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Pet Cat - Pink

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Pet Cat - Pink


Hi, checking collection now!

Please, attach model to the leg bones instead if hip, because right now your model overlaps with avatar legs and moving very weird with animations :slight_smile:

Also, i think change the position of model a bit higher from ground will give the smoothest result

Thank you!

Actually, we have proposal on DAO about approving pets in lower body slot, so you will have to wait until we get final result in voting proposal, sorry.

Sorry you as a creator have to wait for gate keepers. looks like that dao vote is going to make you wait. you can find it here Should 'Pets' Be Approved as Shoe Category? remember who you support when you buy a wearable. Your holding this person back because of a current vote. If This persons wearable is ready it should be approved. All items going forward after the vote should be linked to the vote. Its like your implementing a law that hasnt passed. @grimey @Shibu this kinda ship you all run.

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[DAO: QmcAW4h] Should 'Pets' Be Approved as Shoe Category? the proposal failed @theankou and sorry if i seem aggressive i just think it was a disgusting proposal by michitodd and the peer pressure they placed on you new curators. Nothing personal against you i believe you have a good heart and the best wishes for creators and Decentraland. Best of luck @janineg

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Hi theankou, sorry for the late reply, I am new to this and I was waiting for an email. Reading the other messages below does this mean that it has been rejected or should I still wait?

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Your wearable collection not rejected, for now, we can’t approve pet models that listed in lower body category. I recommend you to replace model to something else, you can update your current model without paying any additional fees :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation. Could I put the cat on the shoulder? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support. I am very disapointed but I will keep trying :slight_smile:

I think yes, but then you will need to also create model for upper body, then you will be able to use your upper body model + cat on the shoulder as upper body wearable :slight_smile:

Also you can try to put your pet on hair and use it as hat :slight_smile:

Please can you advise and confirm if I can I have anything attached to the lower body? such as a dragon or a fairy or a lion etc.
If I want to attach to the upper body do I have to re submit a new model and pay extra fees? Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile:

As you can see, currently pets in shoe / lower body category can’t be approved until DCL will have special category / feature for them :slight_smile:

What about your current wearable collection, you can change category and replace model without paying any additional fees. You can just open your current collection in builder and change category / replace model. The one thing you cant do is to add one more wearable :slight_smile: but you can edit model and category of current wearable that you published.

That’s brilliant. Once I have made the changes how do I resubmit it to you?

Just tag me here once you done and i will check your updates!

Thank you you have been very helpful. I will get on it straight away! :slight_smile:

Thats false the proposal was rejected they can be added to the bottom read the result of the proposal not the votes. You literally posted a picture and it says the proposal was rejected your making this artist change their wearable for no reason. Not one category reached the 500k vote threshold there for nothing changed at all. Your making a creator change there design on your own whim and enacting a proposal that did not pass. @Shibu @grimey look at this. It never got the 500k needed to pass. I dont know if your miss reading the vote or not but this is disgusting.

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yes I think there is just some confusion @theankou . That proposal to ban them did not pass so this wearable can be approved.

I dont see any approved pets in lower_body category on marketplace, on sale / not on sale.