Texture Count - Technical

In the docs there is a specification for the Texture count:

“No more than 2 textures (at a resolution of 512x512px or lower) per wearable. All textures must be square.”

Ok - for example, I have two single Textures applied to two Materials in Blender. One Texture is TGA 32bit with an Alpha channel, one Texture is TGA 24 bit RGB only. First Material is RGB+Alpha, Second is RGB for Emission. But uploading this model to the Editor creates “3 Textures, 3 Material” even if there are only two Textures and two Materials.

It looks like it counts the additional Alpha channel - which is part of one texture - as an additional texture? So I could either use one Texture with an Alpha channel or two RGB only Textures, but not mixed?

What is the official allowed count in this case? The physical Textures (2) or what the Editor counts (3)? In other words: would this be a reason not to approve it?

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Does your model also utilize the skin, hair, or eyes texture?

No. It is just like I wrote. For example a Helmet or a Mask

No, you’re totally correct. Builder at times adds extra texture count which is why each review is a case-by-case bases. If you just drop a post explaining its two textures with alpha we can check the glb if we’re not sure it will load properly. If you’re not nervous prior to publishing feel free to reach out to me or another curator and I’m happy to check the glb before hand~


Ok I’m just curious if this could be a problem b/c of the draw calls or if the Editor just “counts wrong” which may be confusing to others, too.

I’ve sent you a PM with the original Blender file to check this.

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