Question for our Project Proposal

We are currently creating a proposal for DCL.
We would like know:

  1. Does the marketplace provide an API for obtaining the necessary data (product, who bought, who sold, how much was sold, how much was bought)?
    1.1 Does the system have a centralized transaction tracker?
  2. What database does the marketplace work with?
    2.1. Can we look at the current database? To form a list of new data types needed to implement tasks.
    2.2. What data about purchases/sales of items are currently in the system?
    2.3. Is information about: its price, rarity, owners, and other information attached to the product card?
    2.4. Is the number of views and clicks on the product page recorded?

I can’t answer ALL of your questions but I figured I would chime in on the ones I can speak to.

  1. You can find this information by viewing the item page of the specific contract for each piece of any given collection in the marketplace. Simply click on any item, navigate to the collection on the contract page, and then select the item again in the list of items in that collection. It will take you to a page like this:
    CryptoSuit Pink - Decentraland Marketplace
    (I just pulled the link from the first item i saw in the primary marketplace)

Here’s a screenshot so you don’t have to click the link if you don’t want to:

1.1 - In a way, yes, but there are also a couple external projects that provide some interesting info about marketplace sales such as Top 10 Decentraland Wearables Last 12 Hours Most MANA Made - Stateless Report and

  1. I don’t have specific knowledge about the database, but you might be able to find that info in the docs section or official DCL GitHub. Sorry I can’t be more helpful here, but I believe most of what you are hoping to find is available somewhere. Hopefully someone with more knowledge on that site of things can chime in soon.

Good luck on your project/proposal. I wish you well. =)

Really appreciate it Frank thank you!

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