[DAO: QmQ55qt] Ownership / constuction in a single deminsion

by 0x793231bbe2abf2f20af45ad6ba7b3c0b23b63fe3 (D#3fe3)


To allow users to attain parcels in a single deminsion, realm, world, ect.

My experience with this platform has been exceedingly wonderful. I am grateful to find a game that actually is enjoyable. As I have tried to learn more about what is possible within the platform, common occurrences have brought a thought to mind: when I purchase a parcel to build an estate - could it be possible to only build in Loki - Amber? As content is added to the platform would this not be an asset feature: the ability to allow all forms of expression but to enable users to select what they are exposed to. It also triples the available parcels to allocate.

  • Sortition ( 3-D ownership )
  • Psephos ( 1-D ownership )

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I think this proposal might be best started by allowing land owners to build and deploy into specific realms. Then maybe they can rent/sell out operating access to others this way?

I like that this triples the amount of creations we can deploy, this is a very appealing notion!

(Still undecided on this)


It is also a challenge of scaling. The realms I believe are backed by catalysts all with identical data. If we start allowing unique content per realm it will increase the load the catalysts take on. Would need more catalysts. I am not a fan of it in terms of it removes scarcity and tank the value of the land. I would rather introduce a rental idea. That or consider it a 3 way split like in stocks. All land owners currently retain all realm ownership but now can sell off realms of their parcel.

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I agree with you. LAND owners should be given the ability to rent in the other areas.

I would say to please be more elaborate with your request. This would bring the LAND value down and some people have invested a lot into LAND. More supply less LAND value. I think KevinClark’s idea of renting the parcels on other realms makes more sense.

You can host a non DAO-approved catalyst, a non approved catalyst don’t sync its content to other catalysts so you could have a catalyst hosting a single scene

Ownership / constuction in a single deminsion.

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