The Delegate Squad!

Decentraland has grown rapidly :clap:
A lot has changed since launch. When I first came here it was a group of people with a vision. Then that vision became a virtual reality :laughing:. One of the key features was the DAO.

Not everyone could invest money so some invested with their time.
But money doesn’t run the DAO. The people do!
So let’s reward the people that have improved the platform.

Currently we have 48m MANA (VP) in the treasury. Decentraland DAO

In Jan 2022 there was an open call to find contributors that would be happy to take an active role in governance and it was the most popular discussion ever.

11,600+ people saw the post and those that felt worthy put their name down but most received nothing.

I believe this is the most decentralized list that has ever existed in decentraland.

  1. @Patmacs → Patmacs.eth
  2. @MorrisMustang → morrismustang.eth
  3. @Matimio → MetaMat.eth
  4. @mr0ng → 0x9A739c2e212754c3d8432CB717dC9437e5b3Dfae
  5. @Eibriel → eibriel.eth
  6. @BET → 0xB2223F4038DEf8A62a86E3c4b108CDfE00a74C4f
  7. @KevinClark → kevinonearth999.eth
  8. @pablo → pablo.dcl.eth
  9. @Tobik → Tobik.dcl.eth
  10. @maraoz → maraoz.eth
  11. @dax → 0x895Be97bDb9F8a244c472B18EA96DeE39ddf8fe5
  12. @web3nit → lordlike.eth
  13. @HowieDoin → howiedoin.dcl.eth
  14. @Kokesmush → kokesmush.eth
  15. @TheCrowner → 0xAeD753D90b7C88103Fbee3Bf90DA4436C326D9E1
  16. @XIII → specimenxiii.eth
  17. @AaronLeupp → AaronLeupp.eth
  18. @Roustan → roustan.eth
  19. @Frank → 0x6a77883ed4E65a1DF591FdA2f5252FD7c548f198
  20. @218 → 218.dcl.eth
  21. @AwedJob → AwedJob.eth
  22. @Canessa → Canessa.eth
  23. @SinfulMeatStick → sinfulmeatstick.eth
  24. @MetaTrekker → 0x86EDB92e217605DbeCF606548e48dAaf1B817DA1
  25. @maryana → Maryana.eth
  26. @MetaGonz → 0xAEe59932F7f293DB8d56F5B60Be7713BCA27E7d7
  27. @champ → 0x4262f8BB5bd9Ad132782D2a7279b532A1DC6BCbF
  28. @NikkiFuego → 0x56469159D91eb810dCE34dd13eC4eD8194bCA7be
  29. @Sopsy → MrJ.dcl.eth
  30. @MrW_1981 → MisterW.dcl.eth
  31. @TheGoldGuy → TheGoldGuy.eth
  32. @DrGreenthumb → drgreenthumb.eth
  33. @Vaporizador → 0xBD03aDd5da0e173C67C9C1073FFBA017147c42d4
  34. @Doug-NFTWorld → 0xd5e9eF1CedAd0D135d543D286a2c190B16cBb89E
  35. @Klockmann → Klockmann.eth
  36. @ParzivalKazuto → parzivalkazuto.eth
  37. @friskybumblebee → friskybumblebee.eth
  38. @Dhingia → mrdhingia.eth
  39. @MetaDoge → 0x05060Fa97e54a812d1E15cEc6c34e79f74eBD0b3
  40. @szjanko → szjanko.eth
  41. @ile → 0x1E93E534C5E26B01Ed242410b43AE23dD0fAA52b
  42. @LinaSurvila → 0x9188872aBC65Cee15184fB9975de6a13730BdC74
  43. @potradamus → Potradamus.eth
  44. @serenaelis → Serenaelis.eth
  45. @MetaHike → 0x22ca65a6b15da45945e85949cf731d49ea52224b
  46. @PeterParker420 → 0x57d1721F6223EB434e20F5b4A88e494008eA0542
  47. @Existential14 → 1Existence.eth
  48. @Tudamoon → 0xd4f1cAb694c4424C4796549edbb9B489789F4Df5
  49. @Yasha → 0x3e84Ce23Da2ed913B7fc877a9DA31F6Afc138D5a
  50. @Unai → 0x71a604439106269734935f82460efcC58cCA84bb
  51. @Fehz → 0x5b5cc427c1D81Db4F94DE4d51D85ce122D63E244
  52. @3Point1Four → Thehiddenwalls.eth
  53. @LF_1 → 0x4ec0bCF5E3bD218381acf3C889919Bc4Ef12fEBd
  54. @InJesterr → 0xed0E0cb94F60F72ec94beF848f5dF4Cbd365aF1D
  55. @Morph → 0x8B257B97C0e07E527B073b6513ba8Ea659279b61
  56. @Atrovenado → atrovenado.eth
  57. @fractilians → 0xD1759165409B64fb4e58CEa071424Fd28fC963cf
  58. @PunkPink → 0x1B35f4D22B2C8Bc706bCFCc383A1CA77FB4fC600
  59. @BaconGrease → 0x1d7886346175e34c614b71d0E2369c7f0E350D07
  60. @mazafaka → mazafaka.eth
  61. @Helpimstreaming → 0x5985EB4a8e0e1f7BCa9Cc0D7AE81C2943fb205bd

These people were not promised anything so the list was organic.
They wanted to be delegated VP to improve decentraland!

So let’s delegate everyone on this list 500,000 VP from the treasury.
61 people * 500k VP = 30,500,000 VP.
To improve decentralization and autonomy!
This way we can all have a closer connection and respect for the value that we currently have.
Being more cautious about giving away $.

I think the platform would benefit from incentivizing all these creative people!




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But this is too much VP per person I guess, rest let the community decide.

This seems like an endeavor to give trolls VP. Maybe dont include users who are banned/have strikes against them if this proposal is to be taken seriously.

Also, I am against the idea of whale voting in the first place. Having a few dozen whales being able to determine the outcome of proposals isnt decentralization. Everyone should have a voice, and thats not possible when proposal outcomes are determined by whales.

For me, DCL is like family.
You can’t choose your family so you need to work with what you have. :laughing:
So I would consider these to be lucky trolls.

My last 3 proposals failed because of an 8m NO vote.
So I’m also against this kind of voting.

Most people on this list have less than 20k VP and have become inactive because it’s not worth wasting time giving a small opinion.
With 500k they would feel more responsible to use it.

Recently people are angry and frustrated with the Autonomy and Organisation of the DAO.
Most of the people on this list are the ones that want to help but don’t have a voice.

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As much as I appreciate your initiative, I don’t believe current VP owners will allow that to pass, as they might feel it could diminish their voting power.

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If the DAO becoming more Autonomous is a problem…
Then it’s not a DAO…

Everyone had a chance to put their name down on the delegates.
Those that already have VP were not interested. :man_shrugging:

I like the idea to reward the people who invest hours in the DAO as delegates, but I think current core units are the DADDYS of the DAO they are trying to make a similar group thingie, but with favored pets. The big VP DADDY also supports and only listens to them. There is no democracy left tbh, The DCL DAO is captured by trolls and people who have advantage power-wise, but I like the initiative that people show interest and try to make a difference by sharing ideas to make the DAO better. Hope more people join the voice of freedom.

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Passing this proposal would make it impossible to remove it in the future, as people profiting from it would vote no.
And thats without even talking about the technical complication making it basically impossible

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If all the VP is delegated then it would be basically impossible to drain the DAO because nobody would be able to sell the MANA…
And it’s not like we’re talking about 1 person here that might have malicious intent… It’s 61 people…

Technically it is possible though smart contracts though. :white_check_mark:

Many of those 61 DO have malicious intents and proved it several times.
And not many of those would vote in favor of removing their VP in the future if needed.

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So let’s say that 1 is malicious.
What can they realistically do? :man_facepalming:
Vote no for everything and leave bad comments?

Then we vote to revoke.

I see at least 12 names potentially not aligned with DCL objective. Thats 6M VP.

Then why did they put their names down?

So you think:
These 12 people will come together.
And vote against building cool stuff and having fun.