Travel and parcel view

Has there been discussion about vast areas of parcels with no roads. When it all gets built up there will literally be no visual of your parcel. Unless there is a rule to limit solid walls(not necessarily promoting that) then walking to/from a parcel will be limited. The only way to generate traffic to a gallery in this situation is advertising coordinates for jumping in.
I noticed a small gap around each parcel with seemingly no building allowed that would allow for some walking/viewing. like a margin/easement. Then I found one gallery that actually filled it and it was impassible.

Unclear what the plan/design is.
IDEA: Solutions could be for landowners to cooperate and allow some easement that is mutually beneficial. To promote this there could be incentives- e.g. DCL/Mana rent for %parcel without built items. This would lend for a more beautiful land. Event provide a small dividend for people who do nothing to land. Wow, not that I ponder, it would be incentive for people to pool together and design space as a group. Instead of a giant tangled dystopian congested area. you’d have neighbors contacting neighbors about design ideas. Maybe an incentive for group parcel donation that only has one build set on it(e.g. parks and open space items only ). Any thoughts or info anyone?

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I think this is partially why parcels next to roads compared to parcels amongst parcels will always be valued higher.
Somewhat mirrors real life.

Agreed. But since we are in a digital universe in DCL , I was asking if we can do anything to improve things for everyone.

This is a disaster. There needs to be a way to burn mana that creates roads and other forms of travel. The concept that land next to roads will be worth more is cute, but 90% of the parcels are landlocked. Without an alteration DCL will die on the vine as no usable world can flourish.

Yup Russell, growing pains must be considered or they become deal killers.

I’ve brought this up a few times elsewhere… I agree the way land parcels are distributed and aligned is problematic for in-world use. Almost feels like it is entirely for speculative purposes the way it is designed. The only way to make real use of land is to have a massive estate or roadway, otherwise you will end up getting block in on all sides by surrounding buildings. TBH, it is absurd, to not have a buffer zone between plots.

The argument will be made that in the real world buildings buffer up against each other. BUT in the real world no building is surrounded on all four sides by other buildings. That is a major fire code violation =).

We cannot rely on the fact that “not all land will be developed” and “not all land will be built with walls on the edges of the plot” as a way to ensure livability and playability of the world.

This is an issue that should and needs to be addressed immediately, imo.

I am a real life architect, I think there needs to be an planning authorities that need to publish some guidelines and codes for everyone to follow, i.e.The planning authorities can get fund from part of dcl’ revenue and take responsibilities to publish planning guidelines for landowners. And the guidelines needs to be vote to be approved.


Yes! Loving the “real life architect” input.

Please stick around and help DCL with your knowledge of human interaction with space, time, light, and form.

I’m sure there’s plenty of room for individual freedoms combined with some structure and incentives for a larger visionary experience.

I would just hate for DCL to wind up looking like an, albeit well lit, version of Ridley Scott’s Blade runner cities. (Great movie, but I wouldn’t want to live there)

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Haha, thank you so much, I found it quite interested to work in dcl rather than real life, casue the restrictions in real life is too much…

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Interesting, also a real life architect here and I was thinking the same exact thing before I read your comment, funny how we think alike lol. I was thinking some kind of code for setbacks could be enforced unless variances are permitted. They already do this with the height limitations and limitations to projections onto other parcels/public ways, which is applicable to real life building code. It would be hard to institute with certain things but I’m sure this could even be written into code where each parcel surveys what is around it for ability of players to passthrough or some other metric and allows/disallows any new walls/structures within the setback area. I’d hate to see the building area get smaller but it may provide some alleviation to the issue.

This is quite interesting.

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Thats cool, how about setting up a Planning Committee, and let it approve by DAO, so that we can help to provide resonable guidelines that all people can agree.

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Hi. Were you able to get the spacing issue between land parcels approved by DAO? I’m a bit late to this conversation but I also agree that there should be some spacing between parcels.

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