[DAO:0f8b5d1] All Time High Fest: A Gamified Metaverse Music Festival in November

by 0xd1e95c1802a4e3f29046d2907b6ed8e950ea5a72 (SpottieWiFi)

Should the following $172,000 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


Introducing ‘All Time High Festival’ (ATH), a gamified music festival spanning four days/nights in Decentraland, set to disrupt the music industry. ATH aims to elevate digital concerts and onboard new users into DCL.

In order to attract top-tier talent and establish a new standard for talent buying in the metaverse, the majority (> 50%) of our budget is allocated for the performers and visual artists. ATH team members will receive modest compensation for the considerable hours of labor they will commit to the festival between now and end of year (~1700 hours).

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Grant size

172,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

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All Time High is a 4-day Metaverse festival that merges music, gaming, technology and education. In the long run, we envision ATH Festival as a self-sustainable, native Decentraland festival that attracts sponsors and popular talent year after year.

Our co-founder and hip hop legend Bun B headlines the festival, which will instantly establish our credibility with mainstream artists and publications. By curating a diverse and cohesive roster of performers, creating a uniquely gamified experience and marketing it through our channels and connections, we aim to create the #1 music festival in the metaverse.

ATH’s gamified experience will incentivize participants to engage deeply with the festival through games, prizes, and exclusive experiences with their favorite artists.

Thanks to our team’s resources, we will have access to several venues for our festival:
DCL Main Stage, LimeWire stage, the GAIAN store, and Spottieland. Having access to DCL’s best venues for free enables us to dedicate more funds to performers, visual artists, and designers.

Spottieland spans two neighboring estates and is Spottie WiFi’s forthcoming 95-parcel gamified theme park, festival grounds and mall. Spottie acquired the land in June 2023 as a permanent metaverse homebase in Decentraland’s Aetheria District, and Spottieland is currently being designed and built by Mr. Dhingia).

We will create a gamified experience that spans across our festival grounds and multiple venues. DCL users that attend ATH Fest will be able to collect ATH coins and other coins to unlock free wearables, merch, vinyl records and other prizes. Custom UI will appear while on festival grounds to show how many coins players have collected.

Community Involvement:
All Time High is committed to delivering an experience that attracts national acts as headliners, while also giving Decentraland musicians a platform to perform for a broader audience.

At least 15% of the talent budget for music artists will be used to book independent artists nominated by the Decentraland community.

The festival grounds will include shops for wearables and emotes, and some retail space will be reserved for independent fashion designers nominated by the Decentraland community.

Throughout the 4-day festival, we will schedule insightful talks and panel discussions with leaders from the Decentraland community, as well as the music and entertainment industry. These conversations

Project Scope:
To realize our goals, the project scope encompasses the following components:

  • Customizing the Decentraland Main Stage and/or Limewire Stage for the festival (No grant funds will be used to purchase land).
  • Develop a listen-to-earn game including a dashboard/game interface.
  • Book talented performers for the festival.
  • Onboard sponsors to support the festival.
  • Execute comprehensive marketing and PR campaigns.
  • Create visually captivating sets for performing musicians.

Roadmap and milestones

The ATH team will begin hosting weekly Twitter Spaces (@AllTimeHighFest) beginning Thursday, July 6 at 6:30PM EST, to kickstart conversation with the DCL community. The community will have direct input on music and visual artists that will be booked for the festival, as well as designers of wearables for the four-day event.

Increase user engagement:

  • Achieve a minimum of 50,000 unique visitors attending the festival.
  • Obtain positive feedback and high ratings from attendees through surveys or feedback forms.

Drive Decentraland awareness and adoption:

  • Increase new Decentraland user registrations by 30% during the festival period.
  • Generate at least 1,000,000 impressions or social media posts about Decentraland and the festival using designated hashtags and competitions.
  • Secure media coverage and features in major publications or media outlets focusing on music, entertainment, and technology.

Foster partnerships and collaborations:

  • Establish partnerships with influential music industry artists and brands to perform or participate in the festival.
  • Develop sponsorship interest and partnerships with corporate sponsors.

Enhance the festival experience:

  • Set a new standard for talent booking in the metaverse with fair pay and a diverse line-up.
  • Incorporate interactive elements and immersive experiences within the festival through gamification.
    Ensure smooth technical operations with minimal technical issues or downtime during the festival.

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I don’t have enough experience to chime in on the value/cost of an online music festival, but given we have run a few before we should have some good metrics to compare to, perhaps the organizers of Metaverse music festival could help verify costs here.

With that said, I’m voting yes - the music festivals have been a huge success so far, and Spottie seems to have a solid handle on the larger web3/crypto community with prior IRL and metaverse event experience, as well as music industry/performer connections - I believe the $ value per customer/user from an advertising perspective is incredibly reasonable, and having the use of land already available shows that this proposal is connected with multiple venues in the community.

This is a clear proposal by a member of the community, for the community - looking forward to it.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Spottie and his team on multiple IRL events. I can say this will be a huge win for the platform and his team behind the scenes is very capable and rockstars in their own right (literally) to complete the proposal on time and within budget. Can’t wait to jam out with everyone!

Are you planning to sell the wearables submitted using the dao funds for submission fees?

I don’t really see how a festival with 1 or 2 headliners will attract the same amount of users as the festival that had over 10 different headliners. The pitch deck shows the numbers for the 2021 MVMF at 50k unique. What were the numbers like for the 2022 festival?

I am concerned about performance issues without any consideration for onboarding and support for new users during the festival. Do you expect the dcl community to step up and volunteer for new user assistance? Is any part of the ATH team budget used for educational and onboarding assistance?

Thanks for your feedback, questions, and concerns! Really appreciate you engaging with our proposal

  • We will have a main headliner for each night of the festival (4X headliners).
  • 2022 MVMF were lower than 2021 but I don’t have the exact numbers.
  • In terms of onboarding, that is a big part of what Amanda and I did when we worked on the Metaverse Theate opening with Jim Jones & Migos, and again when we created the Limewire Venue for MVMF22 and brought in one of the lead headliners Soulja Boy, and again when we hosted the official MVFW23 afterparty at the GAIAN store. We plan to use the same skillset and experience acquired during our past events to onboard and educate new users for ATH Fest.
  • Yes, we are planning to sell wearables, any profits after rev share for creators will be used on the next year’s festival, as we hope to create a standalone festival that doesn’t need to rely on DAO funds each year.

Can you give us specific dates for this music festival?

Do you also have the dates of the Metaverse Music Festival that Decentraland is hosting this year?

MVMF is an annual event, and last year it was November 11th to the 14th. I have some major concerns that this event is within the same time frame as the official Decentraland Metaverse Music festival, which is also scheduled in November. Do you have plans on running this festival parallel to the pre-existing music festival? Or do you intend for it to be a completely separate entity?

I love the idea of getting more people here, but festivals take an exorbitant amount of logistics. I’m not sure two music festivals within the same short time frame is a good idea, and if they overlap, that’s a logistical nightmare, and may even detract from the MVMF. It will most DEFINETLY lead to confusion when people say “That music festival in Decentraland” and then we’ll have to clarify “Well which one, the MVMF or the All Time High Fest?”

I’d humbly suggest that you consider hosting this event at a different time of year, maybe January or February when there isn’t already an official pre-existing event on the calendar. I’m voting no for now because I don’t want anything to detract from the official MVMF, but I am open to hearing further plans you may have as to how you would execute this festival in conjunction with the MVMF. Looking forward to hearing your response :slight_smile:

Hey Canessa! Thanks for your feedback and concerns. We have actually been in direct contact with the foundation, and I have worked with them personally for almost 2 years now. They knew Spottie and I wanted to start ATH fest after working together during MVFW and being super inspired to create more events in DCL. So they reached out to tell us that they are turning MVMF into music month in November moving forward, which will now be more community-led. They should be announcing it via their blog very soon. This is what prompted us to choose the month of November. We believe ATH fest has the potential to be one of the flagship events of DCL’s Music Month.

From the foundation:

Music Month, November 2023
This year, Decentraland will evolve the annual Metaverse Music Festival into an entire month dedicated to music. This extended celebration will provide an immersive platform for the community to curate and host music-related events. Throughout Music Month, Decentraland will transform into a hub of musical expression, with events spanning a diverse range of genres, performances, and experiences. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months!

So was your team privy to this information before the greater Decentraland community was informed?

Our team was already planning ATH Fest, which is why the foundation felt it relevant to let us know about the upcoming Music Month. As they felt that ATH Fest would be a good fit and benefit the overall ecosystem.

hi everyone! Our “Q2 Updates” blog will be shared tomorrow and it includes a preview of what’s to come for the remainder of the year, including Music Month. Here is more about Music Month, an expansion of MVMF.

Music Month, November 2023
This year, Decentraland will evolve the annual Metaverse Music Festival into an entire month dedicated to music. This extended celebration will provide an immersive platform for the community to curate and host music-related events. Throughout Music Month, Decentraland will transform into a hub of musical expression, with events spanning a diverse range of genres, performances, and experiences. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months!

Thank you Kim,

Because of the way that this proposal is being presented to the community with significant new information that was not previously disclosed, it is also bringing us many unanswered questions to consider.

The Foundation says: "This extended celebration will provide an immersive platform for the community to curate and host music-related events."

Will the Foundation be creating any venue for Music Month?

If it is expecting the “community” to curate these events, will it also be freeing up additional DAO funds to support this?

As is, the budget in the “In world content initiative” section of the DAO will be quickly drained to support Music Month, as this is above and beyond the normal scope and sequence of this area, which currently allocates $292,600 for this quarter. This “All Time High Fest” alone asks to use $172,000 of that budget. If passed, this would leave a remaining $120,600 for all the other organizations to claim SOLELY for the Music Month, and that doesn’t even take into account the other artists applying for grants using the “In world content initiative” grant section to support their projects that have nothing to do with Music Month.

Any teams that had prior knowledge of this change have an unfair advantage, and had time to write and submit proposals before everyone in the community had access to this information.


Actually I see a really easy solution. The Foundation can migrate any funds they would have allocated to create the Metaverse Music Festival to a general fund, and any organization who wants to come up with a community event can apply to get this funding. Do it in an equitable and transparent way that reflects the values of decentralization.

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Will the sets be live streamed or pre-recorded? I don’t see any items in the budget to cover bandwidth costs to stream 10+ hours to 50,000 users.

I Mess with SpottieWifi And I Mess with BunB Since back in the day. + I live for Metaverse Music Festivals. So I’m voting yes. Lg!

Here is a link to our first AMA :slight_smile: https://twitter.com/SpottieWiFi/status/1677082664413569032?s=20

I totally believe that Pillar Events like this should be funded by the Foundation, not the DAO. If it is going to be covered by the DAO it needs to be organized around the DAO/Community executing the event and not one studio. This is a significant investment for 1 month from a team the DAO is not familiar with.

Additionally there are a lot of logistics that aren’t included in the proposal. We’ve seen time and time again during pillar events that mass viewership doesn’t work yet. Like what @mattimus pointed out bandwidth alone would be a huge hurdle. The DAO usually doesn’t like funding P2E games publishing fees for wearables so the idea of funding 30 wearable publishing fee’s is wild for one event. “Ensure smooth technical operations with minimal technical issues or downtime during the festival.” There’s no talk about how the Foundation plans to support this many people on the servers. If there are corporate sponsors involved, those sponsorships should be sufficient to fund the event.

I think it’s really awkward that this is the way that the community had to find out about a pillar event that wasn’t in the manifesto.

The concept of a gamified music festival in Decentraland sounds exciting, I have some reservations about the current proposal. Firstly, the budget breakdown is quite vague, I`m unsure about the appropriateness of the allocations. It would be helpful to have a clearer picture of how the funds will be utilized.

Another concern is the lack of detailed plans for technical operations. As we know, technical issues can greatly impact user experience, so it’s essential to have a solid plan in place to ensure a smooth and glitch-free festival.

The proposal doesn’t offer a well-defined long-term sustainability strategy. Building a sustainable festival that attracts sponsors, popular talent, and ensures its continuity is vital for its long-term success.

One particular worry is the limited impact and user engagement seen in previous festivals held in Decentraland, as well as the lack of success in attracting and retaining users, even when big names were involved. It’s crucial to address the underlying challenges that hinder user engagement and retention in our metaverse.

Considering these concerns, I would encourage the submitter to revisit their plans and provide a more detailed breakdown of expenses, outline a robust technical strategy, and address the challenges faced by previous festivals. With a more comprehensive and well-thought-out proposal.


I like @spottiewifi so yes vote from me but who are the other headliners? Can we we have the Waifumon intermission song play in between acts? intermission - YouTube

that’s a dope idea @Canessa

What Spottie is doing in the Web3 space is amazing! His story is benchmark for other music artists, even major ones from outside the space. I believe in his reputation, his vision and his work ethic. The team also has a major hip-hop legend and entrepreneur - Bun B. Big respect to the work Yasha, Stefan and Amanda are doing too.

I strongly believe this project deserves the support. It will be beneficial to the web3 space in general, and it will bring new audience to this platform.