Texture size and quantity for combined upper & lower body

This is for wearables combining the upper body and lower body, and sometimes feet.

Would it be allowable to breakdown the wearable texture into 256 x 256 at quantity 4? including the standard skin texture, this totals to 5 textures & materials.

I would like to use 1 texture for laces, 1 texture for fabric (woven threads, knitted, patterned, etc), 1 texture for misc. details (buttons, belts/sash, buckles), 1 texture for color palette or leather (e.g., for socks, shoes & accessories for an ensemble) at 256x256. I wouldn’t always use all 5 textures, it’s just where I think I would top out at if I were to pursue this idea.

The final .gltf file size would still be under the 2mb limit.