[DAO: QmS2VM8] Approve AaronLeupp.eth 3 Dino Wearables (1st Place Shoes, 2k Lava Shoes, 404 Pants)

by 0x37f00ec67d68c2d3c662339c183d37403c36f28e (AaronLeupp)

Approve AaronLeupp.eth 3 Dino Wearables (1st Place Shoes, 2k Lava Shoes, 404 Pants)

  1. Collection 'Baby Bet Peng' created by eggsitus is ready for review! - #7 by eggsitus.eth
  2. Collection 'AaronLeupp.com 2k Dino Lava Shoe' created by AaronLeupp is ready for review!
  3. Collection 'AaronLeupp.com Dino 1 Gold Shoes' created by AaronLeupp is ready for review! - #3 by Yannakis

Please approve all 3 of his wearables. They do not mind if they “dont look right” as you guys said because the point of them is to have the glitchy vibe they are going for hence “404 dino pants” referencing the 404 pages with dino image people get when they go to error pages or places on the world wide web that do not work. Several wearables exactly like this have already been approved. For example:

  1. Collection 'M1D - EVENT DAWG' created by JuneFallon#f214 is ready for review!
  2. Collection 'Baby Bet Peng' created by eggsitus is ready for review! - #7 by eggsitus.eth

Also the request to “Pet’s should be on hold till implemented properly” proposal was rejected so the reason why these wearables are being rejected is not even an approved rule. Can be seen here: Should 'Pets' Be Approved as Shoe Category?

Rejecting these wearables even goes against the whole reason The Founder Vitalik Buterin even created Ethereum in the first place this reason since did not like the fact gate keepers people were changing in game items based on there own personal reasons can be seen here: Vitalik Buterin Created Ethereum Following World of Warcraft Debacle

  • Approve all 3 AaronLeupp’s Dino wearables
  • Do not approve even though there is no approved rule to do so
  • Invalid question/options

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Thank you bro yes this was the proposal that was rejected and was not even approved. He is just doin what he is told from gate keepers so it’s not his fault. Thanks everyone for your votes in helping get these approved.

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lol also 1. should be Collection 'AaronLeupp.com 404 Dino Pants' created by AaronLeupp is ready for review! - #3 by Yannakis i posted the wrong URL. Sorry it 7am here and have not slept yet lol. thanks guys

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The “gate keepers” are the whole reason the committee exists. Not a revelation or big secret, a committee was requested by the community to ensure the guidelines are being met but also there is a level of quality in Decentraland.

This is a key quote from the original proposal as to why the committee was created to ‘gate keep’:

User content isn’t created equally, low-quality or glitchy wearables can create the wrong impression of the metaverse and totally ruin the experience.

Then there’s also a page dedicated to explaining the guidelines for approval and the why:

Wearables within the Decentraland ecosystem must also meet several technical requirements, otherwise they may not render correctly or they may adversely affect other wearables equipped at the same time. Until this approval process can be more fully automated, it is necessary for several individuals to review each wearable manually.

You openly stating these wearables dont work well in game:

They do not mind if they “dont look right” as you guys said because the point of them is to have the glitchy vibe they are going for hence “404 dino pants”

Not a ‘pet’ issue in this case but possibly a quality control issue. If you can get the wearables to be weighted correctly and prevent any issues of the wearable going through the ground or get it to a level of quality that meets technical standards based off a curators feedback then you might not need a community vote to get approval. As you know committee members are here to support and empower the community and be representative of creators in the space. We’re all on the same team bestie~

Feel free to reach out if I can help with anything!


Also adding to this ‘pets not allowed as shoe category’ isn’t us wanting to stop something but allowing the community to vote to preventing creators wasting time on an impossible task. Currently 'Pet’s as shoe category can’t be weighted correctly in most cases and the committee received complaints about the EVENT DAWG which was the catalyst for the proposal @Yannakis referenced ~~


Thank you so much Michi! Yes the “dont look right” is a quote of @Yannakis . We do think they look great but I understand quality is subjective. I think really the only problem @Yannakis could find was that at a certain angle they would go through the floor a little and if we just need to raise them all up a bit would be an epic solution and would love to do that. Defiantly open to all solutions as well aside this petition process. Since yes we too would like to do whatever we can on our end to keep the quality of Decentraland at the highest level possible to keep the user experience at maximum enjoyment. Thanks again look forward to all solutions!

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Yes of course totally understandable. Would love to learn more on how we can “weighted correctly” properly so they can get approved. Thanks again.

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Just a recommendation but will make your pet static and also easier to weight to the armature. I also invite other curators to give some advice if they have any good ideas!

For dino pants you can have it sitting on the shoulder and scaled down slightly OR alternatively have it floating next to the avatar since it’s already flying. Ensure it’s weighted 100% to the hip bone if you go down the flying path with no other weight from the rest of the body.

For the lava and gold shoes why not have it holding onto the leg?
Reference I think a gun that was holstered to the ankle, you’ll have to scale them down slightly but not a massive change!

For now I think this is all I can help and if you ever feel stuck regardless of the submission, we’re all here to help you get approval. Just need to say “what can I do for this to pass approval” if you feel the feedback isn’t clear. The answer might be change the design, update the positioning or fix a few things before it can be accepted~

Thank you and I hope this helps!


Hi. If I can throw in my 2 cents. Having a pet under the shoe category should not be the issue. Otherwise, we would not have wings under almost every category.
The type of pet is important though if it’s a pet that floats slightly above ground or more then it can work. However I do see land walking pets to be an issue. There is current no bone the is at a constant location in all axis to keep the pet in a specific spot. That is why the DAWG moves in a wierd ark motion.

I think these points should be considered when approving a pet… Floating pets should be approved but land walking pets on hold till they can place a suitable bone holder for those.

Also custom emotes are coming out so you need to keep in mind how your pet will look with different emotes. Example there is one new emote where the avatar floats up. Now a pet dog will also float up. Or what about a dance emote. Suddenly you have a pet being kicked around and spun forwards and backwards unnaturally.


Approve all 3 AaronLeupp’s Dino wearables


Lol complain about @AaronLeupp quality when your own bs glitches like the female walk animation. @michi gonna fix that you fn hypocrites

My feedback isn’t a personal attack on anyone and I totally hear you @TheCryptoTengu.
If you can’t be respectful, please dont contribute. :pray:

Harassment, bullying and disrespectful behaviour is never acceptable in the forums regardless who it’s directed at.


Youd like that wouldnt you people not holding people accountable. I do Contribute ive seen how you roll. Yea you been around but now you get peoples mana, belittle them then disregard vote thresholds of the Dao community and claim your for dcl. Blatantly tell people one thing then allow things from people like DG do the exact opposite. Its a joke and your the front man running most the stuff proposed on the DAO holding creators back so im call you out. I dont see any the others curator committee come after people or try to make bs regulations like you do. Either the committee is making you a front man or on your own volition your doing it. Either case your the soul committee person holding back community members and influencing other committee personal while fronting you support DCL. Your probably a capitalist snake and should be called out by community. Things like telling people they need this much in a image if a wearable is this kind. Yet another creator can upload a image 50/50 of a wearable so people know the slot. Then allow someone else that is no where near that slot. Bam its approved Such as a earing but its a cup. Or another thing like mentioned the female walk animation. Lets go on the above quoted proposal every where else on dcl dao you need to meet a threshold for a proposal to pass every single one of you are acting like these thresholds no longer matter. Hence why people are calling you gatekeepers. UI issue are one thing but when you start to stifle creativity just cause you all disagree with the appeal you are the very thing daos are created to be against. Im not afraid to say it as i dont need to make wearables to survive some these other people tho they wont say it to you. One committee curator member may approve something only for another one to come and take it down you all lack standards. You all pick and choose and its time other people notice. Maybe its time you all actually "support and empower the community and be representative of creators in the space. " Instead people minting nfts and them ending up changed.

Approve AaronLeupp.eth 3 Dino Wearables (1st Place Shoes, 2k Lava Shoes, 404 Pants)

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • Approve all 3 aaronleupp’s dino wearables 1% 4,725 VP (26 votes)
  • Do not approve even though there is no approved rule to do so 0% 0 VP (0 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 99% 2,151,331 VP (10 votes)
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