This will make you vote YES for Duel Arena!

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Greetings everyone, I felt it was important to provide additional key information about our current proposal for @DuelArenap2e

How will Decentraland 3D Creators benefit from our project?
Once our game is released on Decentraland, we will make our Publication form publicly available. Creators who have already released wearable NFTs on Decentraland can submit their wearables to our game for a small fee of 30 MANA. We will convert their 3D asset into a 2D asset using our Blender template and incorporate it into our game engine. This allows creators to add utility to their wearables without working on a separate project or learning to program in DCL, as we handle everything.


Selectable Bonus Stats:

  • 5% Physical Damage bonus
  • 5% Armor bonus
  • 1% Health Regen Round bonus
  • 10% Xp bonus
  • 10% Gather bonus

First floor:

  • Lobby
  • Leaderboards.
  • Event Boards
  • Livestream Footage ( REMOVED TO ENHANCE LATENCY )

Second floor:

  • DCL NFTs gallery that collaborate with Duel Arena.
  • Announcement board

Third floor:

  • The actual Game
  • Dance floor

The game in Decentraland
The game can be accessed in Decentraland via a monitor or tablet, with multiple apps available within the table interface. The UI format is visible below.

Tablet UI

  • Duel Arena App ( Streams the game )


  • Middle Tablet button ( Send you to the Tablet Homescreen

  • Wiki fandom App ( Opens the fandom page on tablet )

  • DCL Market App ( Opens the DCL market on tablet )

  • Discord App ( Just redirecting to our Discord )

  • Twitter App ( Just redirecting to our Discord )

  • Youtube App ( All our Video content )

  • Twitch App ( Shows a menu of the Streamers of the Decentraland stream team)

To turn this dream into reality, all we require is a β€œYes” vote on the proposal. I cant say this enough I have dedicated my entire six months to this game at its fullest and believe that I deserve the chance and opportunity to make it happen. Although we have the game available on our website for those interested in testing it out, we will not be satisfied if Decentraland is not our primary gaming CORE!