[DAO: QmR7Evk] Decentraland DAO Facilitation Squad Grant Proposal

by 0x76fb13f00cdbdd5eac8e2664cf14be791af87cb0 (Matimio)

Should the following Tier 5: up to $120,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Create a governance facilitation unit to support operation of the Decentraland DAO.

Grant size

75,000 USD

Beneficiary address



This proposal is to establish a DAO Facilitation Squad to expand on the role previously served by an individual DAO Facilitator. The role of the DAO facilitation team will be to help identity and express community stakeholder interests in well thought out and implementable governance proposals, build consensus and facilitate working groups to resolve issues of importance in the Decentraland ecosystem, host monthly town hall meetings and maintain a persistent presence in the DAO Discord server, drive the DAOs externally facing strategic communications, and help mediate relations between the DAO Community, DAO Committee and Decentraland Foundation.

Establishment of the DAO Facilitation Squad is part of a broader process to organize DAO operations around “Core Units,” which additionally include the DAO Governance Squad and the Grants Support Team. Each of these Core Units will serve six month terms, and be funded through the DAO’s standard grantmaking process.

Despite its name, the operation of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is in large part a human process. While some view decentralization and automation through maximalist lenses, as the Decentraland DAO facilitator and an academic political theorist, I believe decentralization is as much an ethos as it is a system, and automation is about augmenting human processes to decrease friction and increase governing efficiency. As a result, engaged facilitation is an essential part of decentralized governance, particularly in virtual distributed systems such as Decentraland.


This grant will set up a budget to run the DAO Facilitation Team for a period of 6 months. The proposed team will be managed by the current DAO Facilitator, Matimio, and the grant will be provided as a vesting contract of stablecoins distributed to a wallet used solely for the purposes of receiving and distributing grant funds to team members.

The Governance Facilitation Squad will focus on two primary functions: Operations and Research & Analytics.

  • The Operations Team will be responsible for strategic communications, marketing, and DAO Discord server moderation and engagement. ( Link )
  • The Analytics & Research Team will be responsible for proposal writing, working group facilitation, proposal impact assessment and implementation research and DAO Discord server moderation and engagement. ( Link )

Governance Facilitators will provide the opportunity for a working group to be created in the DAO Discord server following passage of an initial governance poll. They will engage with interested stakeholders until the issue is promoted through the governance stages, or fails to pass to the subsequent stage.

The Governance Squad ( Link ), Grants Support Squad ( Link ), and Governance Facilitation Squad will make up three Core Units of the DAO, which will coordinate to maintain effective and efficient operations, and represent Decentraland Community interests.


The proposed team of the Governance Facilitation Squad is as follows:

  • Governance Facilitation Manager – Matimio, aka Markman ( Linkedin ): Matimio is a socio-technical engineer and the current DAO Facilitator. He is currently finishing his PhD in Future Studies and Political Science.
  • Governance Facilitation Operations – Fractilians, aka Natalie ( Linkedin ): Fractilian is an experienced media and content creator, and currently serves as a reporter for the DCL Report ( Twitch ). Previously, Fractillians worked with Rariable Protocol DAO.
  • Governance Facilitation Research – Tyler, aka JETTY ( Linkedin ): Tyler is an experienced community manager and former team member of Nike Special Projects. He is currently a Co-Founder of the research and strategy partnership M-RG.

Total Hours: ~160 monthly hours or ~40 weekly hours.
Budget: $12,000 USD per month or $3,000 USD per week for a grand total of $72,000 USD.

  • Manager: ~10 hours
  • Operations ~15 hours
  • Research & Analytics ~15

Total budget includes:

  • Team Compensation: $72,000 USD
  • Operational Expenses: $3,000 USD

Roadmap and milestones

All Governance Facilitation team members will be responsible for the following items:

  • Attending weekly Facilitation Squad team meetings
  • Attending bi-weekly Core Unit meetings
  • Hosting monthly DAO Town Halls.
  • Maintaining regular presence and facilitating engagement in the DAO Discord server

The Governance Facilitation Operations team members will be responsible for the following items:

  • Defining and administering Decentraland DAO’s social media strategy
  • Supporting ongoing publication of the weekly DAO newsletter with the Governance Squad
  • Producing content to increase DAO participation
  • Organizing in-world meet-ups

The Governance Facilitation Research & Analytics team members will be responsible for the following items:

  • Facilitating issue-specific working groups
  • Researching proposal impact and implementation pathways
  • Mediating between conflicting interest groups and stakeholders
  • Publication of bi-weekly governance update
  • Supporting effective and stable governance

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That’s a great and much needed proposal for the entire community!

Decentraland DAO Facilitation Squad Grant Proposal

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 99% 6,548,538 VP (31 votes)
  • No 1% 32,110 VP (3 votes)

Decentraland DAO Facilitation Squad Grant Proposal

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfe91c0c482e09600f2d1dbca10fd705bc6de60bc)

Vesting Contract Address: 0x79c8094487b43ca6772b69407954835a364c86a6
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This is after I got banned from the Decentraland DAO’s Discord. @Matimio knows Metatrekkers grant proposal was poor, but don’t worry we let that one go and just all new ones moving forward. DCL DAO Facilitators did nothing in the past? Why are they getting paid?

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Insiders always get paid :slight_smile:

Remember @Metatrekkers won’t pay anyone out of pocket. (I deleted my mistake)

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Hello Tudamoon. I have seen your youtube video Metatrekkers - Evidence & Coincidences - YouTube have you brought up to a DAO vote for investigation of metatrekkers? If this happens to be true then i believe the DAO representatives and everyone in decentraland has the right to think twice about the funding provided to them. However, unless you have proof of Matimio having a connection with metatrekkers please dont involve people who might not be involved.

Once again i think its good to know and i feel everyone should be aware of metatrekkers and the people who have received funding in the past should indicate in detail where the funds have gone to. Because if there is fraud then it must be dealt with now before more funding is disbursed to such individuals who are hurting the community

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