[DAO:bf1f683] Add Add Decentraland Dino's to the Linked Wearables Registry attempt 2 to the Linked Wearables Registry

by 0x37f00ec67d68c2d3c662339c183d37403c36f28e (AaronLeupp)

Should Add Decentraland Dino’s to the Linked Wearables Registry attempt 2 be added to the Linked Wearables Registry?

NFT Marketplace Listing

Relevant Links

NFT Collections Description

Decentraland Dino’s will be a 10,000 ETH collection and a 690+ non unique Polygon Collection.

100% of all sales of the mint will go back to the Decentraland DAO. These can also be excluded from the Unicorn server if he wants.


Want to give back to the community

Items to be Uploaded


Intellectual Property

Smart Contract Address

  • 0x37F00ec67D68C2D3c662339C183D37403c36f28E

Manager Address

  • 0x37F00ec67D68C2D3c662339C183D37403c36f28E

Is this collection generated programmatically?

  • Yes


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What does this one adds compared to the previous one?
That motivation is bogus, the smartcontract inexistent and the intellectual property claim wrong.

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you have time come here and comment on Aarons proposal but not reactivate the immersive world grant vesting contract interesting

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This is just the OpenSea homepage?

I noticed this Linked Wearable Proposal has reached threshold, does it make any sense for this proposal to pass when the NFT Project ‘Decentraland Dino’s’ doesn’t exist yet?

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Add Add Decentraland Dino’s to the Linked Wearables Registry attempt 2 to the Linked Wearables Registry

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 47% 4,614,287 VP (295 votes)
  • No 53% 5,090,600 VP (12 votes)

Wild @Seanny waits minutes before deadline to vote No with his MetaArchs 4M VP with zero explanation. You did us pretty dirty bro. Well played.

The proposal is invalid.
The IP is wrong, the smartcontract address is not a smartcontract.
The collection doesn’t even exist…
Not much more explanation needed

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There i no need to keep kicking me while I am down @HPrivakos . We get it. You and @nwiz got what you wanted, and won. Just let me grief in our defeat in solitude. Thank you.

Your proposal was invalid and IMO very poorly written, it is not a matter of winners vs losers - don’t take DAO votes personally, my vote was nothing personal against you or your ideas.

Let’s be real bro. You have never voted yes on anything I do and never will. All proposals I post I also ask for your feedback on what I can pivot or change every-time, and all you do is ignore or laugh react when I ask in public discords. I have learned to live with the fact that you guys get a kick out of picking on me and others, and there is nothing I can ever do to make you or @HPrivakos vote Yes on anything I do. It’s cool, you guys right to do so. Just callin in @Seanny to do a sneaky last min 4m VP whale No vote to blind side us, was just a low blow is all.

We been spending weeks on research and 3D mold tests and have to keep spending so much bandwith and time campaigning over and over again when it could be more productive doing what we want to do and that is build.

Again, I get it. I can take it. I will be fine and never give up and keep trying as always as I always do but, just know these actions you guys constantly do to me and others comes across extreamly discouraging to the point where my inbox is flooded of people DMing me telling me there situations with you guys too.

If you ever have actual feedback that can ever change your always No votes to a Yes then door is always open. Until then no need to keep kicking and continuing to waste both of our time. I am already down I have accepted the L and will try harder again tommorow.

Maybe because all of your proposals are invalid? :grimacing:
I’d be glad to vote yes (or at least not vote no) on a correctly done proposal, but you cannot fill a proposal with placeholders, put a link to your website with random irrelevant infos and hope for the proposal to pass.

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haha we all know that being invalid or not is a matter of opinion (that you guys are fully entitled too) that I can’t change.

and even tho you may feel that I am a “a person made weak” all I can do is my job which keep tryin harder until it does pass and i now have to account for your three VP almost 6 M VP obstacle. Let’s also be real we all know this ain’t about proper paper work since we have seen your guys No votes ones I did you guys would have found the forums/proposal “properly filled out”. I have gone legit 40+ comments deep with back and fourths with you @HPrivakos on one of my pervious proposals where you consistently move the never ending goal post and I don’t want to waste any of your guys time.

Same thing I told @nwiz If you ever have actual feedback that can ever change your always No votes to a Yes then door is always open. Until then no need to keep kicking and continuing to waste both of our time. I am already down I have accepted the L and will try harder again tommorow. Thanks for your guys time.

And to @Seanny advice to me back in Dec 7 2022:

Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 4.20.34 AM

I won’t.

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Translation issue, I meant the opposite of valid, not a weak person.


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My advice still stands @AaronLeupp. You should know by now that I’m not here to ‘do dirty’ to anyone, and ultimately, just like you, I have the right to both a vote, and to harbour my own opinion. I ask that you respect that, just like I actively aim respect your view, and your interests/intent/ambitions.

I understand that getting a large No Vote last minute sucks, and I’m aware that such an approach is frustrating. However, I only vote if I deem it necessary, and in this case, I did deem it necessary.

I’m personally still waiting to see the results for the Waifumon Gen-2 Linked Wearables which was passed a month ago (a proposal which I supported). As far as I know, there’s still some work left to be done on that project?

Additionally, one must keep in mind that this is your 3rd consecutive proposal for a linked wearable this month, and whilst I have no problem with volume when it comes to proposals, I feel this specific proposal can be far more detailed when it comes to outlining the scope and strategy behind the proposal itself.

@AaronLeupp, a lot of your proposals often follow a similar trend, where important sections related to your proposal’s value are simply linked to your website, as opposed to filling out the form with the necessary information. In some cases, that approach worked, especially when there’s a long detailed writeup of what you’re trying to say. In other cases, such as this one, I personally feels it falls short of being apt in conveying the value you wish to bring to the community, however this can totally be worked upon.

Tell us more about your motivation

Tell us more about how you’ll be building out the 100% cash back on mints, with what plan. Tell us where you’ll be hosting, how you’ll be marketing, what utility you aim to drive with this move, and what communities you wish to empower/interact with.

That’s my two cents. No ‘doing dirty’ here; just voting on the proposal that’s been put on the table.

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Yes as I said of course you have the right of opinion and to vote. However lets be real this is the second time this one has been put for a vote and you have been reached out multiple times since Jan 19th and this never gave any feedback and legit waited minutes before to vote No. Also let’s be real are you just pulling a @HPrivakos and giving more goal posts hurdles AFTER this failed that will be followed up with more endless goal posts again? or if they are met will you vote YES if I met those requirements. Also are you man fo your word, or will you pull a @RobL and go against your word last minute?

Either way thank you for your feedback and your time even tho it is after the fact. I just do not want to waste any more of your guys time if I am the variable that I can’t change. I can live with it and won’t take it personal. Thank you.

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Yeah @AaronLeupp, I apologise for voting so late on the proposal, and I understand that a heads up would have made a world of a deference. I’ll do my best to be better at that, but I’ll be honest why I say it is very hard to keep up with everyone’s pings/requests for feedback.