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**2k Lava Dino Shoes **


Hey, @AaronLeupp same applies as the other collection!

Also forgot to ask where the specifications are written and approved that there can’t be pets that are attached to feet slot since we see several other and some objects that also hand around the same area that get approved so we can pivot to work within the correct guidelines you guys request. thank you so much!

@Yannakis just in case you do not see since sometimes i think it hard for you to see unless i tag since I know you are very busy. all is good take all time you need. thanks again!

@Yannakis hope you been well this just a follow up on the three Dino’s. I can’t respond on gold one anymore since I think it maxes my replies to 3. I will try again next 24 hours if you are to busy in other Dino all is good. Thanks again.

Hey, will check soon any changes and get back to you

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@Yannakis some great news I think can finally get us approved! The dinos are no longer pets and will just be floating objects “toys” like these other following approved wearables you can see here. we even removed the word “pet” in all wording on all 3 dino wearables. Gold Shoes and Lava Shoes now will be ready to be approved. Still working on the fix on the 404 pants as well will let you know ASAP when finished. thanks again.
Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 7.22.23 AM
Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 7.22.59 AM

Hope you had a great weekend @Yannakis ! The event we had planned last week to give these out we pushed to this week on tuseday. Any chance we can get these approved today so we can give them out tommmrow? If not all good and totally understandable and we can push to next week if easier for you. thank you.

Hope you had a great Monday @Yannakis ! This is just a follow up to try to approve these 2 items if you find some time today. If not all good I can try tommrow too. Thanks again.

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis