[DAO:9ed4279] Add Decentraland Dino's to the Linked Wearables Registry

by 0x37f00ec67d68c2d3c662339c183d37403c36f28e (AaronLeupp)

Should Decentraland Dino’s be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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NFT Collections Description

Decentraland Dino’s will be a 10,000 ETH collection and a 690+ non unique Polygon Collection.

100% of all sales of the mint will go back to the Decentraland DAO. These can also be excluded from the Unicorn server if he wants.


Want to give back to the community

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Intellectual Property

Smart Contract Address

  • 0x37F00ec67D68C2D3c662339C183D37403c36f28E

Manager Address

  • 0x37F00ec67D68C2D3c662339C183D37403c36f28E

Is this collection generated programmatically?

  • Yes


same as Waifumon Gen-2

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Forgot to mention. The polygon collectoin. The Decentraland Orange Dino that matches the logo will be airdropped to all $MANA owners. 2. The DG Games one will be air dropped to all $ICE owners. 3. The Earth one that matches the earth colors will be air dropped to all land owners!

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I love this idea. I hope we can make it happen!

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Did you deliver the Waifumons already?
If not, it would be best to finish it before asking to add a new one.

Also, aren’t the pets wearables forbidden?


Wish I owned $ICE wearable and land now. Always giving to the DCL community Aaron, you are an inspiration.

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Thanks for what you doing :fist:

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I would love to see this in DCL it’s a Yes for me!

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@AaronLeupp agree with HP here

nice, do it ! it’s a good idea !

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@AaronLeupp basically begs to contribute toward a better user experience for players. It’s worth considering bringing this collection to Decentraland.

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Totally supportive, I would prefer the first project to be completed before starting two others though

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Wow as always @AaronLeupp you deliver these look amazing. They all are dope but earth is :fire::fire:

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I can agree that should be a higher priority. Following through with previous promises is a must.

Thanks @dax @HPrivakos and @JTV here is our current updates on Waifumon gen-2 if you have missed:

We will get it done. However logically if we do not get them done, then logically we wont do this. So do not see the incentive or logic by not voting for this and withdrawing our oppurtinity to do this. Please reconsider. Thank you.


Also update on DG logo will not be put on on the ice dino. Those dino’s are not final and just concepts thank you.

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im sure Ryan and Miles might be open to the idea of wanting the free advertising. Haha id be interested hear what they say. God knows they would probably want to give it utility as well.

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Great idea, 100% lets get this done!

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Thank you everyone for all the votes so far! Yes totally agree @TheCryptoTengu worth a shot on my end. Also update concept on the earth one that will be dropped to all land owners!

If you gonna ask someone, i’d ask Matt, CMO, first.

Based on how DG has done existing collabs, I imagine they’d rather air drop a skin they made to the holders of Aaron’s project instead of giving another project NFT utility within the project.

Not sure, but either way, Matt is probably the right person to open the conversation with.


Linked Wearables are meant to invite communities, not for creators to go around the wearable submission process in place.
Say an existing collection of x amount of NFTs wants a wearable for their holders then I see value since their community would be onboarded to DCL. In your case you are creating a collection specifically for these which I don’t agree with.

DAO pays for this and DAO will receive back from the sales of these does not make sense to me, if community indirectly pays for these then they should be free which you will do by airdropping to existing DCL users.

How does airdropping to existing DCL users and holders of specific DCL NFTs help onboard more users to ecosystem? Personally I care very little for what I get airdrop out of the blue like that.

Nothing but love to you Aaron, I agree with some of the comments. We should wait until Waifumon one has delivered and see if DAO paying for these in the way they are being used seems worth it or not.
(Also I prefer Forum to talk about how I vote, no DMs please)

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