[DAO:2a5eb24] Removal of Committee Member for Acting Outside of Scope of Authority and Bias Agenda

by 0xaa20991f26aefa3d91592e84e3ead5cd12f6413c (Lexapro)

This proposal is made under the Formal Process for Adding/Removing DAO Committee Members Section 3. Therefore it cannot be seen as an invalid question.


Mathew Markman, who goes by Matimio in Decentraland, and is the team manager of the DAO Facilitation Squad, has been acting outside of the scope of their authority and promoting his own biased political agenda that is detrimental to the health and well-being of the entire Decentraland community.

Mathew Markman is not some innocent underdog here. Mathew Markman holds a PhD in political science, among other degrees, and has long been active in politics. It is important for you to keep in mind that this individual is influenced by their political beliefs and motivations. As you evaluate their credibility, please consider their biases, and assess the evidence presented in a reasonable way.

See Matimio’s Linkedin


Here you can see what his interests are and it seems that he is quite familiar with Fascism and Far Right Extremism


Votes in favor of this pre-poll will result in removal of this committee member and will leave this Team Manager position open which is has a salary somewhere between $58.33 & $87.50 an hour. Certainly, I am sure we can find someone who is “more fit” for this position at that salary.


Matimio has acted outside of their authority by:

Creating working groups without DAO Approval


  1. Matimio proposes and establishes a Formal Process for DAO Governance which includes governance proposals in 3 stages.

  2. Matimio created a pre-proposal to create a process to form working groups. It passed, and never promoted it to draft or a governance proposal.

  3. Matimio created working groups in Decentraland DAO discord which act like a working group, have discussions like a working group and are under the Discord Category titled “Working Groups.”
    The DAO Facilitator Squad’s claim defending this is they are only called working groups, but they are only “discord channels.” If something quacks like a duck, acts like a duck, but is called a cow, is it a duck? These ARE acting as working groups which is a violation of the authority granted to him under the DAO.

These issues have been brought to them by ZumMond in the Decentraland DAO general chat, but since have been deleted. Seems like censorship and controlling their political agenda. As Matimio stated “culture produces political outcomes.” If you control the culture, you control the political outcomes.

Unable to act in an unbiased manner in his DAO Facilitator role

Matimio associates himself with the ideology of pluralism. He also has an aggressive stance against any culture whom is among his far left ideologies.

Yes “Wikipedia” articles will mention famous names like Socrates and Aristotles as being part of the pluralist ideology, but that is far from true. The Pluralist ideology has claimed ownership of leaders whom these Pluralists cannot prove actually had those ideals or acted in purely in favor of that ideology. Pluralism is purely an agenda that acts against individual thought. In fact Pluralists despise the individual, but will go in full strength promoting their agenda to further their own selfish opinions and needs. You will see this with Matimio.

Matimio has consistently promoted a political agenda that is biased and divisive to the community, which is not in line with the community’s values and principles.

The actions and behavior of DAO Facilitator Squad have had a negative impact on the community and have hindered the ability of the DAO Faciliatator Squad to achieve its goals of promoting open discussions and beliefs. Facilitating ideas that can be discussed in a friendly way.


  1. Matimio has prematurely cut people off in Town Hall meetings during the open discussion at the end. I recall him claiming there was 10 minutes left and a conversation was happening that he opposed to so he cut the meeting short with 5 minutes left. This was his way of controlling community culture which fits his political agenda.
  2. Matimio banned Tudamoon permanently for claiming that he was disrespectful, but when asked to produce the evidence, failed to show it. Meanwhile, I have witnessed arguments between him and Tudamoon and Matimio has claimed to highly oppose Libertarianism, which from what I understand seems to be an open belief system promoting the individual.
    There have been other Discord members who align with his views who have actually been “disrespectful,” but he has chosen to look past those individuals’ actions because they align with the culture he is trying to promote. Is a closed controlled culture any better than a dictatorship? Does web3 have a defined culture or a correct way to act?
  3. Matimio is not facilitating DAO discussions. He is only promoting his ideology and will not allow other ideologies to have a voice in his culture.
    In fact, Gold Guy was timed-out earlier today in the Decentraland DAO for asking questions. The DAO Facilitator team moderates this discord. There seems to be a problem with asking questions that spark thought. It’s almost as if he and his team are trying to discourage opinions and create a culture that they like, not what the users of Decentraland want. We are aiming for decentralization for a reason. Therefore all opinions and questions that are not scams, should be allowed.
    Ad Hominem attacks are different, but if it is not a direct attack on one’s person, it should be permissible.


It is important for the community to maintain a healthy and harmonious environment for all members, and this proposal is intended to ensure that the actions of one individual do not harm the community as a whole. Let’s remove Matimio from his position of Team leader and give someone the role of Team Manager of the DAO Facilitator Squad that will promote integrity, accountability, free speech and facilitate conversations in a meaningful way that will improve Decentraland Governance as a whole.

  • Remove Matimio
  • Keep Matimio
  • Invalid question/options

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Matimio is not a committee member, he is a member of the Faciliation squad, therefore he cannot be removed via that process to add or remove committee members.
You can, however, report the grant of the facilitation squad to the Grant Support Squad for not achieving what they planned in their proposal.
The only way to revoke Matimio from his post is to revoke the current grant or do not pass the next grant (if there is one.).

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Voted ‘Invalid question/options’

Valid or not, it doesn’t matter, community needs to know some things.

userdel -f

Can you define what a DAO Committee is? I recall it is a group created by the DAO. Are you claiming this DAO Facilitator Squad is untouchable by DAO vote? So the DAO shouldn’t be able to vote on removing someone from a position? Are you trying to remove that power from the DAO community? Doesn’t seem like your point favors decentralization to me.

Sounds like you are favoring centralization that benefits you. You are good friends with him and defend him any moment you can. Can you let Matimio speak for himself? He has a PhD and is more educated than you.

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Hmmm everyone has political biases, its unavoidable.

This reads as you disagree with matimio’s political philosophy so you’d like him replaced with someone more in line with your own political biases.

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I agree with you! I think we should replace him with @AaronLeupp for $58-$87 an hour. Aaron seems way more rational and doesn’t have a political agenda as far as I can see. I think he would do a great job!

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Committees are permanent (no renewal), there are only two committees, the DAO Committee (Yemel and I) and the (Wearables and Emotes) Curations Committee.
Squads are temporary and funded by grants, the only way to “get rid” of someone in a squad is for them to quit or the grant being revoked.

The process you are trying to use (“Adding/Removed DAO Committee Members”) only apply to Yemel and myself.
DAO Committee role is to safeguard the DAO funds and enact proposals voted by the community.

I don’t think there is a defined process to revoke a grant via a proposal, but a revocation is a ethereum transaction so a governance proposal would technically be binding for revoking a grant.

Are you trying to censor me based on my scholar education? Diplomas are not all that matter :wink:

Thanks @Tudamoon . Yes I am down for $58.33 to $87.50 an hour. To be honest tho I am not sure what @Matimio does or his role or duties are.
Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 1.43.42 PM
based on this I think he plays the ukulele for Decentraland, and if that is the case I am down to do it too.


Can you point to where this is defined? If this is not to be found, wouldn’t a central location where all the passed policies, and definitions could be made available in a simplistic way be a duty of the Facilitation Squad? It would cause less friction and be a good reference for facilitation discussions, however I am still clueless why this position even exists. Seems like an overpaid moderator position.

At least give it to someone who can stay rational and hasn’t studied for years to become a doctor so they can become a politician.

Neither do I, there’s a ton of fluff in the last proposal, still havent seen much come from my questions. As a facilitator, he couldn’t let his own bias go, to answer my questions about his grant.

Hi Lexapro,

Yararasita here, from the Grant Support Squad. Building on what @HPrivakos mentioned, if you have any concerns regarding a grantee, you can raise them under this form to our Squad, and we can review the concerns in detail.


Hi @lexapro
My name is Zino, and I’m part of the Grant Support Squad too.
I want to say that a community member, using the form that @yararasita has mentioned, has raised their concerns regarding Matimio and his Grant. For that reason, we have been having a conversation with this person to clarify some inputs that weren’t clear, and then we have asked the grantee about it.
Now, we are waiting for the grantee´s answer.

However, as @HPrivakos pointed out, Matimio is not a Committee member, so the procedure that you are trying to apply -in this case- is invalid. Additionally, any community member can investigate and post their objective conclusion in the Grant comment section of the forum if a grantee is not delivering what they proposed and for what the community has voted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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Some Facts:

  1. Tudamoon is Laxapro.

  2. Tudamoon is ZumMond.

  3. The only person Matimio has cut off at town halls is Tudamoon.

  4. The only person ever banned from DCL DAO Discord is Tudamoon for repeated campaigns of cyber harassment and personal attacks using false and misinformation, as he has done against others and continues to do.

  5. I am not a Committee Member, but a Core Unit member hired on a six month term which was recently extended with the passage of our units second grant. I firmly stand behind the quality and value of our work, as does the community given recent support for our Grant. Our deliverables are described in VERY clear and structured terms in our Grant Proposal.

  6. Gold Guy was timed-out in the Discord by someone other than a DAO Facilitator.

  7. I/We do not even want DAO Discord Moderation Roles. This is included as part of our Grant, and something we do to support the community, and continued to include in our proposal after discussion with other DAO operators, but it is not something I want or enjoy doing.

  8. Working groups in the DAO were started at the request of the community and based on community consensus at Town Halls, back when we had civil discourse amongst each other. They have led to positive developments and there is absolutely nothing nefarious about them, simply go into the channels and see how positive the discourse is.

  9. The Draft Proposal coming next week for Working Groups will include a Pilot Working Group Process that will hopefully alleviate need for DAO facilitators to play such a central role in the Discord, this clearly puts us in a difficult position, and hinders our ability to focus on facilitation of the governance process itself.

  10. Yes I study political theory, governance design, countering violent and online extremism and more. As a result I am familiar with some of the tactics and methods that are currently being employed by some people in the DAO these days.

  11. To be clear, you are criticizing someone for associating themselves as a proponent of DEMOCRACY, and specifically pluralist democracy…Since we are resorting to ChatGPT these days here you go: What is the difference between pluralist and monist politics?

In political theory, a pluralist approach holds that power is dispersed among multiple groups in a society, and that no one group holds a monopoly on power. Pluralists believe that politics is characterized by a variety of competing interests and that the best way to achieve a balance of power is through the democratic process, in which different groups can compete for influence through open and fair elections and the legislative process.

On the other hand, a monist approach holds that there is a single source of legitimate power in a society, and that all other groups must submit to it. Monists believe that politics is characterized by a struggle for dominance between a single ruler or ruling class and all other groups. In some cases, this might mean a dictatorship or authoritarian regime, where the leader and ruling party holds most of the power.

Overall, the main difference is that pluralist politics is based on the concept of multiple groups coexisting and competing in the political arena, while monist politics focuses on a concentration of power in a single group or individual

Once again, arguing I am unfit for “public service” if that is what you want to call this, because I believe in pluralism - particularly as you define it - as opposed to monism - as I stated - is continuing to misconstrue and misrepresent facts and meaning.


I am going to start this off with two words: ZERO EVIDENCE. If you want a DAO facilitator to make claims on behalf of the DAO without evidence, this is your guy.

Policy needs to be followed. Who does this community consist of? It seems like you are doing well picking and choosing the people in it. In fact your working group, even shows you didn’t have a policy for banning people in place. So with that you chose to permanently ban someone who did not do anything wrong. This is abuse of power.

Glad you are now pointing out the tactic you used to make this seem like I have a vendetta with you. You banned me right before you proposed your grant (a few days later) which you would be making an income of more than $58 an hour. You knew I would have a problem with that and have other questions as I usually do. However, you figured if you banned me, you can just blow off my questions like this is a personal thing I have against you which is untrue. I disagree with your tactics and political manipulation of the DAO to fit your needs.

However, my questions still go unanswered on the grant page, and it shows they were legitimate and you could have still answered in a professional matter. You failed to do so as the DAO facilitator.

You know I am very active and ask questions that actually matter to the community. But you knew you could get away with banning me for zero cause. You have yet to show evidence backing your claims and I am authorizing you to do so in front of the community. Please share your evidence. I wish I had the screenshot of you talking crap about my ideology of Libertarianism. I can’t even go back because guess what? My conversations with you were deleted. Same with ZumMond. You are good at deleting evidence and censoring people. Ever since I said I had that libertarian belief, you have consistently found ways to find issues with me. You made this personal.

Prove the cyber harassment on the DAO Discord. Please do. It sounds like you disagree with my opinion and wanted to censor me. Once again, please share the evidence for the permanent ban.

If you don’t share the evidence, then you are promoting injustice for the DAO and community. Because that means if anyone shares what they believe and you oppose it, you will find ways to ban and censor them.


I think it’s quite funny, how I wasn’t denying that aspect. But I was requesting evidence of proof of the cyber harassment. None which will come to be.

Instead of attacking me and the Facilitation Squad, create a governance proposal and appeal your ban. The rules as they were established with the Discord are clearly stated. Let the community decide. 70% of what we are doing now, there is no precedent for, so don’t set this up as some intricate conspiracy surrounding working groups and attempts to silence people; or as something personal.

I made a decision based on information that was presented to me over a period of weeks to months from numerous community members, and following observation of a pattern of toxic engagements and salacious ad hominem attacks. These attacks and patterns of behavior have not abated. You and your targets know this well.

Based on my role as a community moderator in the Discord, I felt an obligation to take action in response to the continued and numerous reports and engagements I witnessed.

I stand by that decision. I believe it was the right one, and I am also open to it being reversed by the community and even more so for new models of Discord moderation to be developed.

This is not a court of law. We are not a government. There is no cabal of elite or an entrenched bureaucracy that controls the DAO. We are just metaversians trying to do our best by each other and the community.

Appeal your ban. Build up. Don’t take down.

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Na let these clowns keep making fools of themselves here.Your human we all are and people sometimes get emotional. Im politically different then you and disagree with some your ideas. Plot twist its the metaverse most of us come from different beliefs countries and ideologies. That said i call bs on them claiming your trying to push agendas. Ive seen you get upset but from what ive seen Matimio has always set that aside and did what he felt was best for community and those in forums he is in. Has did his job to the best of his ability. Throwing out the dollar sign to try and get people to side with you and not taking actual paid totals. What a joke i commend your political assassinating skills. Doxxing people and trying to use there education against them. Lolz Id agree with your ban on tudamoon. His constant grieving and antagonizing of the community. Him trying to push his own agendas and cause drama with people when there is none. Let him run his own dog and pony show if hes so great. Go build your own community with the clowns you think you can crash and take this platform over with. Im say it since other people wont. Some of us are tired of it. Keep crying wolf tho . While we are on the subject people should go see how he votes in the holyone dao. Pot meet kettle. Gonna go play the ukulele with Aaron and Matimio and actually be part the community then just show up to the dao cry and cry and not do anything or build.

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Thank you, you are doing a good service by promoting censorship in a DAO.

He doxed himself on his grant. His LinkedIn and name is there. I didn’t dox him.

This is a direct ad hominem attack to point it out.