[DAO: QmSg44k] How do you all feel about Sandbox's Map? ( Image populated ) should we consider our own variation?

by 0x42b23bb838525d458f2b8109219ef45d229067b7 (WaifuWonderland)

So, my argument is that sandbox’s world map has a huge advantage over our own and that we should consider implementing our own variation to DCL, specifically i’m referring to the ability for users to upload pictures ( often affiliated logos ) that represent who they are on the parcel map for all to see in a quick and intuitive way, feel free to go to Map of LANDs and the Game Metaverse if you havn’t done so in the past to get a good idea. I feel that NFT’s and images symbolizing various tribal groups often found within the blockchain environment ( BoredApes anyone ? ) will become even more pervasive overtime, 2 days ago sandbox had a 24x24 landsale of over 830k usd shattering all previous records and the game isn’t even out really, it is fast becoming a serious competitor.
So aside from what i’ve said, i understand people will be against clutter on the map, so my proposition is to only allow users to upload an image to the world map after they have combined an estate equal to or in excess of 2x2 and that pictures would scale according to the following pattern 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, etc. ) this will be an obvious driver to the economy once people are keen to begin collecting several parcels of land and brandish their Logos in the metaverse, and last but not least… with so much of the metaverse being tied to NFT’s, isn’t using an NFT( just an image ) as the main advertising medium an obvious conclusion? I understand that there will be issues with user generated content that will require a small amount of administration ( often explicit material is filtered by bots and never uploaded by bad actors so i believe the threat is low, and worst case scenario the dao will act accordingly in the future ). I hope that after deliberation you will see the numerous advantages this map layout will have on user experience in DCL and i hope you vote for! thank you for your time!

tl’dr : Should people with Estates in Excess of 2x2 be allowed to upload Images to the world map that identify their Affiliation.

  • I’m AGAINST DCL adding Pictures/Logos/UserImages to ANY Parcels!
  • I’m FOR DCL adding Pictures/Logos/UserImages to Parcels equal to or in Excess of 2x2

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