Question about a wearable I am working on

How would I be sure I’m working with the most current .glb files for male and female models?
The reason I ask is because I’m getting a little bit of a clipping. I am using a transparent plane with alpha blend to do this. I’ve been testing back and forth, shifting vertices around trying to get a feel for the “sweet spot”, so to speak, where the image floats around the surface of the avatar skin. From Blender to testing in world, some of it does not line up.
The image doesn’t seem to want to stop clipping unless I bring the vertices out dramatically in the back of the leg. And the image is more lined up on the front of the leg when the vertices are pushed dramatically back in blender. Which has led me to believe I may be using the wrong model. This may not be the case, but this is also the first time i have tried to apply an image in this way… Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all :slight_smile:

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@michi Maybe you have the answer to this :sweat_smile:

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Could be a weighting issue and could just need a little bit more distance from the leg. I think @theankou might also be someone to give good advice for developing on the legs.

I recommend if you’re doing something covering the full leg area to create a lower body category wearable so it’s always aligned and easier to keep at a higher quality :v:t2:
Let me know how you go!


okay rad! i’ll play around with weighting a bit more and see if i can get different results working from that angle. Thank you for the feedback @michi and look forward to what insight @theankou may have!
i originally tried to pair the tattoo design with some lower body clothing as well as the avatar skin but i was looking to try to make something that doesn’t impede with the choice of wearing other lower body articles with the leg tattoo. In wanting to do this, i thought maybe i could pair it with an aura like attribute(which is the butterflies you see floating around in the image on the right). they wrap up and around the body to the head area. Is this something that could be done?

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plane vertices weights should have absolutely similar influence as on legs, otherwise you will have overlaps
i dont work in blender, but i know that in 3ds max you can simply select vertex, hit copy button, and select other vertex and hit paste button, and they both in the end will have exactly the same influence from bones

maybe something similar can be done in blender manually, i’m not sure that blender have this feature


Hm, not sure if this will work but this is a tutorial from local creator Doki on weight transfer for blender:

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Ah rad, yes this video is brilliant!
However, the object(plane) that the image is on, is a duplicate of the portion of the model leg relative to the position of the image. Upon duplicating the polys, the vertex groups and weight painting were also duplicated. I thought maybe, after your first comment, @michi , that i might need to adjust the weighting a little, so i tried a handful of different times, but it did not make any difference, unfortunately. But the weighting seems good. It follows just fine during emotes and there is not drag of vertices.
It is like the actual position of the vertices and polys of the avatar skin, relative to the bone, is different from the model in blender to the avatar in world. Which is what was leading me to believe i am using the wrong model. I hope this all is making sense, I’m not the best at explaining through text(wish i could just show ya :sweat_smile: )

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Totally does and kinda like designing gloves you have to be relying on the idea that everything is weighted exactly the same which it isn’t since everyone is weighting differently. I would recommend putting an offset enough to compensate any weighting differences OR potentially simplifying the design to work with a larger range or weighting types. :thinking:
What do you think?

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What do you mean by putting an offset?
And simplifying the design in what capacity?
I sent a quick video to twitter DM since i couldn’t drop one here

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Okay, so i started over from scratch, imported into builder and went into testnet. It seems to be working now. Idk what i did different :sweat_smile:
As far as i know, i didn’t do anything different. Maybe some kind of temporary game rendering lag.

However, i did notice that the item is not rendering in builder “edit”

Oh looks amazing, not sure why it wouldn’t be showing in builder but looks so good in game!
Cool work haha

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Ahh thank you michi, that means a lot :slight_smile:
So one thought i have is that a wearable like this will low key be limiting to the clothing that can be worn with out clipping. it will look best with more revealing clothing wearables. I put up a poll on twitter recently and it seems it won’t be a huge issue for those who want to wear the tattoos. However, i am wondering is that a problem for submitting the wearable? or is that just sometimes the case depending on the nature of the wearable

Hmmm, I will pass it by the devs and see if it meets game requirements. What category do you want to have this under if not lower body?