Fixing issues on Skin wearable / Glitching in World View

Hello, we are working on a werable for MVFW23 and on a tight deadline, need help ASAP! :pray:

We have this skin created in Blender:

Upon export in the builder it shows up nicely in the editor:

But when we go to world view it’s all a glitchy mess:

Weight seem fine since the armature is working fine in Blender, but could be other issues-

Do skins need to preserve UVs from base avatars? Here is the UVs for this skin:

I’m wondering if it could also be export settings, I’m using Blender 3.4. I tried testing with the base avatar, exporting as glb, and previewing in the builder and I still see the glitch.

All textures are 512x512.
Triangles are under 3k.

Really quite lost, your help would be greatly appreciated. :pray:

Try deleting the _end bones

Hi! Thanks for responding. All the end bones (head, fingers, etc.)?

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Any bones you see with _end in the name

It affected the weighting on the fingers, and the rest still glitching in the world:


Did you try re-weighting it after you deleted these bones?
If you did and its still glitching i can send you a working armature

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So someone else from DCL gave me a new armature with no end bones, and it work basically as you suggested!!!

UP and running in the world! Hooray! Thank you so much <3