[DAO: QmUMMZ3] increase in file size for full body

by 0xc8c086c34c138d9c0981afddc7b0f4a086fa3f19 (KingX)

It’s too bad that the file size of full body products is 2MB. After all, we don’t make hats, shoes or lower/upper body. For this reason I want the file size to be increased for the full body. Thank you !

  • arrangement should be made
  • should not be regulated
  • i am undecided
  • Invalid question/options

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That’s crazy that they still only give 2 MB for a full body skin and it’s thumbnail. Personally think they all need an increase, but definitely on the full body stuff. That’s gotta be a little difficult at times balancing file size and maintaining quality.


Totally agree @ParzivalKazuto These file sizes are all to small but certainly full body :woozy_face:


increase in file size for full body

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Arrangement should be made 2% 13,043 VP (11 votes)
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