! NEED HELP ! Shoes not Visible in DCL Builder

I made this shoe in blender, used 1 base color (Roughness 0.9) and 1 emission. When I test it, it doesn’t show up, Can you please tell me where is the problem?

Could be exported without the armature or maybe wrong armature?
In the base meshes supplied, there’s an FBX that says ‘Armature’ which is different from the base mesh armatures. Have a try with that one and let me know if you have any issues!


The .FBX armature is actually the problem Michi!

Extra Feet bones(See image2) + Head bones are causing this issue.

Oh right, didn’t notice the extra feet armature haha! I saw your message in the other thread, were you ok or can I help you further?
I’m going to message the devs to update armature on the base file.

Thank you so much for helping others!!! Really kind~

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The problem is in the male and female armature, not in the .fbx armature
Male & Female Armature

Can you please tell me why it is overlapping. I’m using .fbx armature

Hey Michi, it’s possible to use the .FBX file too, but then you’ll have to untick ‘Ignore Leaf Bones’ when importing the armature.

(PS. i’m okay, just started to see this issue more lately, so these posts caught my eye)

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Edit: So the correct FBX is actually in the base armature folder in the reference docs. I think I misread the confusion, there is only one armature. No male and female version~

Make sure to be using the armature from the reference folder:


Hey @Singh ,
When you upload make sure you’re adding the shoes in the ‘feet’ category!

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Thanks man, Can you please tell me one more thing how to import emission in DCL. I used blue emission but when I import it in DCL it turns white. see above image

Oh, you’ve imported emission in but it’s too bright so will turn out super saturated!
Just reduce the strength of the emission to about .2 - .4 and it should show up a bit nicer~

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OK, I wanna see item in world but “see in world” option is not visible

in the collection overview there’s a dropdown with this button, if you dont see the drop down you might not have made a collection yet!

Dont forget after you click ‘see in world’ you need to change into ropsten on your metamask~


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Is this real that DCL charge’s 500 MANA fees per item Publishing?

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Currently its 100 mana per wearable.