Allowable wearable size

Is there any ruls for the size (width, length, height) of wearables?

I am making a top head wearable and just wanted to know if there is any rule.

Thank you.

My best guess is not much wider that the length of the arms spread out to the sides, front and reaching up. This is just from observation from wearables already out in the game.

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That’s really a good question. I couldn’t find any official specifications, too. Somebody in the forum suggested a bounding box cube with a side length of about 2.32 meters as “a hint from the curators”.

I’ve compared this with some released wearables and most of them fit inside. Some are a little bit higher at the top (up to 2.5 Meters). Well, most ceilings are not higher so yes this should be the maximum IMHO.

I’d suggest that there should be an information about that in the official docs.

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Thank you for the reply.

OK, 2.32meters are good indication.
i will try to make it.

Yes, i do agree we should document this information offcially somewhere everyone can see it.

I’ve created a comparison image with 9 more or less known wearables. The green Box is my own 2,32 Meter Bounding Box cube, the whole scene is 3x3 Meters each. I tried to find the largest wearables out there and put them in the box and rendered them in Blender, orthogonal projection.

As you can see, some of them are larger than the box, but not that much. So as a general maximum size, 2,32 is sufficient for most cases, and as a very rare exception 3x3 Meters could be accepted, too. But that’s a really large wearable then.

For example the Chang UFO beam wouldn’t look good if placed lower as the beam would be too close to the body. Or the Mech arms would be too short compared to the legs. Depends on the wearable I think.


Thank you very much for tring to make it clear.
It gave us clearer perspective about the size.

Actually, I am making a firework wearalbe as top head and want it to be as high as possible.
If 3x3 could be accepted depending on the case, it would be accepted too, I believe.
I will try anyway.

Again, thanks a lot for the clerification!

Love what you did and created a visual!!! I am surprised that you know the wings in the far bottom-left corner. It feels as if I am the only player who knows they exist xD.