important way to control the supply and maintain the value of this wearable.

More Things We Did Out Of the Roadmap:

  • VIPE Event: This is an amazing event we hosted with the VIPE Team (Backed by Polygonal Mind), during this event, we have made a portrait raffle event to further promote Decentralnd on Twitter.

  • Coins Bag V2 Smart Wearable Release: It will be one of the core element in Meta GamiMall system

Coins Bag V2 is a smart wearable that enables holders to collect coins anywhere in Decentraland Genesis City.

Coins bag V2 can give holders (you don’t have to wear it) aggregatable coins bonus, the more coins bag you hold, the more bonus you can get and the exact number will follow a logarithm curve. The bonus value will be ranging from 1%-10%.

Holders can burn 1 Coin BagV2 to redeem 5k coins in Meta GamiMall

Coins Bag V2 will be used as a voting ticket in Meta GamiMall DAO

For more details about Coins bag V2, please check this document: MetaGamiMall Guide-Coins Bags Chapter - Google Docs


No blockers

Next steps

Deploy more of the unified scene and create some customization for some projects.

Migrate to SDK 7

User experience improvements and bug fixing

Additional notes and links

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