Wearables KB weight question

So i’m modeling for a client a couple, wearables, and they got the impression, that the female and male versions of the wearables can’t go above the 2 MB limit there is as a whole, although i think DCL counts them as individuals, and it doesn’t matter if the two combined are more than 2MB as long as individually none of the two versions weight less than 2 MB, so my question is who is right ? thank you in advance or your answers.

All assets, meaning male and female AND thumbnail, must all be below 2 million bytes.
Windows will tell you that the files are under 2MB, but it seems that the builder calculates filesize differently than windows does natively, my current solution is to mind bytes rather then the windows-calculated size in MB.

I’ve got a few wearables that I’ve put a great deal of work into, waiting for approval right now, so I hope I’m right with this, I’ve had problems before. I’ve even had a problem where the builder accepted the wearables as under 2MB, but the the committee turned me around and told me that they were over. I’ve been trying to get some help from or some sort of definitive answer as to how to calculate this without submitting and trial and error shot in the dark updating and hoping for the best, but no luck with that so far. Perhaps @Shibu will see this and offer some assistance to us both.

I’ve been fighting with this limitation for a while now, and honestly I feel like unisex wearables have a huge advantage, in that there’s only one glb required to fit in the filesize limit.

I’m with you, I think that the 2mb limit should be increased if the wearable has multiple representations. Perhaps someone should create a DAO proposal?