Database Enquiry

We are currently creating a proposal for DCL.

We would like to know specifically what database(s) DCL currently use so we can complete are proposal stating in detail how we can integrate functionality.

Can this be requested?

Also, when requesting a grant can we upload our project template such as Google Sheets or PDF?

Hey, not sure what you mean regarding the databases question. There are multiple databases, maybe providing more context would help.
Regarding the grant proposal, you can link to a sheet or PDF stored somewhere else if you want.

Hey – Apologies for the late response. Busy schedules and commitments have slightly delayed the project. After some discussions please see questions we are requesting to complete our proposal:-

  1. Does the marketplace provide an API for obtaining the necessary data (product, who bought, who sold, how much was sold, how much was bought)?

1.1 Does the system have a centralized transaction tracker?

  1. What database does the marketplace work with?

2.1. Can we look at the current database? To form a list of new data types needed to implement tasks.

2.2. What data about purchases/sales of items are currently in the system?

2.3. Is information about: its price, rarity, owners, and other information attached to the product card?

2.4. Is the number of views and clicks on the product page recorded?