[DAO:tyk53eq] Increase Skin/ Full Character Category testing server upload size from 2MB to 8MB

by 0x02c400e731ebe4d4c80332a6c1dc0cba4620fa40 (CyberMike)

Full Character/ Skin Category file upload size from 2MB to 8MB. Myself and others were patiently awaiting this feature since the wearable tool was available and I just built a new full Decentraland character for a client I spent months on, the character is all ready to go and when I went to upload to the character test tool, I was hit with a limit of 2MB for the whole character, which makes no sense at all.

The category combines head, upper body, lower body, mask and hat/ helmet so one could argue it to be 10MB as this is the maximum elements a character can wear but 8MB seems reasonable for now.

As it stands now I cant even test the Character to see how the rig’s animation works, its a big set back, I was extremely surprised this very limiting feature was included in the skin/ full character option.

  • Yes increase from 2MB to 8MB
  • Do not increase size
  • Invalid question/options

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Hi CyberMike,
Can one of the wearable committee members weigh in on the pros and cons of this? It seems like a logical improvement, but I’m just wondering if there is a bigger reason the limitations are the way they are? @michi :star_struck:

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yes I always wondered that too Canessa. Of course more options and bigger and better sounds amazing but are there concerns for speed, capacity, size etc that have been holding limitations to designs. I just don’t know enough to contribute but of course would love to allow creators to create limitlessly

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Love thissss and it’s also something I want haha
2mb is so crazy tight tbh. I’ll bring this up in the curation meeting Tuesday 8pm UTC!

Thanks for the tag @Canessa

@Canessa @KLow @michi

At the moment wearable asset files are auto blocked from being uploaded to the builder if the total memory used is over 2MB. If this is changed to 8MB, it will create a window so large that we would have to check for people uploading 4k textures etc… Also 2MB is a lot of data to work with considering mesh files are often 100s of kb and rarely over a megabyte.

I checked in with @ankou of DappCraft who have a linked wearable active and they said;
“Our linked wearables collection have 7 textures and size is 1.3mb,
All 512x512 + emissive map and alpha material,
I don’t see any problem in 2mb.”

There are many methods to optimize to make it work for 2MB, is my current take. 3MB would be nice at a stretch for bigger thumbnail images :sweat_smile:

TL;DR, will cause a lot of assets made with minimal technical comprehension a cost on performance, also take up more curation time.

An alternative take would be to increase memory cap of Skin to 3MB, increase triangle count but keep textures/materials the same.

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Hey Cyber Mike,
I spoke to the dev team and following on from Malloy they said skins are capped at the moment at 2mb to prevent memory issues any scene loading issues.

So even tho this is a governance it cant be updated from a platform requirement perspective.

Feel free to connect and I can help you get your file sizes down and I recommend following Malloys advice to make sure your textures are 512x512 and JPG when exporting!

Good for DappCraft

Different Alphas with more detail crammed in end up as a bigger file size, when they are being used as base texture (you need detail) even after max compression at 512x512


I don’t see how it will clog servers when countless waves of 2mb size individual wearables are uploaded non stop, I imagine the amount of full suits will be fairly low in comparison and the full suit is essentially combining 5 character parts.
Now I am using 2 png’s here; 1st -The main important one, after max export compression and at 512x512 is 438KB Main semi transparent base texture, alpha and emissive
Now imagine a character is in a certain style say where 4 or even 5 png’s are needed to give a visually abstract design in base texture (transparent) + alpha; 438KB x 5 = 2.19MB
You combine my detailed 512x512 compressed png’s x 5 with the base mesh character, skeleton rig, material nodes and thumbnail images and you can see 2MB makes little sense as things progress, it will go over 3MB
My 2nd png has a fairly less amount of detail in and uses a base texture and alpha channel and this one is 219KB so a fair bit lower because it has less pixels
However I would be willing to make a compromise of 5MB upload size for full character with a bump in triangles to 6.5k. I think this would be reasonable given the points I just outlined. This can just be implemented right away after the vote no use in another round of voting wasting everyone’s valuable time, myself included, I have so much work I need to do.



This makes so much sense! The 2MB limit is causing a lot of trouble.


Stop making VR/mobile integration harder.


Thank you.


Increase Skin/ Full Character Category testing server upload size from 2MB to 8MB

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

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  • Yes increase from 2mb to 8mb 69% 1,965,822 VP (108 votes)
  • Do not increase size 31% 916,979 VP (7 votes)
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Increase Skin/ Full Character Category testing server upload size from 2MB to 8MB

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