Wearables shoes (Feet) not showing in editor? [solved]

Hi there everyone,

Please could you help me, I have created a pair of shoes, but when I upload to the builder and test them in editor they don’t show up. THe feet of the model just dissapear. The shoes show in the thumbnail though.


The FEET disappear? Can you upload a screenshot how it looks in the Editor and in Blender?

Thank you so much METATIGER. Please see image attached.

Here are some stats

  • 1276 tris in total for both shoes
  • 3x materials
  • 3x textures (although I only have 2 images (512x512 each).
  • I am exporting the shoes parented and weighted to the rig. I select only the shoes and rig to export as glb
  • all transforms are applied
  • both shoes are 1 object, not separate objects
  • The thumbnail shows the shoes just fine, only the editor has the shoes disappear

Thanks again

Figured it out!!!

I was using the Decentraland Base Mesh Male templates rig to parent my shoes to. I just deleted all those tempalte files, imported the armature Decentraland file and now I am all sorted!!! Hurrah!!