[DAO:988285c] (Karen Act) Make Esteban Leader or give all high VP Whales a portion of the Revenue on top of DAO... here me out lol

Seanny is a very talented individual. He has been around for a very long time.I am very supportive of the Technology he is creating, this is something we have been needing for a very long time.We need more creators that can create open sourcing for the community. This is the only way we can grow.


1,000% agree why I nominate him as COO and can vote on the side.

to @mattimus ,000% agree why I nominate him as COO and can vote on the side.

1,000% agree**********

commenting so you can respond

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Thanks bro! Yes this rule was put into a proposal and rejected based on not enough VP: Should 'Pets' Be Approved as Shoe Category?

And these were are wearables we submitted for update not being approved based on a rule that was rejected due to not enough VP:

I got nothing against @Yannakis he doing great work with DiceMasters I just want my chicken nuggets that I paid for bro

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So shouldn’t the target be the Quorum then?

interesting. i didn’t know what that word meant and looked it up. i think we need checks and balances not necessarily a meeting every time something is decided. like a supreme court or Karen court. where someone working for Decentraland or DCL DAO is enforcing rules that are not written then it can be sent to judgment for veto by that court. After your last twitter space I have learned this has not only happend to me but others like GoldGuy and JTV alone and this can create friction for future revenue and customers that want to continue to contribute funds to Decentralands cause but are met with resistance and confusion. Why I nominated you as our Karen but you declined understandably lol. Just need someone incentivized to enforce the written rules and only those rules otherwise no point of us writing them and 2. someone or a group incentivized on the future growth and revenue growth of Decentraland like modern day companies that succeed.

Originally I was against all this and wish this could just be Decentralized where we can submit anything and there is no rules to stay true to our name (Decentraland) can see I pitched back in June 2021

but yet here we are people given power to enforce rules that they make up at the moment based on biased opinions of each enforcer. And you can’t blame them since they just doing what they think there job they are getting paid for is lol. Think this will not only help the people that spend money to get wearables created but also help the approvers/enforces make there jobs easier as well so they can approve more wearables faster. so win win.

Some people from the DAO, also from the Foundation need to take the blue pill and never come back.

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I got faith that even this may look like it is sending a message by crucifying one of DCL’s OG’s I think they even in there master plan they got a plan on still potentially pushing on funding some of Kevin’s ventures in the future on their terms and he will be resurrected just like Jesus himself come 2023 I saying it here first lol

now that is primo DCL conspiracy theory :cook: :kissing_closed_eyes:

The reason why I am bringing this up other than to brag is

lmao, aaron you’re hilarious :joy: but dude, give me a line break for the sake of god. i’m going blind reading this.

With Uber and my other clients, we pitch things that focus on helping them as a company grow and get compensated accordingly but when we do this with Decentraland we are met with no constructive feedback or direction. There are no leaders that are also incentivized to also grow the company that we can ask for constructive feedback on that would help pivot our workload pitch as a win for everyone.

tbh that’s so true. the dao is a hydra and there’s upsides to that, but it also means that it’s hard af to make a decision cause everyone’s fighting each other over twitter. We need a (at least temporary) mommy and daddy to put us in time out and make sure we have vegetables from time to time.

Not saying that i agree with this proposal to make @Seanny and @esteban the DAO DADDIES :tm: - and i especially don’t agree with giving someone a portion of the dao revenue.

However. There’s a great book that I know I’ve mentioned here before (@ile I think we talked about it?) called The Permaculture City by Tobey Hemenway. In that there is a section about forming groups, this is the TL;DR:

The key elements for which every group needs to have clear policies are as follows:

  1. The vision and purpose of the group
  2. Making decisions and implementing them
  3. Identifying and distributing power and authority
  4. Resolving and transforming conflict
  5. Agreements on finances and ownership
  6. Communicating ideas and concerns among the group
  7. Joining and leaving the group

Each of these points has it’s own nuances but even just looking at that list as it stands, how many of those things do we do well? if you asked 10 DAO members to answer how we handle each of these points, how many wildly different replies would you get?

maybe what we need is more project managers (@ckbubbles proposed that here) to keep things on track and make working groups have teeth - at the moment, even when they lead to a result, it’s hard to feel the progress.

NB: i don’t say that as any kind of disparagement against the support squad, @Matimio, or others who are working for the DAO - i think the problem is that you already have a lot on your plate and you’re trying to take care of the high level concepts as well as the low level details and obviously that’s very difficult to manage


I have to say that I have felt somewhat powerless watching the DAO digress into these tirades, conspiracy theories, and tbh, lack of maturity. That said, I do think we should have been faster in getting the working group process established, and we have a proposal that is near ready to go to draft, however, got side-tracked on the process. So for that I do take responsibility. Losing a research-focused and in-the weeds team member was a challenge for us, however, It is one of our goals to really try and hammer out what the working group process looks like before the end of our term here within two months - and I think the Grants Framework process is a good case study to approach some of these core issues folks are upset about.

That said, every time a whale votes, I hope that the community can refrain from rising up in arms, crying conspiracy, or some form of oppression. I need to reiterate that we are governing a moving target, and folks are generally not acting with nefarious intent, and our system was never from the start designed as a democracy, we are in a phase of progressive decentralization and it takes time, tact, and know-how to get to where we need to be. I have seen the collective maturity and respectfulness of our DAO community decrease significantly in past months. That is part an affect of the system, and part an affect of how folks are acting within that system. Both need to evolve and improve, imo.

While I am a general proponent of moving toward a constitution or at least a delineation of core principles, I do also think that as “Decentraland” it would be interesting if we COULD operate without a core vision and part of the experiment in what we are building is that we operate within a realm of indefinition. I do think, however, we need to have more advanced ways of separating power in the system, resolving conflict, and managing our finances, and I believe there is at least a level of consensus from within the core operating units, that a unifying governing document, weather it is a constitution or something else, would be beneficial.


hahaha if you watch the movie he says that is not possible once you take the red pill you can never go back. sorry.

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hahaha yes it a conspiracy until you see that he even IRL looks like Jesus himself. i also had to continue my biblical analogy bit, so made the most sense. also @yemel said this himself and I agree with him I think it could be lucrative for Kevin and all other content creators in the space but also lucrative for Decentraland as a whole

Just some data points you can ask a ton of people in the metaverse what there first NFT was and they will either say DCL wearable or Waifumon through our give aways and sales I would guesstimate almost even 1/4 of them were through streamers pitching them on our behalf. I also saw through our weekly Wednesday streams on all platforms twitter being king tiktok being 2nd in terms of free views of even a bunch of non native web3 viewers that watch and they decided to check out Decentraland and join us in our weekly courses. it helps eliminate the fear and friction of wanting to try Web3. If you see someone jump in the water first and know they don’t die it makes you feel that it now even more safe to do yourself. so look forward to that venture if anyone ever makes it happen!

lmao, aaron you’re hilarious :joy: but dude, give me a line break for the sake of god. i’m going blind reading this.

haha yes sorry bro aside from my dislexia I just write as I think which is to unfiltered and confusing for most and terrible grammatically. why i stick to anime gifs on twitter lol

also yes happy you agree with that the “Daddies” thing lol. i too agree some solutions even I am pitching may not be the best options so def open to all. also love your guys breakdown questions.

this one alone is very confusing which is wild to say. when I pitched ventures to my Web 2.5 clients it was easy they wanted growth in terms of revenue and users/ new customers. was easy and got to focus more on working and providing that value. here in DAO’s you see things get passed that have no plan on providing any revenue or new customers so it is a bit confusing. is the purpose to for the users? community? inovation? utility? revenue? having everyone on the same page or at least know what all VP holders want individually on a chart would help people that want to pitch things to provide value adjust accordingly so its a win for everyone instead of a guessing game. so thanks bro def agree.

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yes sorry to hear bro I too agree. I have to admit since I am Mexican American grew up watching telemundo novelas with my abuelita growing up I enjoyed the minor drama at the beginning since it was also in a space that I cared about Decentraland and Web3 Twitter, but then as it escalated I started to see that results started to hurt people that I also cared about in this space and was no longer entertaining but more sad for me as well which is why I am happy a lot of us are getting on the same page on trying to pivot the direction of things.

I also want to thank @esteban on commenting on that proposal on his explanation which in my opinion I belive put an end to all theories including my colorful ones lol

People can now disagree or agree with what he said, and no matter what they can respect his logic behind his decision and his rights he, and all of us have with our VP. So thanks for that.

One thing that I have learned from other DAOs that we could also use here is that on ApeCoin DAO when voting on snapshot it allows you to write your reason for your vote. This data helps people trying to pitch value and guides them in a direction hopefully that benefits everyone (the voters, the builders and the community) some may take feedback as harsh or unfair but those people are not willing to pivot or get to a point where they need to be to provide the value in the first place anyway and they can move on. So could be something we add to our DAO process I am willing to write as an additional proposal but if not all good too. I still ask for feedback myself anyway and everyone knows they can tell me how it is and not hold back since I am the small few that is not only doxed but share my Waifu jpgs with them so they know I wont take it personal lol.

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Instead of giving this power to a small group of people, maybe as a checks and balances, we have an appeal system that gives the community a second vote on decisions made by committee members or wearables curation team.

While I appreciated the nomination, I don’t believe 1 person or a small group of people should make arbitrary decisions. In fact, I think the 2 solutions to your problems are:

  1. Make more clear guidelines on how you want the curators to operate. Take as much arbitrary subjective opinion out of play.
  2. Figuring out more fair policies to our voting system. I dont have specifics, but I do believe this is a topic that you may want to pursue based on your response.
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Why only the whales getting benefits? Should it not be proportional for all?

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I propose Seanny and Esteban are given bonus Waifu incentives and also Aaron goes on a broccoli diet because too many chicken nuggets (we gonna get you fit, Aaron, so you can attract more of the Waifu honeys).

P.S. six-tea-nine


Yes you can vote third option and make this what we do instead. I down.

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pfhahaha now THIS i can get behind. the more Waifu’s part yes for Seany and Estaban. Broccoli part is for chumps i will stick to my chicken nuggets. i will get fit off chicken nuggets and fries and make a documentary about it as a compromise. i will be the reverse Supersize me guy. like the reverse flash. we will become rivals and i will win. this is the way.

  • +1 moar Waifu incentives for me, <sarcasm>I promise I would totally vote for everything you propose then</sarcasm>
  • +1 broccoli diet for @AaronLeupp – dude, those chicken nuggets are not healthy!

Now, seriously:

  • I don’t think a portion of the revenue of the DAO should go to VP whales
  • +1 to adding comments to votes. That’s genius!
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