[DAO:d6c2385] Add (pt1) (attp2) Waifumon linked Gen-2 (no funding required 4 this part) to the Linked Wearables Registry

by 0x37f00ec67d68c2d3c662339c183d37403c36f28e (AaronLeupp)

Should (pt1) (attp2) Waifumon linked Gen-2 (no funding required 4 this part) be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

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I AaronLeupp.eth have grown from just couple hundred followers to now almost 20,000 followers on twitter and hundreds of thousands of NFT holders being the most owned NFT collection in the world with the most owners. Ever since I had my birthday and launch party years ago in Decentraland DG games can be seen here: Aaron Leupp Live at Decenterland Bday Party / NFT launch party Waifumon - YouTube


Everyone knows that Waifumon, Web3 and Decentraland has been mine and my teams whole life and this has project has been 2 years in the making! We will continue to do daily giveaways and weekly live streams on twitter and other social media platforms to continue to grow and keep our amazing 38 community as always so thank you all and all I ask for you guys is to vote YES and say why in the comment or vote NO and in the comments let us know what we can do to pivot to hopefully change to a YES. If not all is good thank you for the opportunity!

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  • 0x37F00ec67D68C2D3c662339C183D37403c36f28E

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  • 0x37F00ec67D68C2D3c662339C183D37403c36f28E

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  • Yes

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A massive big YES and bigger APPROVED :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

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:heart_eyes::pray:A massive big YES and bigger APPROVED :purple_heart::purple_heart:

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YES of course, The best kind project of metaverse

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Letz get it~~~~~!!! :rocket:

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I NEED dis! Gimme Waifumon skin wearable


Most of your twitter followers seem to be bots ( probably purchased ), also most of your NFT holders probably don’t even know they have your NFT because you send it to every wallet possible, so both are not very good metrics to show value.

Also please stop spamming the DAO with endless meme proposals, it wastes time and energy of DAO participants.

voted no.

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be aware that this proposal could bring tons of simps :joy:


massive big YES and bigger APPROVED :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

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Just another paid for bot voting yes <3


I’m not sue I understand Aaron… Where’s the wearable?

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Aaron has been with this community for a hot minute now. Within this community, most of this community can agree that their first NFT was a Waifumon. Yes, it does seem like he post a lot and there are a TON out but for someone whose getting into the crypto space / Decentraland; These waifus are a start. With this Linked Registry, not only can I see Aaron promoting his brand but also Decentraland as well.

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I am voting YES. This is the 2nd largest (or did you make it to #1 now?) NFT collection. If only a fraction of those that collect them come into decentraland that is a win for 0 cost. For some that collect these and to be able to use it as an avatar would probably be amazing. While there is no definite on this it seems reasonable enough to assume that would be the case.
There is also the fact that Aaron hosts a weekly event, active in the DAO and featured the first ever 3D anime movie in the metaverse. Then there’s Disney.

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haha sorry @Peanutbutta if you think my proposals are “spam meme proposals” I legit dropped over $10,000 and 6 months on these ones so, I must be really bad at memeing. and haha sorry you think my followers "seem to be bots (probably purchased) I can show you the hundreds of daily give aways I do on Twitter as well as the weekly events collabs and other millions of stuff we done over the years but in the end its all there, if you want to look. and its your right to not like how they appear. You even came to the Waifumon Launch party years back and became one of the first owners back then and that meant the world to me and I will never forget it. Thank you. I don’t mind going through everything with you if you ever want and ever have the time let me know when and I can and hopefully change your vote, but if not all good bro will always love you and what you do fro the community.

hahah yes @Centraland how dare I promote Decentraland and our Decentraland proposals to our Waifumon community and my followers and all people outside Decentraland and teach them the process and welcome into the community. your right i should only focus on our DCL community of 38 that have a history in the DCL forums and discriminate against everyone else, that makes sense haha. instead of “Go Out and Vote” campaigns i will from now on have “you never voted before, get lost” campaigns lol you wild bro. i can post my tweets and you can even watch the weekly streams where even one of them you are referencing has appeared mulitple times in them and i think even been a longer member of DCL then you hahah. Can all be seen on my site, but we all know that will just lead to you moving the goal post so … congrats random masked hero, you saved the day! great job !

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hahah @Tobik I know if you bought Waifumon you would be doing the world a true service and curing the world of us “simps” but if you gonna make a offer gotta be way more then that. us “simps” gotta eat and now we we almost got 121,000+ now and $69 won’t even buy us all a $1 costco hotdog each. https://opensea.io/collection/polygonpresalewaifumon also since you wont accept your custom Waifumon I made you and you said you like the Duck in our music video better I made this for you so please take it as gift to sway your vote for a yes on these so we can make it a gun in Decentraland. IT IS YOUR DESTNITY YOU CANT SAY NO TO THE DUCK.

also @HPrivakos do not worry I know you will only vote No on anything I and everyone ever posts so won’t waste your time debating on these threads but just wanted to show you I still appreciate you taking the time checkign them out and if they do pass we def still making an HP weapon if you wan’t. check it hope you like!

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YES, mfer. Make more guns for the selfish kids in the DAO plz.

Yooo hinatahyuga Nartino78 Cryptonep @Robinlou1FR aka Rooooobin!, @alimotevalli the legend OG @DaddyChang , and Mr. 69 himself @Billyteacoin thaaanks a ton guys means world <3 !!! fingers crossed.

Also hahaha @Narg0th truth. your gallon of oil we agreed upon as payment will be sent do you asap thank you.

@CheddarQueso you can see the video in the URL and is the fourth image example above. here is an image of how they will look like too. I made a demo one can show you in DCL if you ever free. However they will all be unique looking matching the Waifumon NFTs which is why I am stoked on this. Regardless, thanks checking out the proposal!

Thanks @Existential14 ! and haha truth that means a lot since yes been doing the weekly events in Decentraland and showing it off to the news fans got from our day after day growth form our social media daily give aways. hope to continue to work hard everyday to grow our community and thanks for voting and giving us the oppurtinity to continue to do this with this new utility would love to bring to the community. means a ton def coming from someone like you that has also done so much for the community!

The legend himself @FatherFin your vote and what you sayin means the world bro thanks so much. this sentence right here is the one i love hearin most:

Also @ALPHAALVES said the same thing when he came to my defense on one of his twitter spaces when @Tobik was going on a loud rant to defeat me lol good times.

But yes Father fin thanks that means a ton and def if anyone knows you knows you a legend as well. I have given you so many Waifumon and you have also given them out to so many people as well. Love having a metaverse brother like you on the same mission to continue to grow and educate the community. Slingin them DCL wearables and Waifu jpgs till we die bro lol.


haha be carful what you wish for @mazafaka:smiling_imp:

and uploading more daily here:


see if you can name them all. and any ideas for yours? when mazafaka MetaVS weapon? lol


Yes please :pray:t2: Approved :white_check_mark::+1:t2::muscle:t2:


In fact if it wasn’t for waifumon, i would probably still not have joined decentraland.