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Joggers Pixel Dino


Will check this now!

Same as the first collection you published earlier!

@Yannakis this one right here. they are not shoes they are pants. Thank you so much!

  1. not alligned with waist
  2. not a pet slot

@Yannakis hope you are doing well this is just a follow up in case you find time today. to approve the 2k adn 1st place dino. I can’t follow up with you any more on those because i maxed out 3 replies on each. thakn you. if not can try again tommrow. thank you.

Ok since the male pants work and the female ones do not fit as you showed us we finally made an additional female fit that works as well. How do we upload both files into the same item? thank you! @Yannakis

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Go collection > item (rather than clicking editor) > top right drop down

Hey @AaronLeupp, does that help?

@Yannakis thank you so much! As you can see with this screenshot it has fixed the issue. However it does not allow me to upload the female pants without creating a new item and repaying the fee. Is there anyway I can send you the female file so you can upload it on the back end to avoid creating a new item? Also I have you confirmed the adjustments on the 1k Gold and 2k Lava Shoes? I have pinged you 3 times and it no longer lets me communicate with you on there since it is max 3 per forum. All this aside thanks again.

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 1.18.00 AM

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You should be able to do it by first changing representation and choosing male.

Thank you so much! You are right and it worked. I uploaded male and female representation. Let me know if it is ready for approval as well as Gold 1st and Lava 2k Shoes too. Thanks

@Yannakis Have you had time to check the update? Anyway we can get approved for this week? It has been almost 30 days and would love to get these 3 wearables approved so we can finally have our event. Know your buys. Let me know what I can do if anything to help. Thanks again bro.

Will check it today, make sure you tag me so I can see your responses.

@Yannakis you got it! any luck? need this new female to male wearable approved and the gold and lava shoes as well. thanks

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Hey, like said before, you can change the dinos to small characters floating next to head , or attatch to leg so im able to approve

@Yannakis All 3 items (gold shoes, lava shoes, and 404 pants) have been updated “attached to leg” as you requested. please approve. thanks

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Any luck @Yannakis I saw you liked it but not sure if you had any time to check to approve the 3 items. Let me know if i uploaded the wrong files or something. thanks again. thanks again

Looks good, could you also update the thumbnails to match the wearables?

@Yannakis updated. Please approve all 3 wearables. Thank you.

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