Ideas about improvements or new possibilities about the lands

Based on the dao proposal [DAO: bafkrei] Would you support some sort of continuous LAND issuance? and their discussion

I think that could be nice open a thread to discuss occurrences in improvements or changes in the lands.

I start with a flew things…

  1. Why not add more spaces for develop in each land?

This solution its only to remove a bit of friction to enter to develop in decentraland, making all the lands biggers a bigger develop could be done with less lands.
I know that the size of the lands is determinated by the tech limits (or i throught that)
But why not increase all a bit, or x2?
The first problem will be that already develop lands will have a empty space but maybe we could have an option to move all the scene to x coordinates, and in the future continue developing the entire land.

  1. What if we add a land state color in the map?
    To identify easy the updated/not updated by time/never updated spaces. That could be nice to improve the exploring of decentraland.
    “Visited places” could be interesting too.
    For example:

if the land was updated the last month, X color,
if the land was updated in the last 6 months, x color,
if the land was never updated, grey color.,

3 Thinking in the opposite than the actual situation (with maybe most of 50% not developed lands), when the map will be entirely developed… maybe force a little space border of 1 meter to allow the user pass and avoid the lands to be blocked, between buildings could be nice idea to facility the exploration?
The road still be important, but force a little space to walk has sense for me. What city have buildings not connected with the road? Main road stlill be more important.

that maybe help in the scenes load making all the scenes a bit more far.

What do you think about these ideas?
Do you have any idea to discuss?