Requesting assistance with skinning full body wearable

Greetings all,

This is my first post on the Decentraland forum, really nice to meet everyone and please bear with me on this longish text.

I am currently in the process of creating a wearable for someone and I am struggling with skinning it to the base armature. I went through all the documentation and all the tutorials on the web that I found helpful, but couldn’t figure out the right way to do it, due to the specific requirements of this wearable.

Basically, I modeled an anthropomorphic dragon using the base armature as reference for the proper placement of the mesh which at the moment is a full body single mesh.

I am not sure whether I should split the mesh into the four main wearable categories(head, upper body, lower body, feet), or use the category called “body_shape” or any other route that might be possible to successfully skin this model.

Also, modeling a dragon lead me to wondering if the base armature can be modified or not. In order to keep it looking like a dragon I had to force some proportions further away from the base armature which lead to the following questions(with pictures for clarification):

  • the base Decentraland armature has 5 fingers whereas the dragon has only three, can the armature be modified to fit the dragon, or do I have to keep it as is?


  • the dragon’s legs are a bit spread apart from the base armature legs, does that make any difference?

  • the dragon has a pretty longish neck and the head and neck bones of the base armature are obviously too short, should I add more bones to the base armature? or can I leave it like this?

  • finally, the dragon has wings as well, any suggestions on how to properly skin then to the base armature?

The model currently has 4000 triangles, which, from what I read, is equivalent with the four main wearables triangle limit put together(1000 each).

I would be eternally grateful for any advice on how to pull this off. I am cool with modifying the mesh in any way possible, my intention is to implement it successfully in the platform.

Thank you!

hey mate, have you reached any answers? I’m sort of stuck in the same place.