How can I do this?

I am a university art student from China. I met decentraland by chance last year. I became very interested. I would like to ask a very naive question: I like this platform very much, but my major is limited. I’m not exposed to a lot of technical foundations, but I have a lot of ideas in my heart, I want to use my aesthetic knowledge to cast some beautiful wearables and share aesthetics from the ancient East, but I don’t know how to start, hoping to get Everyone’s help, thank you! Do you need to learn a modeling software? I don’t know any of this at all.

Basically, read this:

Look for some free/ buy some 3D models and load them up with Blender. There are also some samples provided in the site.

I started early this year with zero knowledge on 3D modelling nor this platform, my day job had nothing to do with3D modelling either. After playing around with it, I caught on some basics. There are plenty of tips online when you hit a roadblock. It is fun as long as there is passion in it.

Good Luck!

It’s really great. You gave me great encouragement and let me have no worries at the technical level. Maybe I will feel very difficult in the early stage, but your suggestion makes me believe that as long as I keep loving and continuous learning, I can burst out a lot of fun things.

Hey @laobaby I wouldn’t recommend buying free assets and uploading but creating your own assets to avoid IP issues and rejection. There are some good tutorials on how to create wearables and also a community of creators that can help. Definitely find a community like MetaParty that have wearable tutorials weekly in their discord and also some streamers on Twitch!

Good luck~

@michi Thank you for your advice, which is very useful to me

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