[DAO: QmWkGit] Hire Matimio as the DAO Facilitator

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As the DAO gains momentum and the community becomes more active in creating Decentraland projects and policy, the DAO Committee and the community itself have demonstrated a need for reliable administrative work.

The Committee needs someone to write the committee reports, keep track of grant updates, and hold community meetups. These tasks ensure constant communication between the committee and the community.

The community needs help editing proposals for clarity and needs help maintaining high standards of discussion in order to make use of the funds and talent at the DAO’s disposal. These tasks ensure governance remains accessible to anyone who has a good idea and easy to participate in for anyone with a good opinion.


  • Increase participation within the Decentraland DAO
  • Liaise between the DAO Committee and the community
  • Increase the amount and quality of community discourse
  • Help facilitate productive conversations and field questions related to the DAO

The candidate

After the open call for candidates, phergyson nominated Matimio on the forum, who then accepted the nomination. I had a conversation w/ Matimio and I believe he would make a fantastic DAO Facilitator.

"I am a PhD Candidate in Future Studies and Political Science, researching democratic futures, future governance models and the “biopolitical” significance of sanctuary, for example, sanctuary cities or the practice of seeking refuge in a protected space from the sovereign power/law of the state - something that may have increasing relevance in metaverse and blockchain spaces. In the Mevaterse space, I am:

  • An active member of the Decentraland community and member of the Lastslice Collective.
  • Building “The DCLSanctuary”, which is a POI and premised in part on my PhD Dissertation and aims to be an intellectual center of gravity for metaverse research, analysis and public policy.
  • Moderator for Deadheads NFT, primarily brought on to consult on issues of governance
  • Moderator for The Alien Boy NFT, also brought on to help with community management and governance
  • Project Manager for Cardano NFT Project: The Ronin Universe
  • I am already actively monitoring and participating in the DCL and other DAOs in the Metaverse and NFT space, and the combination of my academic/professional expertise and digital community facilitation/management experience, I believe, makes me an ideal fit for this position.

I hope to have the opportunity to work with and for the DCL Community, and appreciate you considering me for this position.

-Matimio (aka: Mat)"

You can read Matimio’s post history on the forum here or search for him on Discord, Matimio#4673.

DAO Facilitator Responsibilities

  • Compose and publish the Decentraland DAO Committee reports (include attending DAO Committee meetings and taking notes).
  • Compose and publish the DAO Community Grants updates. Summarize grantee activity regularly and expose grant project progress to the community. Flag grant recipients that have not made satisfactory progress.
  • Organize, schedule, and administrate community member meetups in the DAO hub
    To discuss current proposals, issues, and questions related to the DAO
    To be held as often as needed but at least once a month and accommodating various time zones.
  • Share strategic feedback with the Decentraland Foundation Governance team regarding community engagement and user needs within the DAO.
  • Schedule and organize community roundtable discussions for noteworthy issues
    – To be held as needed
    – Take notes and summarize for community


Up to 15 hours/week
2000 MANA/month, paid monthly

Over the last summer I have acted as a sort of proto-facilitator and begun setting up the infrastructure for a Facilitator to succeed (DAO hub, publishing schedules, stakeholders) and talked to many community members and Foundation team members to find the most valuable activities for this role. However, the responsibilities of a Facilitator should evolve to adapt to the community’s needs over time. What is written here is simply what I see as the most useful set of responsibilities right now.

  • Hire Matimio as the DAO Facilitator
  • Do not hire Matimio, pause creation of Committee Reports, Grant Reports

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