[DAO: QmcAW4h] Should 'Pets' Be Approved as Shoe Category?

by 0x336685bb3a96e13b77e909d7c52e8afcff1e859e (michitodd)

Currently there has been an increase in ‘Pet’ designs coming in for approval under the Shoe category. There has been a discussion point raised that these wearables aren’t weighted appropriately causing clipping issues and quality issues overall in the space but also can be misleading in the marketplace under the incorrect category.

Committee is opening this decision up to the community to decided if these types of wearables are wanted at the moment and should be approved on a case by case bases OR based off previous DAO proposals another way to implement pets in game should be looked at in a later date through Smart Wearables.

  • ‘Shoe’ category ‘Pets’ should be approved
  • ‘Pets’ should be on hold till implemented properly
  • ‘Pets’ shouldn’t be allowed
  • Invalid question/options

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I open for debate but why would we want to start putting limitations on creations? If we “may in future have a pet feature” great, until then lets let people continue to create. Thats like video games or disney decades ago be like we “may one day create 3D games and movies, so let us stop all 2D creations until then” lol


As a creator, I fully agree with Aaron on his point of view.
The more we create the more opportunities and variety of developments is going to run through DCL by time.


Also reminder this is very specific to Shoe category as a weighting/quality issue~
Love the engagement, thanks everyone!


Correct me if i’m wrong, but i believe Pets will be categorized as a smart wearable in the near future.

Ethermons for example, are bound to parcels.

But when using ‘portable experiences’, the Ethermons(and other Pets) are able to follow you cross-parcels.

EDIT: link to the tweet from @menduz mentioning the ‘Pets’ function:


Sit back and watch the majority of creators boot lick bro. Fn gatekeepers if the slot isnt available yet and some people already got through what is set precedence. Meanwhile creators like Collection 'Pet Cat - Pink' created by Janineg#8d19 is ready for review! are held back when the vote hasnt even went through. Like police enforcing fn laws not written on the books yet. Disgusting leadership we have.


haha, exact. Enforcing a rules regulations in case something “may happen in the future” a wild concept to me. Also what do we do with the already approve in game wearables NFT like the little dog one people already have? Do we then “remove” or “delete” it? Doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose of NFTs? Isn’t this the exact same reason why Vitalik Buterin invented Ethereum in the first place to not have situations exact like this? lol


Yea but then how would they wave their curator committee power around. The fact that in thier back door conversations they brought this up and not a outside player screams Gatekeepers to me. Hence its brought up by MichiTodd. Rest of the community just does not give a F or even think about these things. You could say but Tengu thats their job. To make sure wearables fit the billet and standard. Id say well there isnt one right now. So let the creators create the way they can. They already set precedence and in most places in the world set precedence is a huge thing. Nice article reference too. I see amazing things from our amazing community. Amazing people and tho my words may seem harsh i say them with no malice but love. Either way those in the chain now should be approved or handled regularly till this passes. Pausing and not doing so really is a blight to the leadership. Enacting unpassed regulations and bills and proposals is the act of tyrants. Sadly or Ironically it is I a Marine to make this statement on the DAO.


haha yes even when your words come across “harsh” I have always seen them to also come from a place of love for the future of the community. in the end I of course would love a pet solution too. and if at that point in time we have to figure out a way like to keep them both in existence as well as not delete or remove already approved NFT wearables. then we can at that time. creating new rules where people are only allowed to have a certain limit of breaths per day because we may one day also live on mars and the moon seems very counter productive for the now.


Voted ‘Pets’ should be on hold till implemented properly. The best way to implement pets will be combining the upcoming features Smarth Wearables + NFT wearables.
At that time may make sense to create a new category “Pets” for wearables, or just use “Accesories”.


Your saying this while wearing a Cat on your head. Please stay in Golfcraft and leave creators to create. Nothing is wrong with the Shoe wearables having a animal attached to it. So are we going to take away Animals and floating objects attached to our shoulders? Sorry for afking so much around town and having my doggy with me.


If the weight and quality issue isn’t working well for some, then create better.


If pets (or shoe accessories) are weighted properly and not clipping on the shoe or ground, then I don’t see an issue with approving them under the shoe category. As long as it meets quality testing, has a shoe component, and is clearly labeled in the marketplace, it seems fair to approve it.

Once other categories exist (NFT, Smart, Pets), designers of new incoming pets will likely choose that category if it works for their design. If not, the option for assigning pets (or accessories) to other categories should be left open if they meet the same standards. I don’t know if there will be a lot more wearable slots for avatars, but I imagine it will stop at some point. I don’t think we can have a new category for each wearable creation that blurs the line.


It’s hardly a pet when it’s hard synced to the movement of your shoe or any item its added to, I think this can exist when there is a pet category too if the pet category allows for its own walking and idle animations. This is more of a lifeless funny extension of the wearable.

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Should ‘Pets’ Be Approved as Shoe Category?

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • ‘shoe’ category ‘pets’ should be approved 3% 17,408 VP (20 votes)
  • ‘pets’ should be on hold till implemented properly 65% 325,671 VP (25 votes)
  • ‘pets’ shouldn’t be allowed 0% 0 VP (0 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 1% 502 VP (2 votes)