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**1st Place Gold Dino Shoes **


Will check this now!

Hey, pets arent allowed currently because its not supported by the games mechanics and they also dont look right. Please change the design to a non static pet so i can approve asap!

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Some great news after your notes and tests we agree the only “dont look right” feature is when you do this emote since it does go under ground a tad. Can we 1 remove this emote ability while wearing these wearables? or 2 add Pangolin aka Sandslash type claws to each dino so that way it will look as if if is digging in the ground during this one time it goes into the ground. If so we can fix ASAP on all of these. Thanks again.

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Main reason this can’t be approved is game mechanics. “Doesnt look right” is a second reason and im refering to both clipping with ground and slight deformation in general. So main reason is, as the category you’re uploading says, this is a wearable (shoe) and not a pet. Please change the design or wait till there’s a pet category that could support this wearable.

Yes of course that makes total sense. Can we then change title to all these to “not a pet” and get it approved. And then when we roll out the pet feature I can then update each NFT for and to work with the pet feature? Just like we did recently with the fairy earring? We update the thumbnail to fit more of the standards you guys like later on to keep up with your guys current likings. Thank you for the great idea look forward on seeing if this can be the solution!

Have you had time to check yet? we 1. have fixed any slight deformation 2. also its claws will allow it to dig underground for that one first pump emote and 3. we also can add a jetpack if needed so it fits under the Decentraland ascetics quality requirments. Thanks again.

Please follow the instructions given. Michi’s comment can help.

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Thank you yes that was amazing feedback from @michi we really appreciate it. Can we add these onto the dinos feet to fix all weight to the armature issues? It is worth the ask since these will be to help promote a racing game we want to do in Decentraland and having the Dino’s not race but rather hold onto a character instead of race would defeat that purpose lol. Thanks you look forward to see if this would work or any other alternative solutions. Thanks again. Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 8.35.38 AM|690x486

Just in case if you missed it @Yannakis know you are super busy so all good. Anyway we add these hover boots onto the dinos feet to fix all weight to the armature issues as well as digging claws so everything will match Decentraland Quilty level and will not look glitchy? Also can we 1. get it approved and when pets rolls out pivot this item to a that? or 2. Get what we can done for approval then pivot it back to walking dino when pets feature is active? Thank you so much. Have the first race we will be giving these away at scheduled in Decentraland soon and cant’ wait to do it. Thanks again!

@Yannakis I know you are super buys. Anyway we can get a response this week? If not totally understand we will push our event back. Also forums will not let me respond more then 3 times so please respond to this one so I can respond back if needed. Thanks again.

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Hey @AaronLeupp was just getting more opinions before getting back to you. As said before you cant have pets in the feet category. please attach to legs or wait for an updated pet category.

oh wow i appreciate that thank you so much. can my pants get approved then since they are not in the feet category. thank you!

Also sorry you said you were looking into other options as well. Any luck? Thanks again

@Yannakis know your busy bro the event this week we were going to give these 3 dino wearables that have not been approved yet we will push to next week since know you need more time to respond. just in case you did not see the questions past couple days they are above and this will be my 3rd response so I wont be able to respond so please respond to this when you have time. also if you don’t think you can approve by next week too it is ok just let us know how back we should push our event for this and I will let the others know. thanks again know you guys work hard so totally understandable.

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis